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AmiBroker 4.90 new features overview

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1 AmiBroker 4.90 new features overview
AmiBroker 4.90 new features overview by Tomasz Janeczko,

2 AmiBroker 4.90 key improvements:
AmiBroker 4.90 key improvements: During this presentation I will show you features that are either already existing in most recent BETA version or coming up very shortly. First let us take a look at quick summary of some key improvements that new versions bring. The most visible change is of course brand new fully customizable user interface. Second thing that is also very noticable is better performance of entire program. There are also lots of small and not-so-small enhancements throughout enitre program that I will list later on. And finally there is also something which sets new standards in technical analysis software: 64 bit version of AmiBroker. All thease things are available right now (in current BETA). In addition to that there are several on-going developments that will either appear in the future official 4.80 version or shortly afterwards. I will talk about them a bit later. new Fundamental Data support new Web Research window new Account Manager new Bar Replay tool new AFL functions (Text-To-Speech, FFT and others) enhanced functionality in almost every area

3 Fundamental data support
Fundamental data support new fundamental data fields in the Information window automatic download from free Yahoo Finance site access to fundamental data from AFL level

4 Fundamental data: new fields
Fundamental data: new fields 32 new fundamental (editable) data fields in the Information window 5 calculated fields (most popular stats: P/E, P/BV, P/S, P/CF, DY) current values only (no history)

5 Fundamental data: automatic download
Fundamental data: automatic download Yahoo Fundamental - Basic data source (free basic fundamental data, 200 symbols in one request): PS (ttm) EPS Est Current Year, EPS Est Next Year, EPS Est Next Quarter, PEG Ratio, Book Value, EBITDA, Sales Revenue, Dividend Pay date, Ex Dividend date, Dividend Per Share, 1yr Target Price, Shares Float, Shares Outstanding

6 Fundamental data: automatic download (2)
Fundamental data: automatic download (2) Yahoo Fundamental - Extra data source (extended fundamental data, 1 symbol in one request): Forward P/E, PEG Ratio, Profit Margin, Operating Margin, RoA, RoE, Rev. (ttm), Qtrly Rev. Growth, Gross Profit, EBITDA, (Diluted) EPS, Qtrly Earn. Growth, BV, Op. CF, Free CF, Beta, Shares Out., Float, % Held by Insiders, % Held by Institutions, Shares Short, Forward Annual Dividend Rate, Trailing Annual Dividend Rate, Dividend Date, Ex-Dividend Date, Last Split Factor, Last Split Date Yahoo Fundamental - Extra data source (extended fundamental data, 1 symbol in one request, more data - available in registered version only). Data are retrieved from the following URL: (Key Statistics page) That page provides following data: Forward P/E PEG Ratio Profit Margin Operating Margin Return on Assets Return on Equity Revenue (ttm) Qtrly Revenue Growth Gross Profit EBITDA (Diluted) EPS Qtrly Earnings Growth Book Value Per Share Operating Cash Flow Levered Free Cash Flow Beta Shares Outstanding Float % Held by Insiders % Held by Institutions Shares Short (prior month) Shares Short Forward Annual Dividend Rate Trailing Annual Dividend Rate Dividend Date Ex-Dividend Date Last Split Factor Last Split Date

7 Fundamentals: access from AFL level
GetFnData("field") where "field" is any of the following fundamental data field supported. AddColumn( Close / GetFnData( "EPS" ) , "Current P/E ratio" ); AddColumn( Close / GetFnData( "EPSEstNextYear" ) , "Est. Next Year P/E”);

8 Fundamentals: other data sources
ASCII importer (new field definitions) OLE automation interface (new properties of Stock object) More information: User’s Guide: Tutorial: Using Fundamental Data

9 Web Research window many pre-defined sites user-definable sites
multiple on-line research windows open simultaneously flexible auto-synchronization options

10 Web Research: Pre-defined sites
Profile News & Commentary Analyst opinions Analyst estimates SEC fillings Insider transactions Major holders Competition / Industry

11 Web Research: Navigation

12 Web Research: user-definable sites
Tools->Customize, “Web Pages” tab

13 Web Research: flexible auto-sync options
Don't sync - means that page should not be synchronized with currently selected symbol Sync active - means that page should be synchronized ONLY when it is currently active or becomes active Sync always - means that page is synchronized with currently selected symbol always, no matter if it is active or not.

