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FSONA Proven Solutions Reference Sites. Military & Government fSONA Proven Solutions.

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1 fSONA Proven Solutions Reference Sites

2 Military & Government fSONA Proven Solutions

3 Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan Solution: Four SONAbeam TM 155-M links Benefits: Secure wireless connectivity Very high-capacity network Rapid installation Goal: Establish high-speed wireless network to enable transfer of bandwidth intensive biometric security information

4 Washington, D.C. Solution: Two SONAbeam TM Gigabit links Benefits: Secure wireless connectivity Very high-speed Installed rapidly Scalable bandwidth Goal: High-speed backup connections to provide triple-redundancy connections for two federal agency buildings.

5 Camp Arifjan, Kuwait Close and protect a SONET ring to provide physically diverse connectivity SONAbeam 1250-M provides rampable bandwidth from 34 Mbps to 1.5 Gbps SONAbeam was rapidly deployed and provided a savings of 66% vs. a fiber build-out Goal: Solution: Benefits:

6 Puerto Rico Port Authority - Honeywell Close a fiber ring for CCTV application 5 x SONAbeam 1250-M provides rampable bandwidth from 34 Mbps to 1.5 Gbps SONAbeam optical wireless technology is extremely secure at the physical layer Goal: Solution: Benefits:

7 BAE Systems CCTV application 7x SONAbeam 155-E systems SONAbeam optical wireless provides secure wireless for end customer New River Marine Core Air Station Goal: Solution: Benefits:

8 Service Providers fSONA Proven Solutions

9 Nextel – Acapulco, Mexico Solution: SONAbeam 1250-M fSONA was the ONLY wireless vendor able to provide the solution. Benefits: Secure wireless connectivity Very high-capacity requirement (1.42 Gbps) Proprietary CPE interface compatibility with ADC Digivance Cost had been prohibiting fiber install Goal: Establish wireless cellular antenna extension to Acapulco Golf & Country Club. Nextel President is club member

10 Curacao Connect a Central Office to a nearby location and from there build a backbone Three high-speed SONAbeam links already in place. Future links will be installed as demand dictates. Lower cost units connect end-users to the backbone. SONAbeam is installed quickly and provides reliable backbone connectivity Goal: Solution: Benefits:

11 Istanbul, Turkey Establish a high-speed wireless backbone network to deliver competitive services to Istanbul's busiest business sector Omnitek used the SONAbeam 1250 series to build the first Gigabit Wireless backbone network in the world SONAbeam's unlicensed technology is ideal for competitive carriers. Gigabit plus speeds and rapid deployment allow Omnitek to respond quickly to the growing needs of Turkey's business district Goal: Solution: Benefits:

12 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia An ISP wanted to establish high- speed wireless service from one central point to other key locations in an extreme environment - up to 50ºC with sand storms. Initial deployment of 12 SONA- beam Fast Ethernet links. More links will added as needed. SONAbeam shines in challenging conditions. No outages during major sandstorm of 2003 Goal: Solution: Benefits:

13 North Belfast, UK Deliver broadband triple-play cost effectively for up to 7,000 endpoints in a disadvantaged community in Northern Ireland SONAbeam FSO links combined with b radios provide broadband access to schools, businesses and residential users Wireless backbone was installed quickly and is maintained by community. Cost-effective units also have no recurring monthly fees. Goal: Solution: Benefits:

14 Rebuilding Belfast with Broadband We chose free space optics because, with it, we didnt need to dig up the streets and pay high annual charges for leased lines or license fees. There is no radiation risk and the network could be up and running quickly. The Flax Trusts vision is a network that connects businesses with their customers, as well as churches with their parishioners and schools with their students. In addition to creating vital communication links, the network will provide much needed job training and jobs for the residents of North Belfast. March/April 2003 Issue

15 Costa Rica Find a high-speed wireless solution capable of operating through the extreme rains in Costa Rica which is located in ITU Rain Zone P. The SONAbeam 155-M was installed at 900 m during the worst annual rains. The SONAbeam was an outstanding solution - it achieved 100% availability at up to 150 mm/per hour and % availability in rains up to 180 mm/per hour. Goal: Solution: Benefits:

16 Port Louis, Mauritius Build an optical backbone to distribute satellite feed to business customers such as commercial banks SONAbeam 1250-M Gigabit system provides rampable bandwidth Rapidly deployed, high-speed solution is flexible and can be redeployed if customers move Goal: Solution: Benefits:

