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Old Jewish Cemetery in Csepreg, Hungary Photographed by Ivan Szedo.

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2 Old Jewish Cemetery in Csepreg, Hungary Photographed by Ivan Szedo

3 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary2

4 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary3 Israelite religion people have lived at the time of possession Nádasdys Csepreg market town. Since 1876, our village became a district seat, and soon the Jews also became the center of public unity At the end of 19. century in Csepreg the number of Jews has reached 60 people. The most popular personality among sen. Béla Kollár, was the owner of the Tannery Columbia. Factories provided work for 35 people, and its products have also reached the USA. Csepreg among the Jews there were doctors, craftsmen, but most of them were traders. Anti-Semitism is growing in our country several times. Councils in 1919, after the measures have not yet seriously affected the Csepreg Jews. The 1938/XV. with Act (so-called anti-Jewish law I), then the 1939/IV. with Act (called II. Jewish law), spirit, and their implementing regulations and instructions have been much more effective. Csepreg more Jewish citizens deprived of electoral rights. The Jews were expelled from the representative bodies of employees of state and public institutions, limiting their numbers in some workplaces. The press and the radio and flowing into the growing anti-Semitic propaganda planted in the minds of many people poison. (Csepreg former residents, who during the war, exposed to the radio box on the street, and around half of the German Reich to listen to radio broadcasts in Hungarian). Csepreg atrocities have not been made, but it happened that some people at school teased jewish children. However, there was also a who done their defense. The adult Jews are increasingly retreated to their homes, and began to stay out of the village community.

5 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary4 The situation of Hungarian Jews after the German occupation of our country has deteriorated further. Before the provisions giving rise to this line I would refer to the list of Jewish families Csepreg the 1944th survey on 28 April: Moskovits Isidore district. s cond. Rabbi - born. Mako, Address Fejér (Jewish) u. 2 / 4. Moskovits Izidorné, Samuel, Sophia - Beled, Dora Moskovits, Csepreg, 1927th Eugene Moskovits, Szombathely, Bela Moskovits, Csepreg 1930th Moskovits Eve, Csepreg, Emil Moskovits, Csepreg, 1934th Valerie Moskovits, Csepreg, David Moskovits, Csepreg Ervin Moskovits, Csepreg widow Fischer Hermanné, Weisz Jane trader 1876th – Csepreg, Iskola sq. 10 Emma Fischer, Csepreg,

6 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary5 Mary Fischer, seamstress, Csepreg, Eugene Fischer, tinsmith and plumber, Csepreg, During labor, the census was. Forstner Géza tannery officer, no. 1884th Csepreg Szentkirályi u. 36. Hirschler Julius was a salesman, Csepreg 1876th Lh. Thurs, Fehér St. 1. Hirschler Gyuláné no. Arnstein Carolina, Rechnitz, Hirschler Joseph's day laborer, Thurs, Széchenyi sq. 30. Hirschler Józsefné, Charlotte Fehérvári, Szombathely, 1888th Barbara Hirschler, Csepreg 1922nd Judith Hirschler, Thurs, Kohn Gisell, Bratislava county, Csepreg Felső u. 9. widow. Kollar Béláné, Kohn Giselle, Molnaszecsőd, Thurs, Hosszú St. 3. Andrew Kollar tannery foreman, Thurs, At the time of the survey was a labor camp. Frederick Joseph Kollar, Thurs, At the time of the survey was a labor camp. Joseph Krausz grocery shopkeeper , mother's maiden name Julianna Lichtman - Csepreg Alsóváros St. 54. József Krausz, Roza Kun, , mother’s name Lichtenstahl Regina. Laszlo Krausz, Csepreg At the time of the survey was a labor camp. Laki Theodore painter-decorator, Csepreg 1882nd , Fischer Carolina. Thurs, UFelső St. 10.

7 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary6 Laurits Károlyné, Thurs 1886th Gyula Libenau horse-dealer, Nagysimonyi, 1894th Thurs Szentkirályi u.10. Libenau Gyuláné, Krausz Teresa, Vienna, 1895th Margaret Libenau, Sarvar, Geza Libenau wachmaker, Csepreg 1923rd At the time of the survey was a labor camp. Dr. Henry Pajor dentist, Zalaszentgrót, 1885th Thurs, Dr. Henrik Pajor,Irma Kertész, Csepreg 1889th Dr. Geza Pajor dentist, Szombathely, At the time of the survey was a labor camp. Rechnitzer Gyula haberdasher and dealer in fashion, Zalaudvarnok Thurs Rechnitzer Gyuláné,Therese Steiner, Thurs, Rechnitzer Laszlo, Sopron, widow Rosenberg Case Regina Dusz grocery shopkeeper Csepreg Felső St. 9. Stern Géza trader, Csepreg 1879th – Csepreg, Szentkirályi u. 2. Stern Gézáné, Cornelia Berger, Murska Sobota in Rosa Stern, Thurs, Stern Imre, glazier, Jánosháza, Csepreg, Pajor u. 4. Stern Imréné, Fischer Roza,Thurs, Helen Stern student, Csepreg 1934th Bela Stern student, Thurs, widow. Arable Károlyné, Flora Feigestock loner, Csepreg 1860th - Csepreg Felső u. 1. Nicholas Arable insane person, Kőszeg, 1883.

8 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary7 All jewish population of Csepreg village was sent to concentration camp in 1944 year. Last burial ceremony was that time here.

9 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary8

10 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary9

11 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary10

12 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary11

13 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary12

14 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary13

15 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary14

16 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary15

17 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary16

18 Jewish cemetery, Csepreg, Hungary17 My other presentations:

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