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Top Secrets To E-Marketing Success

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1 Top Secrets To E-Marketing Success
Joseph A. Mohay Online Sales Manager –

2 Agenda Who We Are Internet Usage In The Caribbean
Types of Online Advertising Creating An Effective Website Search Engine Marketing Paid Search (PPC) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Measurability and Reporting

3 Global Directories – 40 Years In Local Search
Approx: 2 million phonebook directories distributed in 16 countries in the Caribbean. Leading Internet Yellow Pages Sites – Driving Hundred’s Of Thousands Local Searches to our Advertisers (,, etc) Robust Local Content, Highly Authoritative, Highly Visible on Major Search Engines

4 Caribbean Internet Usage Today
11,394,978 internet users ,903,520 Facebook users

5 Mobile Market Opportunity
Caribbean has one of the highest levels of mobile phone penetration in the world. Mobile phone penetration in Latin America and the Caribbean reached an estimated 80% in early The world average is approx 58%. Together, Latin America and The Caribbean accounts for a total of 12% of the world's 3.97 billion mobile subscribers. There is a tremendous investment in the high speed broadband from these providers. 3G, 4G, etc. its all here already! Rise of the Caribbean Mobile Market Feb 14, :09 AM PDT

6 More Than 100 Billion Searches / Month
Over 95% Start At A Search Engine: Google, Yahoo, 6

7 Est. Spending By Category
Types of Online Media Types Display SEM Search Engine Marketing * SEO Search Engine Optimization * Marketing Newsletters Video Viral Marketing (Word of Mouth) * Classifieds Affiliate Marketing * Desktop or Software Product Placement Pop Ups or Pop Unders Landing Pages Lead Gen * Not really sold by Publishers Technologies Behavior Targeting Contextual Targeting IP or Geo Targeting Rich Media Rich Internet Applications (AJAX) Keyword Targeting / Adwords Video Scanning Social Media Targeting / Influencers Est. Spending By Category Interactive Marketing is vast but we are offering services that compliments our core business of Directive Advertising. Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together Online through Search Engine Marketing, Online Videos, SEO, Social Media Coming Soon Yellow Pages Directory was the 1st Search Engine.

8 Online Advertising Spend Projections
Online Media Spend Will Double within 3 Years 8

9 Paid (Pay For Performance)
Effective Marketing Today… Traditional Media (Yellow Pages, Trade Magazine, Newspapers Paid (Pay For Performance) Web Presence (SEO Friendly) Social (Facebook, Twitter etc.) Results

10 Effective Websites

11 Business Websites Inform Online Users
Accessible by all users How to contact your business Information about your business Showcase why your business is different 11

12 Consumers Want Information
Information about your business Contact / More Info? Why? What? When? How? 12

13 Searchers Like Options
How to contact your business Help Customers Easily Contact You Place Your Phone Number In A Prominent and Easy To Find Area On Your Page Provide Multiple Ways To Contact Some Customers Are Reluctant To Call Online Contact Form 13

14 Coupons are opportunities
Give them an incentive to choose you 1st. 14

15 Good Experience = Sales Conversions
Ten Tips For An Effective E-Commerce Website Make sure your site loads in 3-4 seconds or less Provide clear, easy-to-find contact information. On every page of your site Make stuff easy to find. From “Nice Site” to “I am Ready To Buy” Clear product links, sensible categories and a good site search on your site will all help Group information in a logical way. Put the pricing info, the quantity and any product options all right near the 'buy now' button . Put the product description, selling points and name together as well. Send an to customers when: They place an order; their order is confirmed; their order ships out (include shipment tracking information

16 Good Experience = Sales Conversions
Ten Tips For An Effective E-Commerce Website Cont. 6. Give your customers all the pricing information up-front. 7. Save their work if they leave a form field blank, show them the same page again, with all their data still in the form. 8. Offer ways to stay connected. Sign up for an newsletter, follow us on Facebook, Twitter subscribe to a latest news feed Write unique content with relevant keywords use bullets and call to action (not just paragraphs) Teach. Help your clients and customers make a good buying decision. If they don’t buy they'll remember and they'll be back. Blogs are also great for educating clients and putting fresh content on the Search Engines. Google love its!

17 Recommend Using PayPal – Get Paid Currently operates at some level in more than 190 countries; the services available for merchants vary from country to country. There are 3 basic services you can use on PayPal 1. Send money – Money can be sent from one Paypal account to another from and to on any country. 2. Receive Money – This applies to merchants that need payment methods on their websites. They can charge for credit cards for their products 3. Withdraw Money – This is the tricky part, once you sold something, you need that money in your bank account. This can be done to a bank account, to a Visa Credit card, with a check from PayPal. This options are not available for all countries. You can check the available services by country on PayPal’s Website. For example, in Barbados you can only withdraw using one of this options: To your Visa card issued in Barbados. To your US bank account.

18 Will Your Site Be Found? 18

19 Be Found in the Golden Triangle
The key area for top sponsored ads were looked at by the participants 100% of the time. . Eye-Tracking verifies the importance of page position and rank in both Organic and PPC search results for visibility and click through.

