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- + The importance to maintain NATURAL BIODIVERSITY CLEARING & PLOUGHING of natural fields and forestry's NATURAL FARMING with sufficient nutrients for.

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1 - + The importance to maintain NATURAL BIODIVERSITY CLEARING & PLOUGHING of natural fields and forestry's NATURAL FARMING with sufficient nutrients for about 4years without any soil treatment Apply only N itrogen P hosphate K potassium, but what about other 74 elements? Destroy biodiversity through PLOUGHING, MONO-CROPPING & BALING CONVENTIONAL FARMING Increase Synthetic Chemicals (Pesticides) = Biocides = destroy beneficial bacteria Fungicides = destroy beneficial fungi Nematacides = destroy all living animals & insects with central nervous system Herbicides = destroy beneficial algae in soil (major source of microbe food) Destroy C arbon : N itrogen ratio = Die-back of microbes = low organic material = low amino acid (protein) = lower cell structure Salt build-up = Die-back of microbes = less food for beneficial insects

2 Loosing CONTROL by using PESTICIDES with TOXIC & KILLING EFFECT =Removes MICROBIAL POPULATION =Reduces ORGANIC MATERIAL = LOWER PH =COMPACTION IN SOIL = WEEDS PLOUGHING, MONO-CROPPING, BALING & PESTICIDES destroy + biodiversity and create - biodiversity PEST INFESTATIONS Infestation of harmful DISEASES (bacteria & fungi) Infestation of harmful NEMATODES (insects) HELP!! ?? - +

3 Regaining Sustainable Biodiversity: VIA HEALTHY SOIL & PLANT GROWTH = For LONGER & BIGGER ROOTS, STEMS, BRANCHES, LEAVES, FLOWERS AND FRUIT INCREASE ORGANIC MATERIAL + INCREASE MULTIPLE NUTRIENTS MINERALS (Macro & Micro) PROTEINS (Organic materials, Humates, Fulvic Acids and Beneficial MICROBES) WATER (Various Irrigation Methods) =Reduces till ploughing = Reduce toxic-, or Applying non-toxic chemicals, HOW ?? - +

4 Regaining Sustainable Biodiversity: VIA HEALTHY MICROBES = For LONGER & BIGGER ROOTS, STEMS, BRANCHES, LEAVES, FLOWERS AND FRUIT MICROBIAL SOLUTIONS & BIO-FARMING SOLUTIONS Uses the finest MICROBEs, namely BICILLUS BACTERIAS (Spore- Forming) Under International Organic Ruling Body namely: IFOAM, with OMRI Organic Certificate 4 TYPES of Microbe's: BACTERIA ACTINOMYCETES FUNGI ALGAE

5 Regaining Sustainable Biodiversity: VIA HEALTHY MICROBES to Ideal conditions: PH 4 to 9.5 Organic food and water No obvious toxins Temperatures between 1 0 C to 40 0 C MICROBES PROTECT ITSELF AGAINST NEGATIVE- Onslaughts of TOXINS Onslaughts of TEMPERATURES between -185 0 C to +85 0 C DRAUGHT Conditions FLOODS PH as low as 1.5 + MICROBES GERMINATE RAPIDLY into SOFT STICKY, CELL FORMING COLONIES ON ROOTS & ORGANIC MATERIAL MICROBES RELEASE HORMONES & ENZYMES to STIMULATE HEALTHY GROWTH +

6 Our HEALTHY BACTERIA… MAKE AVAILABLE:- N = NITROGEN > AMMONIA > NITRITE > NITRATE P = Unlock PHOSPHATES & Prevent P from locking up in Fertilizer + PRODUCES GROWTH HORMONES (IAA – Indole Acetic Acids) :- AUXINS for roots stimulation GIBBERELLINS for top growth CYTOKNINS for flower & lateral roots CHELATION of vital MINERALS for plant nutrition + REDUCES Opportunistic PATHOGENS & SOIL PESTS + 1.Stimulate growth…