17 Connect production house to proprietary media network for transfer of "dailies" to Hollywood, CA SONAbeam 155-M combines very high bandwidth and low latency making it an ideal wireless solution for video transmission Able to operate through windows, able to be deployed rapidly Toronto, Canada Goal: Solution: Benefits:

18 Wireless Carriers fSONA Proven Solutions

19 Puerto Rico Cingular needed to immediately expand capacity for their mobile wireless network in Puerto Rico but had no available spectrum to do so. SONAbeam 52-M running 4 x T1 linked two locations 4 km (2.5 miles) apart Solution was available immediately and had the necessary range. The 52-M has performed in intense 150mm/hr rains and throughout Hurricane Isabel with no outages or errors. Goal: Solution: Benefits:

20 Carriers fSONA Proven Solutions

21 Alcatel - Milan, Italy Determine if FSO was a viable alternative for carrier-class networks. Study the effects of the environment on FSO. Tested the SONAbeam 155-M extensively for over 2 years. Combined the results with weather date to develop accurate availability predictions SONAbeam performed excellently and Alcatel is now an OEM supplier and markets the SONAbeam as the Alcatel 9600 FSO Goal: Solution: Benefits:

22 British Telecom, UK Free space optics has come of age. We have always maintained that there is a definite role for optical wireless in the telecommunications network infrastructure. It is a reliable, flexible component with compelling benefits offered by its very high capacity, low cost per bit and no licensing requirements worldwide. Stewart Davies, CEO, BTexact Technologies

23 Enterprise fSONA Proven Solutions

24 Bechtel, USA Provide secure, broadband connectivity between Bechtel HQ and nearby conference facilities SONAbeam 155-M provides Fast Ethernet connection across busy technology corridor freeway SONAbeam was quick to install and was able to cross a freeway and deliver high-speed service without recurring monthly leased line fees Goal: Solution: Benefits:

25 Bechtel - FSO: A Viable Solution Optical wireless is a mature and reliable approach for broadband access. FSO systems offer a viable solution toward building optical connectivity in a cost-effective, quick, and reliable manner in certain situations. FSO systems have been engineered to provide performance comparable to other access technologies, offering high capacity and availability, lower cost per Mbps/month when deployed, and rapid deployment in less than an hour. FSO systems can have a wide range of applications ranging from telecommunication backhaul networking to being a viable last-mile alternative, and should be considered when conditions permit. Bechtel Telecommunications Technical Journal, December 2002

26 Organization of American States Since installation of the fSONA equipment in mid-June, the system has not undergone any problems. During the extended weather stress of Hurricane Isabel in September, the system performed flawlessly, without a single dropped data packet. Congratulations for your great team and products that represented for us a magnificent solution.

27 Indy Racing League Find a reliable, high-speed wireless connections that can be easily transported and installed at each race SONAbeam 155-E is lightweight, compact and provides high-speed transport at up to 155Mbps In addition to the ease of installation, SONAbeam products are immune to EM interference Goal: Solution: Benefits:

28 Education

29 Dublin City University Replace failing radio that was only available 80% of the time due to rain outages SONAbeam 155-M was installed at 2.7km. They now plan to link the whole campus. In addition to increased availability, SONAbeam is able to provide a very high-speed network that always provides full bandwidth. Goal: Solution: Benefits:

30 University of Toronto Connect two remote offices, one permanent and one temporary at Gigabit speeds SONAbeam 1250-S and SONAbeam 155-S High capacity connectivity at a cost-effective price. The University will also have a SONAbeam on hand to use for temporary capacity requirements/disaster recovery once the temporary link at the remote office is no longer required. Goal: Solution: Benefits:

31 University of British Columbia Have a link on hand for disaster recovery and special events SONAbeam 155-E Solution is lightweight and portable for temporary links. UBC also tested the SONAbeam 155-E through windows and was very pleased with the results. Goal: Solution: Benefits:

32 Healthcare

33 Health Insurance Partners, NY Solution: SONAbeam TM 1250-S Gigabit Benefits: Immediate ROI (fiber quoted at $1.18 million) Gigabit speeds Rapid installation (one week) Goal: Bridge LANs of two recently merged healthcare companies at Gigabit speeds in Lower Manhattan on-budget and on-time

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