20 Search Engine Marketing

21 Search Engine Marketing Defined
SEM is an acronym for "Search Engine Marketing.” SEM is a form of internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). The primary SEM methods include: Search engine optimization (SEO) Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

22 SERPs – Search Engine Results Page
Paid / Sponsored Ads Connect With Searchers That Are Looking For What You Sell. Pay Only When They Click On Your Ad And Go To Your Website. Get on The 1st Page Of Google Immediately Organic Natural Results Website must be deemed important In Google’ Eyes Relevant, Authoritative, Popular. May Get To 1st Page But Google Decides

23 What is SEO? SEO is the process of editing a web site’s content and code in order to improve visibility within one or more search engines. This is commonly referred to as on-site optimization. SEO also involves cultivating link popularity; a key factor in achieving organic rankings in Google and other search engines. This is commonly referred to as off-site optimization.

24 Search Engines Look For 3 Things:
Relevancy: Is their rich, relevant content on your web pages and does the content on your web page inform and deliver value to the searcher. Content Is King! Popularity: High number of natural-occurring inbound links. Authority: Quality links deliver authority because they are viewed as trusted sources of content by Google. Internet Yellow Pages sites like,, etc. To date, the focus of this principle has been aimed squarely at your own web site - So, we optimize a site and beg borrow and steal for links to get it ranked These principles still very much apply, but the advent of social has changed the techniques and the focus Let’s briefly look at how it works

25 Steps To Optimize Page Title Tag Relevant Content + Keywords
Keyword Rich Anchor Text Go to google and search them Local Address On Each Page Site Map – Outline of Site

26 Basics Of Link Building
Paid Authoritative Directories (Yahoo Directory, DMOZ,,, Internet Yellow Pages Sites) Local business organizations (Chamber Of Commerce, Design Caribbean) Make a list of the top sites in your Industry sector Hint: To find sites in your industry by searching on industry name + add url Issue press releases whenever you have relevant information to share. (PRWeb, PRLeap) See if retailers or other business partners might be willing to link to your site. Can you offer to do something for them like write an article in return for a link Develop business relationships with non-competing businesses in the same field ask if they will link to you and vice versa. Are there ways you can get involved in the community that would lead to reporters writing a story about you? Local newspapers and news sites are always on the lookout for local content. Find links to your competitors  Use Yahoo Site Explorer Basics Of Link Building

27 What is Paid Search Marketing (PPC)?
Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is an auction. You decide how much you are willing to pay to appear when a keyword is searched on and which ad you want to appear when that happens. Your ad only appears to searchers looking for relevant products and services. You only pay when a searcher clicks on your ad. Originally the person who was willing to pay the most got the best position on the page.

28 Make Sure You Capture You Get Them To Take Action
Why Choose You? Make Sure You Capture You Get Them To Take Action Contact / More Info? Why? What? When? How? 28

29 Why Invest in PPC ? Effective way to reach customers at the moment they are ready to buy and at every other point in the sales/transaction funnel. Your ad is only presented to consumers interested in your products and services and you only pay when they click on your ad. Easy to measure & consistently delivers higher relative ROI. (Hint: Few advertisers now, lots of searchers are looking for you) Offline Sales Occurs upwards of 50% of the time. (phone call, walk-in) Your control where and when your ads show. Targeting 1 or multiple countries with a click of a button Dial it up and dial it down. Great for seasonal business

30 PPC: The Importance of Quality Score
Nowadays it depends both on how much you are willing to pay and on your Quality Score. Your Quality Score varies for every keyword you bid on and is based on the following: The click through rate of that keyword The relevancy of your ad text to the keyword it appears for The relevance of the landing page to the ad text The relevance of the landing page to the keyword The historical performance of your Adwords campaigns How your Adwords campaign is structured

31 How do Ads Rank? Why You Should Care about Quality Score?
Okay so we have created our account, our campaigns, our ad groups and our ads – no how do we get to the top?? Again for Google it is all about relevance. Google has applied relevance to its sponsored listings as well. Now adword campaigns have a quality score. Your quality score is based on how well the ad is written, how relevant and specific the landing page is. When searcher types in the keyword that you choose to advertise on, it will show your ad in a higher position and at a lower cost per click (CPC) - Google

32 Ad Structure Example Business name – Acme Real Estate Ad Group 4
Commercial Real Estate Ad Group 3 Property Mgmt Ad Group Theme 1 Selling a Home Ad Group Theme 2 Buying a Home Selling a home Finding a Realtor Sell your home ____________ Affordable homes Quality homes Homes for sale ____________ Property Management Groups Renting my Home ___________ Finding Commercial Property Affordable Commercial ___________ ___________ ___________

33 Campaign Targeting:

34 SEM Report - Sample Driving Customers To Take Action!!
Relevant & Effective Ads = High CTR 2% or above is ideal! Testing Multiple Ads And Having A Targeted Message Is Key To Successful Campaigns! Allows For Multiple Target Markets-To Reach Wider Audience

35 SEM Report Sample Focusing On All Of Your Ideal Customers!
Turning It Up When Needed!!


37 Search Engine Marketing Recap – SEO and PPC
These are 2 very different methods of achieving search engine success that should be run in parallel so that the results of each can be used to improve the other. The key differences are outlined below: SEO PPC Pro’s “Free” (you don’t pay for every single click) Work done impacts on all search engines Some consumers prefer it Very versatile Very scientific Great Control Quick turnaround (results in days) You can bid on any keyword you like and as many as you like You only pay when someone clicks on your ad Con’s Less control Less scientific More difficult to analyze Have to focus on limited keywords Usually 3-12 months before impact is seen Optimization and campaign management are resource intensive & can be quite complex You have to manage each search engine separately

38 Questions? Joseph A. Mohay – Online Sales Manager
Global Directories – Miami / Cayman Islands Skype: jmohay

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