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Web Strategy People: Three distinct audiences: employees/wannabes; quick info audience (locations & deals); all about Murphy (branded homebase) Objective:

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1 Web Strategy People: Three distinct audiences: employees/wannabes; quick info audience (locations & deals); all about Murphy (branded homebase) Objective: customer support + knowledge central hub for all digital initiatives Strategy: (1) quickly segment audiences to desired content (2) provide deep content within site, easy to navigate, SEO++ (3) establish homebase + amplify brand messaging Technology: - move to a higher-level interaction within web framework - integration with CRM & analytics for personalized experience - rethink mobile site for optimum conversion(s) Changes for 2012: - new content management system (CMS) – PHP-based/Wordpress (cheaper!) - move to new partner for design/develop/host who can better plan & execute web-based projects + undertake other integrated platforms (mobile, apps, etc)

2 Home About History Values Gasoline Products Convenience Products Murphy USA Murphy Express News Press Releases Community Involvement Disaster Relief Blog Careers Apply Today Existing Employees Payments Debit/Credit Cards Murpay Gift Cards Fleet Cards Store Locator Contact Customer Support Feedback Real Estate Information Corporate Headquarters Hot Offers Murph e-Offers Vendor Promotions Cool Tools Mobile Applications Murpay Text Assist Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Site Map

3 Mobile Website - Phone-based ONLY (NOT iPad/tablet) - VERY clean in appearance & layout Logo Welcome to MurphyUSA! Find a Murphy Store Give Store Feedback Download Mobile App Fueling Fun! Get a Deal Copyright Go to Full Site Same functionality as mobile app Click to Call function & email form Tracked link to website app store Quick games Graphic adspace; time & location sensitive; go to text/email alert signup

4 Mobile Application Strategy People: Currently between 7-10k active users (at least once/month); even split between iPhone & Android; very low usage penetration, no analytics to determine user demographics/psychographics; type = on the go [likely driven primarily by convenience rather than price, but price can be differentiating from a technological perspective] Objective: organically build brand trust & loyalty + increase number & value of store visits via mobile device; learn & build customer demographic models based on usage, purchase history, and integrated user data; Strategy: increase functionality while streamlining app design & UX; enable data collection & flow through entire sale cycle (stimulus from device through purchase & post-experience); integrate mobile app with all other digital channels to optimize and promote sharing of positive Murphy brand experiences; embrace strategic relationships to generate revenue with this device Technology: [requirements TBD] Changes for 2012: -Launch Phase II of application with enhanced functionality late January 2012; launch Phase III of application with additional functionalities late June 2012 -Combine launch with premier marketing campaign tied through all digital communication channels

5 Mobile Application Functionality Currently we have: -Geolocation -Mapping -Mileage calculator -Pull info on no stores here! -Branding information -Digital channel links -Prices of MUR + competitors displayed -Amenities displayed -Star-based Rating system Phase II & III Additions: -Search stations by price/amenities -Trip planner + save/share route -Download route to device -Favorite location(s) -Murpay functionality -Push notifications (gas price; e-offers; disaster relief information) -Integration with e-Offers -Social shares (Yelp/FB/TW/FSQ) -Quick games + adverts for pump time -In-app browsing through Murphy digital content (YT/FKR) -Photo/video capture to post directly to Murphy content streams -CRM integration -Click-to-call customer service in front of app -Database to connect usage & users -Nearby vendors (w/relationship) -Store merchandise (e-Store) to grab & go with CVN code (?)

6 Blog Strategy People: Beta Moms - $30-55K HHI, HS grads to some college, looking for community support; major seasonal audiences w/ direct search terms Objective: participate in conversation w/ customers in controlled forum; enable community support for each other Strategy: develop brand loyalty through ongoing, customer-driven engagement; develop strong search rankings; give customers safe opportunity to define the MurphyUSA brand Technology: wordpress-based; integrate with website & auto-post hooks w/ short links (tracking) to Twitter/Facebook/Google; enable sharing, commenting, RSS; multimedia posts Changes for 2012: – Selling ad space to internal & external customers – Streamlined navigation; new content voices to create mini-communities around customer segments – Content calendar and pre-planned, cross-channel communications designed to engender long- term conversation & engagement between customers – New name for the blog to reflect broader content

7 Home About Topics Contributors ContactSocial Links Footer – 30 word about | copyright notice | privacy policy Ad 150x600 Ad 150x600 Ad 150x600 Ad 75x 75 Ad 75x 75 Logo/HeaderSticky Post Ad 75x 75 Ad 75x 75 Blog Categories Recent Comments News & Events Post Title * Catchy hook * Continue Reading… Tags | Comments [Sponsored by…ad] Post Title * Catchy hook * Continue Reading… Tags | Comments [Sponsored by…ad] Post Title * Catchy hook * Continue Reading… Tags | Comments [Sponsored by…ad] Post Title * Catchy hook * Continue Reading… Tags | Comments [Sponsored by…ad

