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QR code - download Download our 1:1 iPad presentation from the national Middle Schools Conference: Use QR Scan app:

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1 QR code - download Download our 1:1 iPad presentation from the national Middle Schools Conference: Use QR Scan app:

2 Greg Hughes The de Ferrers Academy 1:1

3 Background - Me GREG HUGHES
Assistant Principal - Experience & Engagement Curriculum & New Technologies Physics Teacher

4 Background - ICT Microsoft learning Award 2004
SSAT ICT Register Focus School (Secondary) for West Midlands 2007 – 2011 Awarded ICT Mark in 2008 Shortlisted for BECTA ICT Excellence award in 2009 First Secondary school awarded Design Mark in 2010 Awarded ICT Mark in 2011 1st Staffordshire 1:1 iPad roll-out 2012

5 Why 1:1?

6 DIGITAL EVOLUTION – Learning Culture
Why 1:1? DIGITAL EVOLUTION – Learning Culture

7 Why 1:1?

8 Why iPads? iPads are cool!
No learning curve, especially for students – easy to use Everyone can enter at different stages & use them Nice integration between apps and devices All in 1 device… Great for organisation & study Extra perks – movies, music, books, games – what students want!

9 Why iPads?

10 ..wait a minute…

11 = (1) iPad = Ruler iPad Ruler
iPads are a tool in your classroom. So are rulers. iPads do not teach. Rulers do not teach. Rulers do not increase engagement. Neither do iPads. Teachers do not design learning objectives around rulers. Nor should they with iPads. Rulers provide students and teachers with the same information. So do iPads.

12 ≠ (2) iPad ≠ Ruler iPad Ruler
Rulers do not provide 24/7 access to learning materials 2. Rulers are not content creation tools 3. Rulers are not great for AFL 4. Rulers do not encourage communication and collaboration 5. Rulers do not help with organisation 6. Rulers are not cool…

13 (3) iPad > Ruler CONCLUSION….? iPad Ruler >

14 The de Ferrers iPad programme:
1:1 iPads - the details The de Ferrers iPad programme: The aim of the iPad program at The de Ferrers Academy is to equip every sixth form student with the tools and resources needed to support Twenty First Century learning. The use and integration of new technologies is central to this programme. We believe it can significantly improve the attainment and study skills of students, in addition to enhancing teaching & learning. During the Autumn term, the Academy will provide all sixth form students with access to an Apple iPad 2, as a personal digital device. Students will be able to retain the iPad assigned to them until the completion of their sixth form courses, after which time they will have the option to either return the device or purchase it outright. The Academy will also provide students will access to digital study resources and tools that can be used both in and out of school, as well as providing a managed wireless infrastructure for internet access. Profiling will be used to initially set up the iPad and personalise the applications (apps) that are pre-installed, depending on a student’s option choices.

15 Perfect Timing iTunesU Create online courses de Ferrers App
Enhanced communications iBooks Create & share virtual textbooks Frog VLE Launch platform for Links & Resources Air Server Mirror iPad display on laptop/PC Apps Several free iPad apps for sharing resources, making notes, AFL quizzes, opening MS Office Socrative Dropbox Evernote CloudOn Edmodo


Extensive discussion & trials – students, staff Meetings with all stakeholders – positive feedback Visits & discussions with other schools Project costed out over several years Managed Wireless and infrastructure audited and reviewed List of ideas/apps & Pedagogy guide produced – distributed to all staff AUP & Contract – agreed with parents & sixth form A+G Partnership formed with Academia – we are currently a Flagship School. Very happy with partnership with Academia. All sixth form staff trained – Pilot group, drop-in sessions, 2+ hours of CPD in Summer term & additional time this term Over 80 teaching staff issued with an iPad (sixth form staff + leadership) – considering other staff too

18 Phase 1 – Issues…

Around 91 iPads & cases distributed to Y13 (only 1 student has not paid/brought their own) Currently 165+ iPads & cases distributed to to Y12 students (only given out on 4/10/12, more expected to opt in this week) Infrastructure looking good - Managed wireless holding up well, Apple Server installed, iActivate used to get iPads securely onto Academy network Insurance arranged – all student iPads and most staff ones Excellent feedback from staff & students so far Good publicity in local press & via Twitter, etc Launch events – media bus, concert, video case study for Academia, Teacher workshop, Parent evening, regular assemblies Website set up for announcements & training: Online store – being set up via Academia for staff/students


We now have our own dedicated 1:1 iPad website: List of apps Tips AUP & FAQs Application forms ‘App of the week’ Links

22 Phase 2 - feedback STUDENTS:
Organised themselves for note-taking, communication, free apps ‘No training, thanks…!’ Y12/13 students very happy, feeling like ‘pioneers’ – keen to publicly praise their positive attitude and enthusiasm iPad really benefitting dyslexic/SEN students with organisation, assignments & study (‘all in 1’) Aspirational effect on our Y10/Y11 students STAFF & VISITORS: Staff very enthusiastic (some still a bit wary - students pushing things forwards too) Widespread evidence of extensive use for AFL, rapid dissemination of resources in lessons Visitors/job applicants very impressed!

