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Challenges in optimizing data center utilization

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1 Challenges in optimizing data center utilization
Data Centers Challenges in optimizing data center utilization

2 About Héctor Principal, Diaz Consulting Héctor R. Díaz
Board of Directors, Data Center Institute President, AFCOM Denver Chapter M: At Oracle managed over 1M SF of DC space, 80 MW power: Over 1,000 “labs”, 10 Enterprise DCs,

3 Market demand for data centers
According to Microsoft, global construction will increase from about $50 billion today to about $78 billion by 2020

4 Data centers are expensive to build
A 10MW 35,000 ft2 commercial data center will cost about $110M to build. That is about $3,100 / ft2 Compare that to $100 - $150 / ft2 for a custom home in Denver

5 Data centers are expensive to operate
The monthly electric power bill for a 10MW data center is about $551k ($6.6M/yr.) Network charges are very high as well. Data center infrastructure is the fastest growing cost of deploying IT Operating at 85% capacity @9¢/kW energy cost PUE of 1.2

6 Optimization Challenges
Cost accounting Space & power utilization Capacity planning Energy management Outsourcing

7 Cost Accounting You probably don’t know how much it is costing you!

8 Cost accounting strategies
Boil everything down to MRC in Tier level Know this number for every data center you own and for every colocation vendor you use. Easier to compute for dedicated data centers. More difficult but possible to compute for shared use buildings.

9 Cost accounting issues
$/KW is not constant over time Seasonal variations for cooling loads More expensive for an empty data center

10 Typical cost of compute
For a large Enterprise (economies of scale apply) Tier III $235 - $300 / kW MRC For small / medium Enterprise (no economies of scale) Tier II $300 - $400 /kW MRC; much higher for Tier III which is unlikely

11 Space & Power Utilization
You don’t know how much you are using!

12 Space & power utilization strategies
Measure and publish utilization over time (both space and power) Know your metrics: (avg. kW/rack, avg ft2/rack) Set-up a space & power governance program Must pre-authorize HW intake to data center Must follow-through with decommissioning equipment No orphaned servers!

13 Typical space & power utilization
ft2 of floor space/rack equivalent unit Typical data centers consume kW/Rack Some higher density designs 8kW/Rack up to kW/Rack Don’t use watts/ft2

14 Capacity Planning You probably don’t know how much you are going to need!

15 Capacity planning strategies
Detailed quarterly forecast (new and decommissioned HW) Project 2-3 years Publish a dashboard Add feedback loop (actual vs. forecast) Enforce decommissioning! (avoid orphan HW)

16 Capacity planning example

17 Capacity planning benefits
Improved quality of forecast over time Reduced CAPEX if you can delay build out of new data center Better decision support

18 Energy Management You are probably spending too much!
You probably don’t know your PUE (Power Utilization Efficiency) You are probably running too cold!

19 Energy management strategies
Measure and track your PUE Use ASHRAE’s new recommended operating temperatures. See Green Greed paper on ROI of cooling sys improvements

20 Energy Management ROI Generally speaking, for every 1.8°F that you raise the temperature in your data center, you save 2-4% of your total energy bill.

21 Green Grid Recommendations
Install OEM variable speed drives (VSDs) in all computer room air handlers (CRAHs). Upgrade older CRAH units with newer more efficient models. Improve rack airflow management by adding baffles and blanking panels, which improve isolation of hot and cold air aisles. Reposition the CRAH temperature/humidity sensors from the inlets of the CRAHs to the front of the IT equipment racks. Adjust the temperature set-points of the CRAH sensors and the chiller units.

22 Outsourcing You are probably not benefiting from outsourcing!

23 Outsourcing strategies
Consider colocation You cannot build and operate anything smaller than a 2MW data center for less than what you would pay for colocation. (For the same Tier & service levels) Consider other outsourcing options 2MW is ~ 500 racks at 4kW/rack or 333 racks at 6kW. Say 400 5kW racks At 25 ft2/rack that is 10,000 ft2 of “white space”!

24 The outsourcing spectrum
BYODC Colocation Managed Hosting IaaS PaaS SaaS Application I’m talking about colocation! Middleware Operating System Virtual Infrastructure IT Physical Infrastructure Physical Hardware Data Center Environment

25 Cost of Colocation Location $/kW MRC Boston $300 - 400 Chicago
$ Dallas $ NY/NJ $ No VA $ No CA $ So CA $

26 Questions? Hector R. Diaz W: Thank you!

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