14 New Account Manager - features
tracking history of all transactions tracking open position unrealized profit tracking account equity history short and long trades, automatic handling of scaling in/out unlimited number of accounts per-account settings/commissions

15 AM: Creation of new account
To create new account use File -> New Account menu or New toolbar button

16 AM: Funding Before you do any trading, you have to fund your account. To do so press "FUNDING" button on the account manager toolbar, then select "Deposit" as operation type, enter the DATE when you have funded your account and enter the amount.

17 AM: Settings

18 AM: Entering trades

19 AM: Transaction log and position list

20 AM: Saving and opening To save edits made to account use File->Save (or File->Save As to save under new name). To open account file, go to File->Open, in the File dialog, select "Account (*.acx)" from "Files of type" combo-box, and select the account file you want to load. You can create/open multiple accounts at once (just use File->New->Account, File->Open many times).

21 Bar Replay tool great learning tool (you can use it to “paper trade” or to get familiar with the behaviour of any indicator) develop and debug automated trading systems on recorded data re-playing all symbols' data at once fast scrolling user-definable playback speed and interval

22 Bar Replay: user interface

23 Bar Replay: navigation
Rewind - goes to the beginning of the range Back - goes one step Back Stop - turns bar replay OFF (chart are not affected by bar reply) Pause - pauses current playback or enters pause mode Play - plays back bars history Forward - goes one step Forward End - goes to the end of selected range

24 New AFL functions Say() - text-to-speech conversion FFT()
SetChartBkGradientFill() SetSortColumns() GetPerformanceCounter() RequestTimedRefresh() and few others...

25 AFL: Say() added Text-To-Speech capability via Say() AFL function. Now AmiBroker can speak out loud any text. if( LastValue( Buy ) ) Say(”Buy signal on “ + Name() + “ at “ + Close ); This is controllable from formula level so you can make it to speak depending on market conditions, signals generated from your formula, etc.

26 AFL: SetChartBkGradientFill ()
SetChartBkGradientFill( topcolor, bottomcolor, titlebkcolor = default ) Enables background gradient color fill in indicators. Please note that this is independent from chart background color (background color fills entire pane, gradient fill is only for actual chart interior, so axes area is not affected by gradient fill)

27 AFL: FFT() FFT( array, len = 0 ) Performs FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) on last 'len' bars of the array, if len is set to zero, then FFT is performed on entire array. len parameter must be even.

28 AFL: SetSortColumns SetSortColumns( col1, col2, .... ) Automatically sort exploration result list. col1, col2, ... col10 -Column numbers are ONE-based. Positive number means sort ASCENDING, negative number means sort DESCENDING.

29 AFL: SetSortColumns examples
// sort by 5th column in ascending order SetSortColumns( 5 ) // sort by 3rd column in descending order SetSortColumns( -3 ) // sort by 1st column (asc) AND // then by 2nd column (desc) SetSortColumns( 1, -2 );

30 AFL: GetPerformanceCounter()
allows high-resolution performance timing GetPerformanceCounter(True); for( i = 0; i < 1000; i++ ) { k = sin( i ); } elapsed = GetPerformanceCounter(); "Time [ms] = "+elapsed;

31 Other improvements HoldMinDays / EarlyExitDays feature
'Every tick' chart refresh capability added (Professional Edition only) MDI Tabs added as UI enhancement. OLE interface enhancements/additions On-line knowledgebase and feedback center

32 Summary New major upgrade of AmiBroker brings some key new features and improvements The goal for 2007 is to provide one major upgrade per quarter, so version 5.00 before summer, and 5.10 autumn, 5.20 winter.

33 Future improvements new formula editor
new Automatic Analysis window design Layout sharing AFL code wizard

34 For more information visit:
Thank You For more information visit:

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