23 Acceptable Use Policy To encourage use as a fully immersive digital device, the Academy will allow students to use their own Apple iTunes account to install their own music, books, films and apps. However, they must comply with the following guidelines: Students must NOT: Use their iPad to access content or websites that are inappropriate or illegal Ignore copyright – any media placed on the iPad by students must be their own or copyright-free Install apps that are age-inappropriate or offensive. The Academy will remove any it considers inappropriate. Try to ‘jailbreak’ the iPad or change the settings that have been put on by staff Use the iPad to engage in any kind of criminal activity, gambling, spamming, hacking, etc Use the iPad to take photographs/audio/video recordings of any other students/member of staff without their consent Students must also make sure that they use the iPad in lessons in accordance with the class rules of the relevant teacher – some uses and activities may only be allowed in certain subjects or at certain times.

24 FAQs – on website Will I get a case?
What if I want other iPad accessories? Will I need virus protection on my iPad? Will my iPad be insured? Will the iPads be filtered? What if I don’t want my child to access some sites or media? What happens if I break the conditions of the contract/AUP?. What apps will the Academy put on the iPad? Can I put my own apps/music on the iPad? Can I bring & use my own iPad? When will I need to return my iPad? Can I buy my iPad at the end of the sixth form?

Why move towards mobile or 1:1 digital learning? Does the device matter? Is infrastructure in place (physical, human, educational, support)? Future expansion? Pandora’s Box…… Sustainability models


27 Digital Learning trends
Some developing trends in digital learning: FLIPPED LESSONS – Note taking, research & study out of lessons, problem solving in lessons. SOCIAL MEDIA – Making effective use of Twitter, Facebook, etc, for communication & collaboration. VIDEO RESOURCES – more use of bespoke video content, made by/for staff & students, often as part of Flipped Lessons. DIGITAL/E-TEXTBOOKS – Creating customised digital books for students to use mobile devices – more multimedia interaction & personalisation. ONLINE ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING – Use instant digital AFL tools to support differentiation. DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT – Use of QR codes, AR, Geo-tagging to enrich the digital learning possibilities of the school environment.

28 In & Out of School

29 iPads in lessons Teaching & Learning
Staff can prepare notes/video clips/on-line course materials for students to study BEFORE the lesson, sharing them with students via the Frog VLE, Dropbox, Gdrive. AFL apps such as Socrative and Nearpod push AFL quizzes, surveys & content onto student iPads. Explain Everything is an app that turns every ipad into a mini Whiteboard. Edmodo used for rewards, discussion & assignments. Lesson plan for sixth form using iPads, incorporating ‘flipped classroom’ ideas & Accelerated Learning Cycle:

30 Phase 3 + Phase 4 EMBED & ENHANCE:
Additional CPD training planned for staff (twilights, pre-school, APF) ‘App of the week’ – launched with staff & via Twitter/ Y12/Y13 iPad Gurus being recruited to help in lessons and around common room (a couple in each sixth form area – non-geeks!) Consolidation – All students encouraged to use free Evernote & Dropbox accounts. Staff in all Curriculum Areas using Dropbox, Edmodo, Socrative, iBooks. Printopia solution via Apple Server. Suggestion Box – Poster with QR code linked to Google Docs Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) – about to be launched, allowing curriculum apps to be bought & wirelessly sent to specific iPads Monitoring & Evaluation – Data & feedback collected on use in and out of lessons – used to inform Phase 4 Pedagogy workshop - look at transformational Teaching & Learning with key staff – used to inform Phase 4 (iTunes U, AR, full multimedia textbooks)

31 Key APPS we use

32 Socrative… Free Teacher & Student app, works on most devices or via their website Knock up quizzes in minutes Instant AFL – reports ed to you immediately – allow you to differentiate tasks, homework, problems straight away Provide feedback - reinforce key skills Use as a entrance ticket or test of pre-lesson work Use as an exit ticket to check progress and attitudes to learning

33 Socrative… Socrative report – Highlights ✖ or ✔ - spot poorly understood concepts!

34 Edmodo Free Single app, works on most devices or via their website School account allows staff to link up Set up groups quickly Set & mark assignments & projects, provide feedback Run polls, quizzes, surveys Instant communications & alerts Award badges – even better, make your own badges! Socrative import coming soon to UK!

35 Edmodo

36 Dropbox and iBooks Both Free
Use Dropbox to store curriculum content (past papers, mark schemes, notes, specifications, audio files, etc) Share with staff & students via official curriculum area Dropbox Account PDFs can be opened directly in iBooks from Dropbox Students set up bookshelves for each Curriculum Area

37 Dropbox and iBooks

38 iTunes U Free Be patient with registration for school account
Choose a coordinator & key staff Courses available online – video clips, worksheets, questions Ideal for flipped learning Maths – already got Mechanics course online – video clips of all solutions & techniques – supports remote learning No 1 on our student survey ‘wish list’ of developments

39 iTunes U

40 Enhance & Transform

41 REFLECT - 2 THINKING TIME… How do you use mobile learning, if at all?
How do you combine successful pedagogy & mobile devices? Are you prepared to give control of ICT & New Technologies back to students? Can digital technology finally have a demonstrable impact upon effective Teaching & Learning? What are the ‘incidental’ benefits?

42 FINAL THOUGHTS iPads are cool! Teacher VS Student VS Techie…
Focus onTeaching & Learning Planning is key What impact do you want? How do you make it happen? Push from the top…and the bottom…and the sides… Bottling the magic…? Encourage ownership Learn the lessons of NOF! Leap of faith…

43 THANK YOU Website:
Blog: Twitter: @deepexperience1 @deFerrersiPad @deferrers THANK YOU

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