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Ngati Kea Ngati Tuara Xmas Hui

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1 Ngati Kea Ngati Tuara Xmas Hui

2 Xmas Update 11 Dec 2011 Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa Runanga Update
Te Arawa River Iwi trust Marae Garden/Waahi Tapu Signage & Fencing Grants Committee Te Roopu Hauora O Te Arawa Te Papa Takaro O Te Arawa Advisory Board Representation Activity update Contact details

3 Runanga Update Governance
Trustees are Eru George, Manahi Bray, Robyn Bargh, Peri Marks, Tawhiri Morehu, Mark Milroy, Eugene Berryman-Kamp, Mary Corbett Atawhai Courtney – administrator, Bob Young – advisor Office at Taharangi Marae – provided by the marae committee at no cost for the hapu All info put onto Facebook and

4 Investment Committee Mark, Eru and Robyn work with Craigs Investment Partners $1.1m invested, interest reinvested Table shows Shares/Bonds purchased plus IAG Bond & split Goodman Property Trust Kiwi Income Property Trust Vital Healthcare Property Trust SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Listed Property Fund Auckland Intl Airport Contact Energy Fletcher Building Mainfreight Port Of Tauranga Trustpower Vector AGL Energy APA Group BHP Billiton Commonwealth Bank MAP Group National Australia Bank SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Fund Wesfarmers Bankers Investment Trust plc iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Fund SPDR S&P Intl Dividend ETF Vanguard FTSE Total World Air NZ Bond

5 Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa
Eru is our delegate and Chair of TPT Te Arawa Group Holdings Shareholder Agreement signed Nov 2011 $34m investment company Dividends expected end 2014, early 2015 Our equal share held until 2021 Mana Whenua Update (Eru/Robyn) Te Arawa Tangata - TPTs Social Development Strategy – Eugene is on the governance board

6 Te Arawa River Iwi Trust
NKNT, Ngati Tahu Ngati Whaoa and Tuhourangi Ngati Wahiao are the 3 Te Arawa River iwi– Eugene and Eru are trustees 20 year timeframe – co manage the Waikato river clean up – we will focus on the upper half TARIT contracted us build our capacity to participate and specific river projects MUST FOCUS ON WAIKATO RIVER MATTERS TARIT currently negotiating Joint Management Agreements with Waikato Regional Council, Taupo, South Waikato and Rotorua District councils Accords with TPK, Commisioner of Lands, local government, Energy and Fisheries, Land Information NZ, Agriculture and Fisheries


8 Te Arawa River Iwi Trust
NKNT Funded Projects are; Riparian Planting NIWA Workshop in new year? Contract to clear scrub and undertake planting Riverbank erosion – current issue for us Access Bridge over Pokaitu – too expensive! Micro-Hydro Plant Can generate as much as we use over a year, base of the waterfall will give a 4m fall, Pokaitu flows up to 1600l/sec downstream Tuna and Koura Introduction Lakes trust, Ian Kusabs, NIWA Elvers are released into Lake Atiamuri, NIWA keen to do a baseline field survey and hapu workshop History Wananga – 21/22 January 2012 Combine with river/Waahi tapu trip Hui A Iwi – including this one

9 Marae Garden / Waahi Tapu Signage
Peri is leading this workstream Working bee after xmas Next to kohanga, site already blessed Waahi tapu sites selected by Eru/Bob, fencing contract available

10 Grants Comittee Robyn and Mark lead this workstream
7 education grants processed / 5 approved Working to bring the fund from Te Paiaka trust to the Runanga

11 Te Roopu Hauora O Te Arawa
Lakes DHB Iwi Governance body Mary is our trustee Focus on providing health advocacy for iwi to Lakes DHB Any health issues please take up with Mary They are using our office for their monthly meetings at $250 per month

12 Te Papa Takaro O Te Arawa
Te Arawa Sports Authority Peri is our trustee Te Arawa Rangatahi Awards Te Arawa Pride Iwi Challenge – NKNT teams participated – Basketball, Ki o Rahi, Netball etc Won touch rugby and hunting competitions Iwi challenge March 2012 – (We need team members!) Toiora challenge –health focus, mai Maketu, ki Tongariro, NKNT participants and Kearoa used as a venue

13 Advisory Board Representation
Tawhiri on Te Pukenga Koeke o Te Arawa Mary on Te Mana Matauranga (Waiariki Polytech) Peri and Mary on the Museums advisory board

14 Activity Update During 2011 we have;
Made submissions to RDC district plan and Rotorua Economic Development Strategy Held a whakapapa/tikanga wananga at Kearoa Held 2 AGMs Hosted a renewable energy hui Hosted the Toiora challenge Established our office at Taharangi marae Contracted with Lakes DHB, Rotorua District Counicl and Te Arawa River Iwi Trust Held this xmas hui for 260 registered attendees

The is a lot happening and it will only get bigger and faster There are opportunities beginning to appear – work / knowledge / engagement / working parties with actual resources Too much to update via hui and paper Website / Facebook / e-newsletters / / Txt Street Address / PO Box as a back up So please, if you and your whanau are not registered with us, give us a contact number Ph txt , 28 Tarewa Rd, PO Box 716, Rotorua 3010

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