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Presented By: Leslie Wilson, Birmingham

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1 Presented By: Leslie Wilson, Birmingham
M1 to M2: Making the Move! We appreciate your patience we will begin soon. During the meeting, all lines will be muted. You may send the presenter a message through “chat” if you have a question or problem. Presented By: Leslie Wilson, Birmingham Date: November 15, 2012

2 Overview Positive Change with M2 Increase & Speed Up A/R
Enriched Appointment Scheduling Enhanced Reporting ‘Fast Pass’ Month End M2 and MediSYS EHR Why Now?

3 Positive Change with M2:
Ability to use Multiple Screens (schedule, run report, charge entry, etc.) Familiar but Enhanced Navigation/Cursor Use Multi-functional use of keyboard and/or mouse capabilities Windows Based System M2 Training Options Recorded Training Classes Training Videos for New Employees Online Manual

4 Increase & Speed Up A/R:
Electronic Remittances Top Commercial Payers Rural Health Clinics: Process Medicare Part A and Medicaid remits electronically Enhanced Automation in the Collection Process Auto Write-Off Feature (small balance and/or collections) Eligibility Individual and Batch Eligibility for BCBS of AL & Commercial Carriers Individual Eligibility for Medicare & Medicaid Responsible Auto Distribution Ability to post payment and/or adjustment from Patient Master Automatic Purge / Deletion for financial history, remits, reports, appointment history, etc. (NO DOWN TIME) M2 Dashboard for a “quick-view” of financial data

5 Enriched Appointment Scheduling:
Reduce No-Shows Appointment Reminder Notifications Enhanced capabilities: Easy to read Color Coded View Multiple Providers in one glance Hover feature active on certain fields Ability to copy and paste Custom Route Sheet Speed Check In with MediSYS Patient Kiosk (ONLY available with M2) Patient Flashers and Alerts (throughout M2)

6 Enhanced Reporting: New Excel Reports Report Manager
Analysis by Procedure Excel Insurance Aging Report for Excel Aged Financial Report Excel Productivity Analysis Report Excel NEW - Rural Health Medicare Report Excel MORE COMING SOON! Report Manager Preview & Auto-Save Reports/Remittances Quick, graphical view summary report

7 ‘Fast Pass’ Month End: Less Time Required Less clicks
No utilities to run No Wait Time!

8 M2 and MediSYS EHR Eliminates the “Listener PC” (for EHR Clients)
Patient Check In to EHR Patient Flow Appointment Schedule Viewer *NEW* Meaningful Use Demographics (Stop Sign Flasher) Core Measure 7 – Language, Race, Ethnicity, DOB Coming Soon: Communication Preferences (phone, , etc.) Phone Number Changes (primary/alternate)

9 Ask us about your M2 Quote
WHY NOW? Possible tax incentives by end of the year Affordable Pricing Options Limited technology with M1 operating system Limited software changes Hardware limitations Printers Back-ups Transition is EASY! Overall familiar and faster navigation from screen to screen Ask us about your M2 Quote TODAY!

10 The phone lines are now open for Q&A.
Questions & Answers The phone lines are now open for Q&A. Please ask any questions or type a message in the ‘chat’ you may have concerning our Topic. Thank you!

11 We appreciate your loyalty
Thank you! We appreciate your loyalty as a MediSYS client. Please let us know if you have any other questions, or need additional help in any other areas. Have a wonderful day!

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