8 Blog Categories Saving Money – Best gas prices – Saving on gas & car purchases – Finding inexpensive gas – Regular column: budget calculators; how much you save with a single action Murph e-Offers – Large-scale promotions ( – Discounts w/ 2 nd & 3 rd party vendors – MurphyUSA coupons Travel Tips – Car maintenance for top performance – Destinations & trips – Traveling, road trips, etc – Regular column: photos/videos/music from the road News & Events – Internal news [store openings, etc] – External news [industry, etc] Customer Service – Regular column: highlight great customer – Regular column: highlight great employee – Examples of great customer service @ MurphyUSA Oil & Gas 101 – Regular column: education of the oil industry – Regular column: education of the retail gas industry – Regular column: education of the c-store industry – Regular column: education of cars, trucks, maintenance

9 Email Strategy People: Demographically varied, but psychographics = looking for a deal + take pride in getting a good deal first. Likely not a heavy customer (doesnt visit more than 1/week). Because of this characteristic, need to validate both the exclusivity of the offer + give them the unique ability to share it with friends (tracked, ideally) Objective: Brand reminder for long-term customers; great way to instantly sway new customers via long-term customers SO LONG AS maintain brand trust in the primary product(s) Strategy: short copy call to action; long-copy options for other, more passive actions; needs to be bomb proof to ensure high click-through rates w/tracked links; copy should be snappy (almost edgy) and memorable, designed to generate unpressured shares with their email and other social contacts Technology: MailChimp; CRM + strong analytics to unify customer data with purchase cycle & sharing; ideally personalized CVN codes and/or bar codes per person Changes for 2012: – Selling ad space to internal & external customers – Redesign email to be less graphic + more bombproof + and to match a redesigned website – Focus on tracking codes through redemption & purchase behaviors – Drip campaigns starting with email address to gather more and more customer data

10 Email Campaigns Signup ProcessForm: - Fname* - Lname* - Email* - Phone # - ZIP Code* Submit! Email confirm for opt-in; tie referral # to contact info; at opt-in page, ask which offers to get (checkbox); send immediate offer (live for 7 days) @ Four Hours AFTER First Redeem: Send bonus offer (live for 5 days) link to additional info form: - DOB - Favorite Store @ 46 Hours AFTER Bonus Redeem: -Keep the Savings Coming! Like on FB w/in email + get new exclusive offer (tie back to referral #) - Get 3 rd Party Emails as well! If no confirmation; process kill If no redemption, wait for next major blast, then next step If click-through + abandon reminder email with one day left to redeem! If no click, wait for next major blast, then retry THEN Email Campaigns: Have to provide additional information/complete an activity to redeem FREE offers: (1)Go to YouTube, watch, get code (2)Take a survey (3)Join/like brand (4)Upload photo/video (5)Visit blog for code (6)Share/forward to friend (7)Send text to us (8)Talk to cashier for freebie (limit quant) (9)Sign up for Murpay

11 Email Topics MerchandiseFuel PricingPaymentsOperations General Blasts: Snacks, Beverages, Novelty, Non-Food **Internal Promo** Segmented Blasts: Additives, Lottery, Beer, Tobacco, Express **Internal Promo** Geographic Segmentation/Blasts: By State/Region By Area Code By ZIP Code Temporal Specificity Drive Time Messaging 7-9am – coffee/fountain/breakfast 11-1pm – fountain/lunch 3-5pm – candy/salty/gas prices Holiday Messaging 3 rd Party Vendor Segmentation: Opt-ins for Product + 3 rd Party Opt-In ** External Promo ** Past History Blasts By Gasoline Consumption By Product Purchases By Average Value of Purchase Segmented Blasts: Fuel Discounts Fuel Increases Fuel Availability ** Internal Promo ** General Blasts: Murpay Gift Gards ** Internal Promo ** Segmented Blasts: Netspend Wells Fargo Wal-Mart Gift Card Credit Card Companies ** External Promo ** Segmented Blasts: New Store Openings Anniversaries Disaster Prep/Relief Store Closings Marketing Comm ** Internal Promo **

12 Facebook Strategy People: Primarily for the Joiners & Spectators – interested in basic networking, commenting and some sharing. Current stats: 107k users (68k active monthly); 76% female; 55% 24-44yo; strong affinity for fast food, quick service restaurants, and budget shopping; strong correlation with family-oriented brands (but responds well to slight edginess in marketing & brand perception) Objective: digital consumer research (avante garde of our base); energizing sales via consumer conversation and converting Spectators to take a more active sharing-based role Strategy: engagement + interaction to convert Spectators; continual fresh or repurposed content to increase eyeballs & share opportunities for the organic sale, both for the brand and for customer experience; measure engagement percentages as a KPI + direct funnel tracking to measure ROI on a per-campaign basis [quarterly breakdowns for campaign type, content type, length of campaign, etc] Technology: Webtrends Social Command Center (FB apps); Facebook page; additional digital content streams, both internal and external Changes for 2012: -Launch & integration of Webtrends Social Command Center to drive FB interaction & brand engagement - Additional integration with other digital assets (photo/video/audio in particular) -- Introduction & personal involvement of internal Page owners (Casey/Anne/Brittney/etc) to humanize interaction and lower the barrier(s) to customer engagement - Clean up current tabs; closer monitoring of engagement analytics & FB Insights

