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Exam 2 Review.

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1 Exam 2 Review

2 Exam Summary 200 points or 20% of your course grade
50 multiple-choice questions 3.0 points each 150 points or 75% of the exam Approximately 95% of the these questions are from the textbook and chapter slides 5 to 7 short-answer questions Between 6 and 10 points each 50 points or 25% of the exam

3 Multiple Choice Questions
Sample Exam Questions From Chapters 7,9,10,12

4 Chapter 7 (p. 170) The process of locating potential customers for a good or service is called:  A. adapting B. investigating C. prospecting D. anticipating E. inquiring Difficulty: Easy Type: Knowledge  

5 Chapter 7 (p. 170) A typical salesperson will experience a _____ percent loss of his current customers in a single year.  A. less than 5 B. 5 to 10 C. 10 to 15 D. 15 to 20 E. 20 to 25 Difficulty: Hard Type: Knowledge

6 Chapter 7 (p. 170) Robina has just been given the name of a person who wrote her company inquiring about the firm's radiology equipment. At this point, this person is best classified as a:  A. qualified prospect B. client C. lead D. prospect E. customer Difficulty: Medium Type: Knowledge

7 Chapter 9 (p. 226) According to relationship management expert Dale Carnegie, the "sweetest and most important sound" a customer wants to hear is:  A. his or her name B. sale C. "I have a present for you" D. "Let's do lunch" E. profit Difficulty: Medium Type: Knowledge  

8 Chapter 9 (p. 227) Just as Brian walked into the room carrying his samples and his portfolio for the demonstration, he fell over a wrinkle in the carpet and landed headfirst at the feet of his prospect. Everything he was carrying was scattered, and it took him almost five minutes to get reorganized. Because of the _____, the prospect is likely to permanently label Brian as clumsy and ineffectual.  A. lingering luster effect B. halo effect C. afterglow reaction D. admirable aftermath E. carryover corollary  Difficulty: Easy Type: Comprehension

9 Chapter 9 (p. 227) Office scanning is an activity most closely related to:  A. planning B. small talk C. time management D. routing E. closing Difficulty: Hard Type: Knowledge

10 Chapter 10 (p. 252) Which of the following statements about the buyer's attention and understanding is FALSE?  A. Some product benefits cannot be explained adequately in non-technical language. B. If the salesperson does not successfully involve the prospect in the presentation, his or her attention will wander. C. To strengthen impact, appeals should be focus on only one of the prospect's five senses. D. The buyer's attention span is affected by his or her personality. E. Many buyers have difficulty forming clear images from the written or spoken word. Difficulty: Medium Type: Comprehension  

11 Chapter 10 (p. 252) For which of the following products would a multiple-sense approach be effective for ensuring the buyer's understanding of the product?  A. products for cleaning public restrooms B. fresh produce C. toilet paper D. low-fat bacon E. any or all of the above Difficulty: Easy Type: Application

12 Chapter 10 (p.  ) Which of the following is suggested by the text as a guideline for the proper use of visual aids?  A. Decide ahead of time which visuals you will leave with the buyer and have copies already made when you arrive. B. Check your visuals carefully for errors. C. Always relate features to benefits for the buyer. D. Mark your visuals so you can find them easily. E. All of the above  Difficulty: Hard Type: Comprehension

13 Chapter 12 (p. 313) The terms and conditions of sale include shipping costs. The seller quotes an FOB price. The letters FOB stand for:  A. feedback on business B. frequency of business C. function of buyer D. freight of buyer E. free on board  Difficulty: Easy  

14 Chapter 12 (p. 313) If Lab Safety Supply quotes an FOB destination price to a factory buying five hazardous waste disposal units, it means that:  A. Lab Safety Supply will pay all freight charges B. the buyer will pay all freight charges C. the buyer will assume complete responsibility for the units once they leave the Lab Safety Supply loading dock D. Lab Safety Supply and the buyer will split all shipping charges E. the buyer will pay for any units found defective and returned for a refund  Difficulty: Medium  

15 Chapter 12 (p. 315) Which of the following statements is the best example of a trial close for a salesperson selling refrigerated display units to supermarkets?  A. How does a savings of $30 per month on your refrigeration electricity bill sound? B. Are you interested in how the oversized coil works to keep food cold and eliminate defrosting? C. How does the ease of mobility of this unit compare with other refrigeration units you have seen? D. Do you think you'd be interested in buying the optional illumination signage that comes with our units? E. All of the above are examples of trial closes that could be used by a salesperson selling refrigerator display units to obtain buyer commitment.  Difficulty: Hard

16 Short Answer Questions
POSSIBLE SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS: Steps of the sale Be sure that you understand the role play evaluation sheet very well. You could be asked anything from that sheet and you will need unaided recall to get the question correct Chapter 7: How to prospect, how to determine good prospect, the role of networking and CRM systems Chapter 9: Humor, testimonials, visuals/media, learn/remember Jeff Lehman Class Discussion Emphasis

17 Testing Lab Issues UCF ID for entry is required
There is no scratch paper, calculators, or notes permitted Note that the times and settings shown in webcourses may differ, but this is only in case of a power outage or network outage that requires a re-login to the exam

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