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Digital- trans- & crossmedia Storytelling. Crossmedia

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1 Digital- trans- & crossmedia Storytelling

2 Crossmedia catalogs.html catalogs.html#bodycontent1-nerolimediaplayer_split_sotheby_708x398-1300.mp4

3 Storytelling Telling a story (narrative) – is a very old tradition Its about combining text, images, sound, video and with other digital content Important is authenticity

4 De ontstaansgeschiedenis van Lego,



7 Transmedia


9 Fragmented story If the story is covered on different social media platforms… the story is fragmented There is no real beginning or ending So use same tone of voice, images, house style… Think about the story you want to tell



12 Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier All touch points of Schorem are consistent. Online (website) and offline (shop) you feel the atmosphere of the 50’swebsite story, told consistent way Schorem is a story, told in a consistent way Website: Facebook: Twitter: Deel 1 – Wat is visuele litteratuur

13 Instagram storytelling Tell a visual story with photos Use unique hashtags or brand-urls Source: examples/brands-success-examples-instagram/ examples/brands-success-examples-instagram/ Go for interactivity with the target group Sharing photos, contest … More info: business-tips/ business-tips/

14 Pinterest storytelling By the choice of images, the name of boards, Combining with real events Think in themes Integrate a quiz ‘Pin It To Win It’ contests

15 Storify Cut, paste and link with Storify ( Aggregate information and tell a story using sociale media sources Tutorial: 5 Steps for Storytelling with Storify

16 Ad Interaction with augmented reality

17 Augmented reality with Layar Layar ( Example:


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