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Let us BLOG EBAY COC Bin Zhang

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1 Let us BLOG EBAY COC Bin Zhang http://w

2 Whats BLOG Whats BLOG Blog Web-log Chinese name 1 Web World Wide Web web page 2 Log any types of event records 3 Web + log = Blog 4 Blog is either a tool or content management system

3 Whats most important in 21 Century? Whats most miserable in 21 Century? Blog is a learning tool. People can write down what he sees, what he hears, what he thinks. Blog can help you manage and make use of those valuable info that you noted in the past. And generate more valuable product. And you can share what you sees what you hears what you thinks to other people and better community make you success. BLOG benefits Blog can record your life and store in hard disk forever. At least youre less miserable. Money and blog are left.

4 Some advice for Blogger Express true of yourself Share yourself Insist, never give up Nice subject attract eyeball give people warm applause

5 A good BLOG example Http:// Update frequently Update frequently Every one post per week luxury repository luxury repository Oracle + Finance + Stock Market Better community Better community Make friends here

6 Im either blogging or on the way of BLOG

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