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A New Era in Critical Communications

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1 A New Era in Critical Communications
Good Afternoon, My name is Paul Ward representing ETELM a Developer and Manufacturer of TETRA Communications Infrastructure. We would like to introduce a new product called e-TBS that fully converges mission critical TETRA into the LTE Core Network. Offering a solution for users and network operators.

2 ETELM Introduction Manufacturer of Mission Critical Communications Infrastructure Private Company with Head Office in Paris, France Communications Technology Manufacturer for over 30 years Systems installed in more than 40 Countries Worldwide Supply to Network Operators, Manufacturers and Integrators Innovation in Communications Technology – Launch of the e-TBS which is the only TETRA base station directly integrated into an LTE/4G public or private network Firstly, I would like introduce ETELM we manufacture & develop mission critical communications infrastructure based on TETRA, and have supplied our technology from our headquarters in Paris to over 40 countries, mainly to Manufacturers as an OEM product, Systems Integrators and Network Operators. We are focused on leading innovation and as a result are launching the eTBS which directly integrates a TETRA basestation into the LTE core network

3 Mission Critical Communications – Technical Challenges
Need to Retain Existing Mission Critical Services – Voice + Data Requirement for Mobile Broadband Data High Security Encryption System Autonomy & Administrative Control Frequency Spectrum Availability ? Coverage Requirements ? Risk Management – Evolution Futureproof Technology For critical communications Users worldwide, 4G LTE opens up several opportunities for high speed communications, however along with these opportunities there are a number of challenges. As commercial operators are already deploying LTE services globally, it is essential that public safety and other critical communications users keep pace with technology. It is not an option to stay with traditional narrowband data services when the general population and potential offenders have access to high speed data services. However critical communications have unique features and requirements that are not currently addressed by LTE; and are unlikely to be available for several years. So the question is how to maintain critical communications but add high speed data services & applications. In addition apart from the technology challenges there are several questions concerning availability of frequency spectrum and whether secure systems may be outsourced to commercial operators. e-TBS offers a solution, today to resolve many of these issues converging critical communications with LTE high speed mobile data.

4 Own Private System or Network Operator Service?
Frequency Spectrum ? Equipment Costs Installation & Maintenance Large Investment in Backhaul Replacement of Subscriber Equipment Obsolesence Network Operator Service Security Concerns Reliability Concerns Priority Services ? No Frequency Issues Coverage Requirements Continuous Update Existing Public Safety Users are being pushed towards a TETRA 2 Upgrade The data rates are still in the narrowband, however the cost implications are significant – additional basestation sites, additional backhaul and replacement subscriber equipment All Mission Critical users today, should be looking at adding broadband data to existing or new Mission Critical Services – the questions are how to get there with least cost and with least risk. It’s possible that they implement their own private LTE system however frequency spectrum may be restrictive, so a fully integrated solution where they can retain TETRA services but add-on 4G capability from Network Operators is another possible approach.

5 e-TBS Solution: Fully Converged TETRA + LTE
• Merger of Private TETRA + Operator LTE • Direct S1 Interface to LTE Core • e-TBS is a TETRA eNodeB • Seamless Mobility Management of TETRA Subscribers • Virtual Private Networking of Services • Retain TETRA Frequencies & Services • Low Risk Implementation of 4G Data Services • Solution Available Now EVOLUTION NOT REVOLUTION – FAR LESS RISK eTBS is the first TETRA system to DIRECTLY connect to the LTE Core Allows seamless communications between LTE & TETRA Users Solution where Frequency Spectrum is limited Low Risk solution where add-on LTE data services can be introduced whilst maintaining highly secure, critical services

6 e-TBS: Direct S1 Connection to LTE Core same as eNodeB
TETRA NMS LTE NETWORK S1 e-TBS is a fully distributed TETRA system, it resides on the LTE Core using an S1 connection in exactly the same way as any eNodeB Allows Users to take advantage of existing a new backhaul LTE NMS eNodeB LTE

7 e-TBS: SEAMLESS Communications between User Equipments Distributed Mobility Management
TETRA API S1 LTE NETWORK TETRA ISSI + LTE NMI Direct communications Between LTE & TETRA Subscribers TETRA ISSI + LTE NMI Seamless communications between LTE & TETRA User Equipment. e-TBS System has full Mobility Management the conversion between TETRA numbers and LTE numbers is fully distributed and managed. LTE API eNodeB LTE S1

8 e-TBS: Single Site: eTBS + eNodeB
TETRA NMS LTE NETWORK S1 eNodeB LTE X2 S1 e-TBS TETRA Standalone site with multiple basestations Or e-TBSs + eNodeBs on same physical site sharing, power supplies, towers etc. LTE NMS eNodeB LTE

9 eTBS: Integrate Existing Backhaul to LTE Core
The existing link network may be integrated into the LTE backbone S1 EXISTING LINK NETWORK LTE NETWORK S1 The e-TBS allows Users to retain and control their own backhaul and connect directly to LTE Core, or the existing backhaul may be merged with the LTE Core and form a single architecture system S1 LTE eNodeB

10 eTBS: Retain Existing Dispatcher Centres
TETRA API Direct access to TETRA API LTE NETWORK S1 TETRA Subscribers Existing TETRA Control Applications or Dispatcher Centres may be retained ensuring seamless operator control and monitoring and addition of LTE Applications which may be integrated or separate to existing control systems. LTE API eNodeB LTE S1 LTE Subscribers

11 e-TBS: Integrate with LTE Applications – i.e. Call Billing
TETRA API LTE NETWORK S1 TETRA Subscribers Direct access to LTE API New LTE Applications may be added with full communications between all subscribers. For example Operator billing services may include TETRA to TETRA & LTE to TETRA communications. LTE API eNODEB LTE S1

12 User Advantages of e-TBS
• Fully Integrated Mission Critical Voice + Broadband Data • Direct connect TETRA over LTE – NO Gateways • Open Standard – Non Proprietary • Retain : All Existing TETRA Subscribers Control Centre Applications Backhaul Networks TETRA Frequency Spectrum • Virtual Private Networks – Critical & Non-Critical Functionality • Distinct Network Administration & Accountability

13 Network Operator Advantages of e-TBS
• MERGE Commercial & Mission Critical Technologies • Clear Responsibilities between TETRA & LTE Services • Integrate existing Link Networks to expand LTE Backhaul • Retain Existing TETRA Frequency Allocations • Rapid Deployment of TETRA with Virtual Private Networking • Benefit from wider coverage of TETRA sites

14 e-TBS Conclusions – The 6 i’s
Industry 1st - Direct Integration without Gateways Innovation – Seamless TETRA and LTE Communications Interoperability – Mission Critical & High Speed Mobile Data Inclusive – Solution that works for Users & Network Operators Investment – Migration to New Technology at Low Risk Immediate – Solution for bringing LTE to Critical Users TODAY

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