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Strategic Planning Team of the Governing Body Commission of ISKCON

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1 Strategic Planning Team of the Governing Body Commission of ISKCON
Village Initiative Committee (VIC) Report to the Strategic Planning Team of the Governing Body Commission of ISKCON Juhu, Mumbai

2 Village Initiative Committee
Make Ideal Societies “We have to create self sufficient farm communities. We should produce our grain and milk; if we do this then there is no question of scarcity. So develop these farm communities as much as possible. These communities should turn into ideal societies that are based on natural resources and not on industry.” Srila Prabhupada VIC Village Initiative Committee

3 The Mandate assist promote implement enhance support complement Daiva
SPT GBC Daiva Varnasrama Culture Rural development National committees Varnasrama ministries Community development Communities Simple living - High thinking assist promote implement enhance support complement 4 movements Sankirtana Classless society Deity worship Spiritual initiation VIC Village Initiative Committee Essay of Gita Nagari Srila Prabhupada Letter to Dr. Patel - Deputy Prime Minister -1949

4 A Social Reform Movement
The Challenges Number Time ISKCON A Social Reform Movement Responsibility Initiation Sankirtana Number of devotees Temple worship “There should be a thorough overhauling of the social system, and society should revert to the Vedic principles, that is, the four varnas and the four asramas.” S.B purport Responsibility Change Inflection point Repercussions of changing times No compromise Influence or react Social transition Decreasing financial power Increasing number of “uncared for” devotees Aging “founding” generation Second and third generation? VIC Village Initiative Committee

5 Global Varnasrama Initiatives
1st Varnasrama College - India Varnasrama Ministry Europe GBC Farm Research Committee EVF Hungary VDC Guyana 1996 1992 2007 2009 2010 2011 2008 VDC Malaysia Centennial year papers IRGB Position paper Varnasrama Ministry India Speaking about Varnasrama book 2 GBC Resolutions 310, 311 National Varnasrama Development Committee India SPT - GBC - VIC Ongoing Seminars, Media Productions, Community Projects VIC Village Initiative Committee

6 Village Initiative Committee
Achievements The Eight Petals Newsletter - 5,000 subscribers Global Varnasrama Mission - PAMHO Conference members 3rd Year Varnasrama College at Sri Krsna Balarama Ksetra - South India 3rd Varnasrama Annual Seminar – Bali – 110 delegates 3rd International Varnasrama Seminar in Krishna Valley 4th Varnasrama Annual Seminar – Sri Mayapur Dhama Pillars of Sustainability Seminar - Hungary - 15 countries attended Five day Seminar – Malaysia – Varnasrama College - 30 delegates Chanakya Academy of Leadership Stratagem - IDVM - India Parasuram Academy of Martial Arts - Kalari Yoga - IDVM - India Media Production (Books and DVDs) IDVM - India 3 devotees elected at local village council - 1 Deputy Mayor - Hungary New National Varnasrama Development Committees in Guyana, Indonesia 630 received training reaching out to 5000+ VIC Village Initiative Committee

7 Village Initiative Committee
VIC Members Bhakti Dhira Damodara Swami Sambha das Vrindavan lila devi dasi Gaura Krishna das Bharat Chandra das Paramatma das Gokula das Gaur Gopala das Balabhadra das Radha Krishna das Bhakti Raghava Swami Shalagram das Yogesh Chandra das Dhanesvara das VIC Village Initiative Committee

8 Key Areas Varnasrama Colleges Awareness Communities
Train - Equip - Engage Awareness Understand - Identify - Execute Communities Facilitate - Advise - Support VIC Village Initiative Committee

9 Awareness Devotees S M A R T Understand Identify Execute Organization
Their role in the Varnasrama Mission and the need for the social reform The opportunities and the tangible results of the new approach of preaching Key strategic goals and objectives, and the timeline for the key milestones Feel optimistic and positive about the Varnasrama Mission, its culture, strategy and future Identify themselves with the mission’s goals and values They are part of a united team with a single set of objectives Continue to do their services according to their commitments Take responsibility for their role in the growth and success of the mission Seek opportunities to advance the execution and support the mission Outcome Security Stability, certainty comfort Rewards Benefits, recognition Affiliation Trust, values, happiness Self Advancement, fulfillment Organization Education Dissemination Forming ministries National committees Global Varnasrama Ministry Forming legal entities Survey & database Seminars Outreach Training Newsletters, bulletins Book publication Media production Publicity VIC Village Initiative Committee

10 Village Initiative Committee
Varnasrama Colleges Train Equip Engage Key activities Training Teacher training Leadership training Farming and commerce Apprenticeships Curriculum Research Publishing Establishing Varnasrama Colleges Communities VIC Village Initiative Committee

11 Building, Reviving Communities
Providing sustainable livelihood Fulfill Srila Prabhupada’s vision Save the future generation Nurturing relationships Providing employment Economic networks Spiritual fulfillment Local economy Social security Lifestyle and thinking in harmony with the ecosystem Facilitate Advise Developing a culture based on values and respect Support Fulfill Srila Prabhupada’s vision Save the future generation Economic networks Local economy Social security Nurturing relationships Providing sustainable livelihood Providing employment Spiritual fulfillment Don’t curse darkness, light a candle! VIC Village Initiative Committee

12 Village Initiative Committee
SMART example Building Awareness Varnasrama Colleges Something from EVF Goal - build a curriculum Personnel - Sambha pr, Bharat Chandra pr Time - 2 months Result - achieved VIC Village Initiative Committee

13 Village Initiative Committee
VIC Proposals E E E ndorse ncourage mpower Varnasrama Committees Position Paper Services Varnasrama Colleges VIC proposes that during the 2012 GBC meetings the GBC body endorse the position paper already adopted by the Indian RGB/Bureau, with any needed amendments. VIC requests the GBC body to empower the VIC and the existing Varnasrama Ministries to help set up and standardize Varnasrama Colleges around the world. In keeping with the resolutions passed by the GBC “310”, “311” VIC proposes that the GBC body encourage the temple management and leaders around the world to make use of the services offered by the VIC and existing Varnasrama Ministries. VIC requests the GBC body to encourage leaders around the world to establish national Varnasrama Committees or Ministries. VIC Village Initiative Committee

14 Thank you for your attention!
Village Initiative Committee (VIC) Thank you for your attention! The VIC team Juhu, Mumbai

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