13 Facebook Tabs Landing Page (non-fan) Like Us Now – and get access to… Landing Page (existing fan) Above the fold: Current promo + comments E-Offer signup (external + tracking) Below the fold: Location Finder (FB internal) Mobile App (external + tracking) About Murphy (FB internal) Wall – All activity + customer interactions Info – Branding statement Locations – Fuels FB Places/check-ins Tie in with site reviews? Link to mobile app DL Photos – Integration into Flickr/Pinterest for auto-post Video – Integration into YouTube/Vimeo for auto-post Blog – Integration in CheapGasBlog for auto-post Customer Feedback – Direct link into customer support w/ Mobile app (external + tracking) Events – Press/New Stores/Anniversaries/Disaster Information

14 Facebook Applications Engagement: – Pic-in-pic – Quiz – Trivia – Badges – Face-Off – Poll – Song Cards – Forms – Gifts – Shoutouts – Sweepstakes – Photo/Video Contests Content: – YouTube – Twitter – Coupons – Blog – Invites – Landing Pages – Images (feed + gallery) – Video (feed + gallery) – Branding Info

15 Twitter Strategy People: Current stats: 2600 followers, primarily professional marketers, mommy bloggers, and DMM vendors. Very little true interaction other than RTs from paid vendors/community members. Objective: Listening, listening, listening to our community. Strategy: Reach out and interact more community members who influence our customers; use the digital outlet primarily for information about Murphy; respond as necessary to complaints (but automate this process with a outward tweet to show interaction + DM with better methods of contacting our customer support team) Technology: Twitter; Webtrends Social Command Center (or other adequate auto-responder); social listening tool (Radian6/Webtrends) Changes for 2012: -Develop auto-tweet campaigns with a variety of Murphy branded accounts (@Murphylocate; @Murphyprice; etc) to direct information real-time - Strengthen bond between Twitter channel & Customer Support with direct messaging pointing other methods of contact to happy/sad/upset customers

16 Twitter Auto-Responds -Location Tracking -Provide the nearest location to an address or intersection via tweet to @murphylocate -Price Updates -Auto-tweet system-wide pricing changes 1hr before taking effect via @murphyprice -Auto-respond to price inquiries with link to mobile website OR text alert signup via @murphyprice -Direct Messages -Any tweet to @murphyusa should be followed up with a DM based on attitude of the tweet [pos/neg] and alert sent to Customer Support

17 Foursquare Strategy People: Digital extroverts; early adopters of geosocial + location-based services; HHI of $50k, 60% female, some college – ideal demographics; penetration growing quickly in suburban areas Objective: Brand awareness via loyalists & their network + listening (and rewarding) to an influential audience of savvy digital extroverts in our current target audience Strategy: create & test an early model of a loyalty program [so long as we can utilize check-in data tied to POS purchase]; referral-based program with participating nearby vendors (Wal-Mart?); short national digital campaign with strong brand interaction & multichannel base Technology: Foursquare; social listening (Radian6/Webtrends); Changes for 2012: - Monthly mayor awards to the top 5 mayors based on # check-ins and other criteria; - Loyalty milestone awards at 5, 10, 25, 100 check-ins - Integrate event & traffic management via Foursquare to better align with store initiatives & brand awareness

18 Yelp Strategy People: Critics & Spectator haven; very few reviews of Murphy stores currently; important to search rankings & a necessary component to building brand and location loyalty Objective: Listening & support of our digital customers via crowdsourced information about our stores (and our brand) Strategy: integrate reviews with individual store pages via website & mobile app; reward reviewers with a special in-store promotion or tie into other location-based incentives; reward store cashiers & managers for great service/reviews, especially those with personalized shout-outs Technology: Yelp; integration technologies into other channels; social listening (Radian6/Webtrends) Changes for 2012: - Embrace & utilize Yelp for honest customer reviews to generate & nurture consumer trust in the brand - Integrate reviews into other Murphy-branded channels - Tie to internal customer & store support mechanisms to quickly resolve any negative reviews or experiences & praise those with positive experiences - Reward internally for great service experiences; reward reviewers with special incentives

19 YouTube Strategy People: Primarily Creators & Conversationalist audience – but a hugely important way to get information across to a very wide audience due to the nature of sharing via YouTube (and other digital channels). Objective: Talking & marketing our brand while generating new conversation, interaction, and engagement for a variety of digital initiatives & business objectives; spread our reach through networks AND via optimized search Strategy: integrate with content strategy for specific digital initiatives; foster user-created content as well as light & heavy branded Murphy content; vehicle for interaction in other digital channels (and no maintenance costs on the content) Technology: YouTube channel; high & middle-range video production; tracking between channels; analytics & listening Changes for 2012: - Embrace this channel – with highly optimized content – to develop new media & content for and about Murphy - Integrate into promotions & encourage our community to create their own videos re: their experience, use of the product, utilization of services, etc

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