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The Lusaka/Brighton Link

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1 The Lusaka/Brighton Link

2 Established 2006 University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and Medical School, Lusaka, Zambia Brighton and Sussex University Trust (BSUH), Brighton and Sussex Universities and Medical School, Brighton, UK


4 Aims of link To provide educational and clinical support for Health Care workers at UTH to help them provide a high standard of care in Lusaka and beyond To broaden the clinical experience of Health Care staff based in Brighton To arrange short term visits to deliver defined courses or educational objectives or clinical services

5 To host return visits for health care workers for a defined period to enable them to undertake appropriate CPD To share educational materials, in particular making use of e-learning if possible To provide necessary equipment


7 Visits to date 47 individual trips to Lusaka
33 return trips to Brighton Considerable traffic in between the two centres

8 Areas covered HIV training for nurses
Critical care curriculum for nurses Radiology teaching External examiners for Medical students Advice given on organisation of A&E Research methods and critical appraisal course

9 Areas covered Paediatric teaching Gastroenterology teaching
Library review Ophthalmology support Independent Evaluation of HIV nurses education project

10 Strengths Follows well established model (THET)
Long term project, depends on individuals but backed up by institutions Involves a wide spectrum of professionals Fosters networking and lends itself to CDP. Short sharp updates Tries to listen to what is needed

11 Weaknesses Short visits only
Depends on matching need with available volunteers Tends to grow organically rather than strategically Model cannot deliver whole training programmes High carbon footprint

12 Opportunities Networking leads to further work e.g. Nurses HIV project and Critical Care Curriculum, external examiner co-opted to support immunisation programme Support for Alliance programmes Short visits could be extended during sabbaticals or post-retirement

13 Threats Increasingly constrained NHS. Time Funding
Matching expectations


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