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Introduction The purpose of this ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) /or best call BPM (Business Process Management) is to monitor & control the overall.

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2 Introduction The purpose of this ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) /or best call BPM (Business Process Management) is to monitor & control the overall system generated processes within the organization & Alliances. The main function of this ERP is to facilitate day to day operations of the organizational activities, like Human Resource management, Commercial activities follow-ups, complete Media control, Customer relationship & follow-ups and many other facilities which help Business Organization to have more control on every operation. Our motive behind the Development of is to make a smooth processing with proper monitoring & controlling facilities within all the branches , departments & its employees. The ERP cum BPM is capable in sharing / tracking/controlling all the information among the respective departments / and offshore branches, it will be functional at head office and connected via a highly secure network with in the branch locations.

3 Key Features of CMMS OTG :
1: Customer Relationship Management 2: Site Management System(SMS) 3: Complaint Management System 4: Payroll & Account Management 5: Sales & Supplier Management 6: Generation of Proposals & Follow-up 7: Sales & Purchase order 8: General Purchase order(GPO) 9: Automated Status Monitoring & Tracking 10: Docket Management 11: Media Purchase order(MPO) 12: Plan Creation 13: Work Instruction/Generation & Follow-up 14: Issuing Work order 15: Client Requirement Form 16: Bill of Materials 17: MIS(Management Information System) Report 18: Employee Log Activity Details. 19: Attendance & Timesheet Management System 20: Sales Bill Report 21: Order & Media Cancelation Management. 22: Estimates & Supplementary Estimates. 23: Authority Management & User Control Reports And many more…!!

4 Who will control this system
CMMS OTG Administrator Control up to 99.9% Activities of entire System Corporate Manager Control over Assigned Corporate & Branch Activities Corporate User Manage, Monitor & Response at Assigned tasks & Follow-up’s Branch Manager Manage, Monitor & control Branch level Activities Branch User Execute, Response at assigned branch & corporate instructions Branch Corporate

5 Super Admin Purpose / Scope Limitation
Adding master records such as Cost Center, Department, Designation, Ranking, Employees etc. Sending Work Instructions to all departments. Assigning Authorities to all users. 4. Restriction of authorities can be done on any level of process. 5. Customization of page access authorities can be restricted, as per their need. Can view/cancel the Log details. Can Reset Passwords Of any user. Can View Total Reports, most of which other departments can’t view. Can confirm as well as recommend all leave applications. Can create/reject/modify any data flow at any level, for example can reject proposals made by any user. Can not View or Modify the User Passwords or security details. Can not change his/her own Login sessions.

6 Client Servicing Purpose / Scope Limitation
1. Preparation of the work proposals. 2. Forwarding proposals across the other departments (Media, Operation and Design departments). 3. Waiting for the confirmation of proposal review by the respective department or comments given by the department. 4. Approval of design informed to production department. 5. Final order entry, requirement entry, approvals, complaint management, feedback. 6. Providing design of the layout, bill quotation, hard copy of bill and site photo to the client. Its limited to Client servicing department only i.e. cannot access other departments data or reports and System control.

7 Media Planning Purpose / Scope Limitation
1. Review, reply and execution of the process to respective information forwarded by CSD. 2. Preparation of proposals as per budget and requirement arise by the CSD. 3. Getting availability of site by Site Management System (SMS). Getting proposed media availability, supplier cost and margin, proposed media plan (For New Vendors /Clients). 4. Data Entry of new site, booking, PO requisition shall be decentralized at respective cost center & media planning department. 5. Preparing the execution plan. 6. Getting/providing to other department’s Information for plan (execution plan)/ design/cost estimate submission and follow-up. 7. Media development, Media Planning, cost estimates, media booking, campaign execution, complaint management, campaign monitoring. 8. Information sharing for Campaign Execution & Monitoring to commercial . Its limited to Media planning department only i.e. cannot access other departments data or reports.

8 Commercial Purpose / Scope Limitation 1. To input the media cost.
2. Release the purchase order (PO) and work order (WO) and manage all the information of sites 3. Input of already booked media of the PO requisition. 4. Deduction in PO/RO/WO on account of non conformity. 5. Manage/Review complains of the site.(Complaint Management System) Its limited to Commercial department only i.e. cannot access other departments data or reports.

9 Human Resource Purpose / Scope Limitation
1. Manager will create employee and can also have a look on overview of day to day work of each and every employee. 2. Manager can assign the task to the respective employee and overview the specific task. 3. Recruitment, Payroll, daily reports, leave management, holiday management, of employee . Employee Communication, statutory reports & returns (PF, ESIC, and TDS). Can Confirm/Reject all “ad hoc” employees. Can recommend as well as approve/reject leave applications. Have the scope of handling the whole payroll division except some few limitations. Its limited to Human Resource department only i.e. cannot access other departments data or reports.

