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This IS With Host... Your 100 200 300 400 500 areaanglesworkProbability Final StarApplause.

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3 This IS

4 With Host... Your

5 areaanglesworkProbability Final StarApplause

6 A100 What is the formula for area of a triangle?

7 A100A 1/2bh

8 A200 What is the formula for area of a parallelogram?

9 A200A bh

10 A300 What is the formula for surface area of a cylinder?

11 A300A 2Пr 2 +2Пrh

12 A400 If a rectangle has a perimeter of 20. What is the maximum area?

13 A400A 25

14 A500 What is the formula for area of a polygon with more than 4 sides?

15 A500A 1/2aP a=apothem P=perimeter

16 B100 The sum of interior angles of a pentagon?

17 B100A 540

18 B200 What is the sum of the exterior angles of a pentagon?

19 B200A 360

20 B300 What is the one of the exterior angles of a regular octagon?

21 B300A 45

22 B o x x+5 Find x?

23 B400A 65

24 B o A B C If AB=40 square root 3 What is the length of AC?

25 B500A 40

26 C100 If a chef can prepare 9 salads per hour and another chef can prepare 10 salads per hour. How many salads can they prepare together in 4 hours?

27 C100A 76

28 C200 If 5 zambonis can resurface an ice rink in 12 seconds, how many seconds will it take 6 zambonis to resurface an ice rink?

29 C200A 10 seconds

30 C300 If T.I. Can make an album in 1 day and Snoop dogg takes twice as long to do the work. How many hours will it take to make the album together?

31 C300A 16 hours

32 C400 When two people are walking towards the same direction and meet. What is the same? Distance, rate or time?

33 C400A time.

34 C500 IF it takes t hours to fill a pool with water. And the pressure is increased so the water flows 3 times as fast. What part of the pool will be filled in 3 hours?

35 C500A 9/t

36 D100 If there are 22 girls and 47 boys at a dance, how many possible pairs of boy girl dance partners are there?

37 D100A 1034

38 D200 In what case does order matter? Factorial, combination or factorial.

39 D200A Permutation.

40 D300 In how many orders can the letters in the word focus be arranged?

41 D300A 5 factorial=120

42 D400 If you have 8 coin tosses. What is the probability that the coin ends up heads every time?

43 D400A 1/256

44 D500 Daily double

45 D500A A combination lock consists of 5 digits. If you know the first digit, and the last 4 digits cannot be a 7. What is the maximum number of combinations to try to learn the combination for the lock?

46 E100 What is the equation for exponential growth? Describe each variable.

47 E100A Y=C(1+r) t Initial amount Growth factor Time period

48 E200 In y=10(.85) t What is the percent decrease every time period?

49 E200A 15%

50 E300 Write an inequality for the possible r values for exponential decay.

51 E300A 0 { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "E300A 0

52 E400 You buy a car for 10,000 dollars and it depreciates at a rate of 10 percent every year. How much will it be worth after 3 years?

53 E400A Y=10,000(.9) 2 9x9=.81(10,000) =8100

54 E500 x y (0, 100) Write the equation of this line if r=.13 and use a variable for time.

55 E500A Y=100(.87) t

56 F100 x y Name this graph and give me an example of its equation

57 F100A Line, or linear equation Y=mx+b

58 F200 x y Name the graph and give an example of its equation.

59 F200A Parabola y=ax 2 +bx+c

60 F300 x y Name that graph, and an example of its equation.

61 F300A Absolute value, Y=|x|

62 F400 How many points do I need to graph a line?

63 F400A 2 points

64 F500 What are the ways to solve for a system of linear equations.

65 F500A Graphing, substitution, linear combination

66 Thanks for playing

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