7 Our HEALTHY BACTERIA … a) Compete b) Antagonise c) Antibiotics d) Siderophores e) Salicylic acid (SAR) systemic acquired resistance syndrome. f) Better growth gives stronger roots and less diseases g) Reduce soil pest lesions to prevent microbial & viral diseases 2.Suppress diseases… 3.Suppress insect pests… a) In soils - chitinase production b) Soils and foliar repellent-enzyme production

8 Stabilise and improve nitrogen efficiency Ideal for addition to urea extends urea performance 60 - 80 days buffers burning effect as a foliar Complex phosphates to reduce lockups Ideal as an additive with DAP, MAP etc. Natural chelating and complexing agent to help magnify nutrient absorption Increase permeability of cells to increase nutrient uptake by up to 40% Contain auxin-like growth stimulants that can enhance cell division and elongation. Buffer the effects of excessive elements (particularly sodium), toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Have a pH buffering capacity to help neutralise the problems associated with pH extremes Have a CEC of 450 which aids moisture and water retention Promote quicker seed germination Promote soil structure improvement by stimulating fungi Better water intake Enhanced water holding capacity Drought protection Better oxygen uptake Improved root penetration Break up clay and hard pans Non-toxic, microbe friendly - huge carbon source for nitrogen digestion Magnify and stabilise most soluble fertilizers Fully organic (best results: use straw & wood chips as layer and treat with MS humate = quality compost) + Our HUMATES role in the carbon chain … Are all from a Leonardite source mined in the Far East

9 Our FULVIC ACIDS role in the carbon chain … Are made locally using a combination of natural and brown coal sources. Are potent natural chelating agents converting metallic elements into easily absorbable, bio-available nutrients Have the smallest molecular size of all, allowing rapid translocation of dissolved minerals through the plant cell walls Have a phenomenal CEC of 1,400 Dissolve minerals and trace elements, fast-tracking plant availability of rock minerals, rock phosphates and lime As an organic electrolyte balances & energies all cells Enhance cell division and elongation Detoxify pollutants in the soil – glyphosate Improve water retention Drought protection Build high brix levels Less wilting Drought resistance Anti-freeze effect Enhance photosynthesis, especially during long cloudy periods Increase permeability of plant membranes improving nutrient uptake Increase stomata opening to enhance transpiration Improve microbial enzyme production Fully organic & non-toxic Are compatible with all fertilizers including liquid calcium nitrate, phosphate fertilizers, and sulphate based trace elements. Increases fertilizer uptake Can be combined with herbicides to enhance uptake and neutralise toxic residues - reported to be incompatible with Roundup CT Extra.

10 Our MICROBIAL PRODUCTS… 1) Biostart® Growth stimulation, good disease and soil insect suppression on both irrigated and dry lands. 2) Waterbac® Growth stimulation, good disease and mild soil insect suppression on irrigated lands. 3) Landbac® Growth stimulation, good disease and mild soil insect suppression on dry lands. 4) DPress® Major disease suppression and a good degree of P solubilisation. MS are the oldest and the only Company in SA who supply Microbes, Activator and Leonardite Humate Liquids as a combination to the Agri SA We are proud to guarantee our strength to minimum 10 9 with a minimum shelve life of 18 months.

11 Our MICROBIAL ACTIVATORS… Classic Activator & Chitin-Freeze Activator: To multiply and colonies in the soil, all bacteria require sugars and carbohydrates normally found in the form of root exudates. However, as there are little to no root exudates before the emergence of the second set of leaves, the bacteria will not multiply to maximum strength unless additional sources of root exudates are supplied. As a root-exudate mimic, Classic Micro boost Activator® supplies the nutrients required in the plant rhizosphere, as well as the carbohydrate substrate required for leaf colonization when microbes are foliar applied. Plants experience a loss of protein-rich fluids into the soil through the lesions when under attack by soil pests such as nematodes and other root feeders. In addition it is thought that the root exudates themselves may change from carbohydrate-high to protein-high. These protein stimulate Biostart® in the soil to produce massive amounts of chitinase, the enzyme responsible for eliminating many soil pest eggs, juveniles and pupae. Chitin-Freeze Activator therefore is the product of choice when using Biostart® for the control of soil pests. Protein content which working on 60% liquids with a 100% soluble and 0% contamination capability. …play a crucial role in the successful use of all Microbial Solutions products:

12 Our MICROBIAL HUMATE & FULVIC ACID… 1) MS® Humate Liquid Made from Leonardite, fully organic, 12 to 14% potassium humate with a 10% humic Acid content, pH 8.5 – pH 9.6 2) MS® Humate Granules Made from Leonardite, fully organic, 85% potassium humate with a 55% humic acid content, pH 8.5 – pH 9.6. Broadcast method with fertilizer tend to be popular. 3) MS® Fulvic Acid Made from a natural source & brown coal, organic, 8% fulvic acid, pH 1.2 – pH 2.5 4) SuperGuard® Formulated to work with DPress to combat diseases, made from 2% fulvic acid, amino phosphonate, and other proprietary active ingredients.

13 Our MICROBIAL MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES… Seeing that the fly-by-nights have already acquired good microbes from reputable companies, it is hard to question the function of their bacteria. We can however question their manufacturing expertise, and this is where they fall far short AND this is where the farmer gets ripped off…. Traditional fermentation requires large amounts of water at temperatures of 35 0 c to 37 0 c. This damages a natural protein mucous layer found around every microbial cell. It is deemed as acceptable, unavoidable collateral damage. Microbial Solutions does not accept this, we ferment our products at temperatures of 220c using a unique cold fermentation procedure. There is only one factory in the world capable of doing this procedure, and it is situated in the USA. The differences in product quality using the different fermentation techniques is huge: Type of fermentationWarm ( Commercial) Cold (Microbial Solutions) Fermentation temperatures:35 0 c22 0 c Product spore germination:60% - 70%98% - 100% Maximum temps: 39 0 c85 0 c Shelf life: 4 hrs - 6 months. +10 years. Microbial strengths:10 7 10 9

14 MICROBIAL STRENTHS… this is where the Farmer REALLY gets ripped off…. If a commercial product is sold at 10 7 = 10,000,000 / ml… Microbial Solutions products are sold at 10 9 = 1,000,000,000 / ml The difference between 10 9 to 10 7 is not 9 - 7 = two extra strengths It is 9 - 7 = a difference of 2 zeros 2 zeros make it = 100 times stronger. 1)There is currently a product on the market with a microbial strength of 10 5 at a cost of R 7-00/litre. 2) Recommended use is 5 litres/ha = R 35-00/ha. 3) Our product is 10 9 at a cost of R 80-00/litre. 4) Our recommendation is 2 liters/ha = R 160-00/ha. Reality in terms of costs to the farmer = 10 9 is 4 zeros, or 10,000 x stronger than 10 5. Therefore accurate cost comparisons demand that 20,000 litres should be used = R 140,000-00/hectare. Alternatively we can use 0,2 ml (1 drop) in 2 litres water for a cost of R 0-015/ha (1,5 sent/ha).

15 MICROBIAL SOLUTIONS SUMMARY… this is where the Farmer REALLY BENEFIT…. The only Company to supply high quality natural Microbes, Activator and Leonardite Humate Liquid as a combination treatment to soil and plant: To healthiness of soil by the breakdown of important nitrates, phosphates and minerals. To increase yields and quality and to decrease input costs effectively. To stimulate roots, plant growth, mass and seed quality. To protect and suppressed soil & plant against soil/plan pests and diseases. To speed-up release of C, N, P & K to the plant (with extremely high CEC ratio capability). Guarantee product stability under almost all conditions (with Anti-freeze buffer between -185 o C and 85 o C). Guaranteed 10 9 with 18 months plus shelve life. 100% organic with International Organic Certificate (IFOAM – OMRI). PH & Anti-Toxic buffer, Bacteria stimulation, Soil amelioration, Chelation and Phosphate. Minimum efforts ready to use and apply (with no risk of variation in strengths or the schlep of brewing negative nematodes and diseases). Very cost effective (from R200/ha/season).

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