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Enterprise Mobility Solution

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1 Enterprise Mobility Solution
WINDOWS MOBILE Enterprise Mobility Solution iMobileMind.com版权所有,未经同意勿外流或抄袭。

2 Company Profile ODM and Platform Provider iMobile Mind Corp.
One of World’s Largest Mobile Software ODM and Platform Provider To increase Enterprise Productivity and Competitiveness Thereby enabling People to Work And Live More Conveniently and Effectively Anytime , Anywhere

3 Core Technology e-System Mobile Information Platform
Embedded System Mobile Information Platform Push Data Data Sync. Micro DB GUI Design RDA Server Workflow Auto update Device Mag M-Security Integrated Input Technology RFID Barcode LBS (GPS) e-System e-QRcode Biometrics Machine Mobile System

4 Market Growth by Industry Category

5 Our References Industry Application Client FMCG Mobile SCM Mobile SFA
Market Survey Service Government Finance Medical Education M-Workflow Asset Mgmt. Mobile FFA Manufacturing Retail Mobile POS

6 Real Estate Industry: Access to property information
Pictures / lot info / seller info / price / Showing schedule Real Estate applications Mortgage calculator, etc. Form in-fill info (applications) Sales Force Management Appointment Management Schedule visibility Client information Web site Content population

7 iMobileMind.com版权所有,未经同意勿外流或抄袭。

8 Mobile ERP/ SFA / SCM Manufacturing Production Process
Serial Number List Purchase Order Checking List F/CS Warehouse Production Staff Packaging Sorting Packaging Area Provide product barcode printing and inventory system integration programming Provide enquiry and verification procedure for warehouse staff System Integration Retrieve and update inventory PDA ERP Info System Delivery Process Delivery Order Stock Check Stock Delivery Truck

9 6. Checking Daily Sales Volume and Amount 5. Real Time Stock Checking
FMPC Barcode PDA Solution 1. Server-PDA 10. PDA Show the DO of the Next day 2. Stock Keeper verify the stock volume by using PDA 9. Stock keeper Check List 3. Key in stock delivery and incoming stock info by using PDA 8. RMA Stock Recording 4. DO and Invoice Printing 7. Checking on Next Customer Info 6. Checking Daily Sales Volume and Amount 5. Real Time Stock Checking

10 Mobile Retail Retailer— mPOS ( over 1100 Retail Shops)
Retail Purchase and Management System. Immediate Update of stock inventory with bar code. Error Free inventory control system Real time stock information across nation.

11 Pharmacy : Thong Yang Pharmacy Drug Inventory Management
Drug Inventory Stock Management (re-order) Minimize data entry error on drug code Warning Label management Drug Condition (expiration date) Drug order history Next arrival quantity

12 Hospital : Replace traditional paper work by using PDA CRM to allow medical staff to connect to the backend server via WLAN in the building. The updated patient medical record can be retrieve accurately, Furthermore the patient picture can be view through the PDA, So that the staff can identify the patient easily. This Will improve customer satisfaction.

13 Mobile Hospital Cashier Registration Examination Drug Prescription
Walk in Registration -Take Picture / Name input - Issue Bar Code Tag Scan Barcode Tag Review Checkup History Update Checkup info Registration Patient routine check up Examination Cashier Scan BarCode Tag Review patient stat and work Update System on new patient physical check info Scan Barcode Tag Access Service provided info Access Drug prescribed info Payment payslip print out Walk in Registration -Take Picture / Name input - Issue Bar Code Tag Drug Prescription Emergency Unit Scan Barcode Tag Access patient drug prescribed Update drughistory

14 Mobile University Jointly develop by Partner and Strategic Alliance Model Access to centralized database for easy information update. Attendance Taking Immediate information on students Survey Taking Study Exercises Student Life style (Content) MSN Chat / .

15 Fast and Easy Development Platform eZ Form Platform
Compatible with Windows Mobile and Windows CE Devices. Upload Collated Data to EXCEL or SQL Server .

16 im PUSH Platform Integrate with electronic and mobility platform, push all the internal information to mobile device. Provide real-time, activity, dual way, safety and customize message channel between backend server and remote device. im PUSH adapt open design system, owns flexible and expansion. Customize your process and applications.

17 Contact US Add: C-9-9 Plaza Mon`t Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Taipei Office Tel: Add:9F, No. 10, Sec. 1st, ChongQing S. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 100 Shanghai Office Tel: Add: 2F, No. 333 HongQiao Road, Shanghai, China New York Office Tel: Add: 410 Park Avenue, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10022 Kuala Lum pur Office Tel: Add: C-9-9 Plaza Mon`t Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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