10 Design Purpose / Scope Limitation
1. Processing requirement from the client servicing and some time directly from the client . 2. After approval of the design user can upload/Download the approved designs. 3. Sending/Downloading sample data design to CSD for client approval. 4. Sending Approval alerts for designs to the CSD. 5. Information sharing for planning & cost estimation to the Operation Department. 6. Information sharing for Campaign Execution & Monitoring to the operation department. Its limited to Design department only i.e. cannot access other departments data or reports.

11 Production Purpose / Scope Limitation
1. Share information with client servicing, media planning, operations, commercial, update the production status, release the work instruction. 2. Production dept. provides cost estimation. 3. Generate process requisition for processes that have to be subcontracted. 4. Give option to make daily plans for production. 5. Define Bill of Material for all products up to any number of levels. Its limited to Production department only i.e. cannot access other departments data or reports.

12 Operations Purpose / Scope Limitation
1. Uploading the Work status, assignments and site photograph (Close snap/Long snap/Night snap). 2. Getting Review from the CSD through compliant management system. 3. Updating the status of advertisement material (new/old) received, ensure quality check, if material is against a production order it shall update the records automatically. 4. Providing resource availability, deadline, volume, coverage area to the CSD. 5. Regular monitoring & inspection of media & campaigns and Uploading status into CMMS. Its limited to Operation department only i.e. cannot access other departments data or reports.

13 Features & ROI (Return on Investment)
Create, Manage, Monitor & Control up-to 100+ Branch Location Activities. Connection through Secure Mediums like Virtual Private Networks or Host at Static IP’s. One Place Database Management & Controlling facility. Automated response system , speed up the working more than 75%. Status display on every process, easy analyzation of Completed, Pending & rejected tasks. On click information availability on Media, booked Media ,booking details and others..! Get managed information within 30 Sec. Low Maintenance & enhancement cost ,Developed in open source technologies. Free from Virus Attracts & Data losses. Platform Independent run on any OS and its all free.(Use Linux, Unix) Technology comparison chart for Business Organizations

14 Benefits Of CMMS OTG CMMS system attempts to integrate business processes across departments onto a single enterprise-wide information system. CMMS system is facilitation of day-to-day management. Single Point of Communication – data only entered at the source of information. Everyone has the same information - Single source of truth. Historical and authoritative data. Immediate information. Improved Visibility into all areas of the company operation. Real time information throughout the entire Enterprise. Better visibility into the performance of operational areas. Data standardization and accuracy across the enterprise. Best-practices or proven methodologies are included in the ERP system. Creates organizational efficiencies. Allows for analysis and reporting for long-term planning. and many more…

15 Advantages of CMMS OTG CMMS system will help departments to make sure that process are logically interacting with each other and there is no information loss. The logistical advantages behind a CMMS system is that it is designed to reduce costs overall and allow the data flow between single department or offshore offices to move smoothly and in real time for better processing. It can also help with the analysis of design engineering, streamlining operating functions, managing the basics and advanced functions of transaction with multilevel approvals & matching of purchase orders, inventory, and costing, reports and all accounting function with payroll & MIS.

16 Application Review

17 CMMS : Account Login

18 Superadmin

19 Client Servicing - CRF

20 Client Servicing – Create Plan

21 Client Servicing – Create Proposal

22 Client Servicing – Create Docket

23 Human Resource – Create Employee

24 Human Resource – Employee Confirmation

25 Human Resource – Employee: View Profile

26 Human Resource – Change Password

27 Media Planning – Media Entry

28 Media Planning – Media Booking & Costing

29 Commercial– Party Creation

30 Commercial– Media Entry Confirmation

31 Commercial– Media Booking Confirmation

32 Design

33 Accounts – Display Sales Bill

34 Accounts – Supplier Work Order Bill

35 Accounts –Work Order Cancellation

36 Reports

37 Security Features Security Features
CMMS provide excellent features for defining access control to a great degree of granularity which is secured by features like authenticity and accuracy at all stages of the process cycle. Database is secured by the IS auditor, by reviewing of the network, OS and RDBMS before evaluating the access controls in the application. User ID scrutiny and evaluation is also taken care of. Verification and evaluation of configurations relating to business processes is maintained. Reports are generated that show who has requested data exports that include sensitive data, such as SSNs, credit card numbers, and so forth. Data fields are encrypted at the database level as well as at the form or table level. Stored passwords are encrypted. Roles can be established that allow a user to process sensitive data in the ERP but restrict that user from downloading the data.

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39 Thank You

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