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Objectives To provide opportunities:

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0 Liz and Louise’s version of…….
The importance of emotions in the classroom, at home, in fact, everywhere! Louise Stevenson Liz Robinson Portsmouth Educational Psychology Service

1 Objectives To provide opportunities:
to reflect and deepen understanding about emotions to explore how the emotions of adults in the classroom, at home and in fact everywhere, impact upon children’s emotions, behaviour, attendance and learning to develop strategies for managing emotions (both our own and those of children) Slide 1.1

2 Principles • The more adults can be aware of and manage their own emotional responses to inappropriate behaviour, the more likely they are to be able to maintain a calm atmosphere Children’s behaviour is underpinned by the stage they have reached in social and emotional development, the level of skills they have in this area, and their emotional well-being, in interaction with the social, emotional and physical environment There is a need to take active steps to develop children’s social, emotional and behavioural skills Positive relationships with children are the key to positive behaviour Slide 1.2

3 The links between emotions and learning
Slide 1.5

4 Thinking about our feelings
In pairs: • think of a time when you have believed you weren’t valued and didn’t belong talk about how you felt at that time In squares (two pairs): write words in the centre of the page to describe your feelings illustrate the way you behave when you have those feelings Slide 1.6

5 Our response to threat THREAT Slide 1.7

6 Feelings/emotions happiness sadness disgust surprise panic fear
anxiety anger Slide 1.8

7 Fight or flight? ‘thinking brain’ ‘feeling brain’ Slide 1.9

8 Fight or flight? ‘thinking brain’ ‘feeling brain’ Quick Response:
Slide 1.9

9 Fight or flight? ‘thinking brain’ ‘feeling brain’ Quick Response:
Slide 1.9

10 Overtaken by emotions Thinking brain Emotional brain Slide 1.10

11 irritable Overtaken by emotions irritable Slide 1.10

12 Overtaken by emotions irritable Slide 1.10

13 Overtaken by emotions Interprets everything negatively Slide 1.10

14 Overtaken by emotions Overtaken by emotions Slide 1.10

15 Calming down Relax, distract or exercise Slide 1.11

16 Possible additional assaults
The assault cycle Trigger phase Escalation phase Crisis phase Recovery phase Depression phase Possible additional assaults Baseline behaviour Slide 1.12

17 Teaching about emotions
Label feelings Recognise feelings Acknowledge feelings Manage feelings Think about feelings and what to do about them Slide 1.13

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