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October 5, 2011

2 About Bigelow Tea Bigelow Tea is the number # 1 specialty tea company in America with a 24 share which is 5 points higher then our nearest competitor Corporate Headquarters is located in Fairfield, Ct Manufacturing Plants in Boise, Louisville and Fairfield Employs 320 people

3 Bigelow Family Commitment
“Why have a Sustainabili..TEA program? Why be "green"? Why put so much energy into protecting our planet? Because it is the right thing to do...” “It was the philosophy my grandmother, Ruth Campbell Bigelow used when she started the company over 60 years ago. The tradition was carried forward by my parents, Eunice and David Bigelow, and is still very much part of the culture today. Our philosophy? Simple, do the right thing and good things will follow.” Cynthia R. Bigelow, President Bigelow Tea

4 Other Green Initiatives
Installed automatic flushers in all plant restrooms; upgrading all urinals and toilets Installed low flow aerators on all Plant and Corporate sinks Both measures together save approximately 100,000 gallons of water annually All biodegradable materials are segregated at point of use and composted. We compost on average 1 ton per month Streamlined our recycling process by instituting a single stream recycling process Eliminated 300,000 feet of shrink wrap usage by switching to bands Replaced packing material with reused cardboard

5 Electrical Facts & Figures
Electricity comprises one of our biggest manufacturing expenses Bigelow spends approximately $500,000 per year on electricity After UI ceased generating power, Bigelow took advantage of deregulation and switched to Constellation New Energy for its power needs We are hopeful that the newly centralized Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection will result in increased buying power thereby further lowering electric rates Bigelow continues to work with UI on energy savings initiatives

6 Bigelow Solar Panel Project
Implemented a $1.5 million dollar solar panel project Connecticut Clean Energy Fund granted company $777,000 880 solar panels installed generating 15% to 20% of the Fairfield facility energy requirements (210,000 Kw per year) 65% of the roof covered; was the 2nd largest in the state at time of installation Governor Jodi Rell attended company ribbon-cutting ceremony, signing an energy conservation bill at that time

7 Electrical Conservation
Installed motion sensors throughout facility in the warehouse, conference rooms, office spaces, and remote locations Installed hot water heater timers on all hot water heaters Installed programmable thermostats for all warehouse heaters Upgraded all fluorescent lights from T12 bulbs to T8 bulbs Replaced all incandescent lights with LED bulbs Replaced cafeteria appliances with energy efficient models Installed an energy efficient air compressor and air storage tanks to make compressed air during off peak hours for use during peak hours

8 Electrical Conservation
Use outside air for cooling where possible Analyzed lighting levels and reduced lights where applicable Installed window laminates to reduce cooling load in summer months Installed occupancy sensors for HVAC system in low use rooms Installed timers on all dust collectors It is estimated that we have save approximately 900,000 kilowatts annually through our energy conservation methods

9 The Future Increased focus and initiatives on “greening” and sustainability measures that do not strictly involve energy reductions, but are good for the environment: Composting Rainwater harvesting Green Roofs There is not as much incentive to help fund these type projects based upon longer payback periods

10 Contact Information Jim Gildea Plant Manager R.C. Bigelow Inc. (203)


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