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Monthly Content Calendar

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1 Monthly Content Calendar
Month: January Theme: New Year, New You [internal value: responsibility; external feature/benefit: convenience] Week One: New Year’s Day; Rose Bowl Saving Money (how to) – Price v. Convenience – Which Option is Better for You? Promo/Giveaway - New Year, New You – BOGO [healthy] – unlock via Great Service Column - mailbag-type of feature, generated from customer service + praises MurphyUSA; theme = convenience [“how did we make something more convenient?”] From the Road Column – Trip to Disney World (Orlando, FL) Week Two: NCAA Football Championship Jan 9th; Friday the 13th Saving Money (how to) – saving on gasoline: winter edition Budget Calculator Column – how to create a household budget + personal experience in doing so Travel Tips – How to Drive in Snow & Ice: a Southerner’s Experience Top Customer Column – super awesome customer highlight + token prize (with pic & video interview?); theme = convenience & responsibility Week Three: MLK Day Jan 16; Saving Money (how to) – saving on c-store weather-related products: a shopper’s comparison [think windshield fluid, ice scrapers, gloves, safety items, etc) Promo/Giveaway - vendor promo – merchandise – FREEBIE [must release personal info to unlock deal via Foursquare] Great Service Column - mailbag feature from customer support – how we’ve fixed our gaffes; theme = responsibility [“how did we take responsibility for something that happened?”] Oil & Gas 101 Column - education-based --- MurphyUSA history + 15th Anniversary Week Four: Manager’s Meeting Jan 22-25; Chinese New Year Jan 23; Opposite Day Jan 25 Saving Money (how to) – bang for your buck: healthy food choices at MurphyUSA Budget Calculator Column - “spend money on this, not on that” column Travel Tips – Things to Do while Driving: New Year’s edition Top Employee Column – super awesome employee highlight, praises + bio + token prize; [theme: responsibility [“how did you go above and beyond in your job responsibilities?] Major Promotions Planned: convenience of mobile applications – relaunch mobile app w/ enhanced functionalities; build up the suspense of the launch internally to manager’s meeting + externally with blog + social networks [campaign to emulate: the iPhone] Bloggers: “unofficial” screen shots of functionality & use steeped in growing speculation; once launched, photos/videos/copy made in the car, in a parking lot, etc demonstrating use Facebook: actual launch site for the application – only Facebook fans have the initial “unlock” code to DL the app Website: crystal clear/clean hero image + message + “official” information about the new app possibly produce microsite longer-term – “the chuck norris of applications” – crowdsource the future development/features for the app YouTube: video of using the app in a funny ad (“the app that does. Everything.”) ** App will be socially integrated to allow for shares/sharing of information – possibly add a Foursquare promo to reward those who check in at the same station 3x/10x/25x/100x with the app. ** Launch Date: January 23rd (manager’s meeting) ; January 24th (Facebook) ; January 26th (everyone)

2 Website Hero Image Theme
JANUARY Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four Website Hero Image Theme New Year, New Look – lots of changes on the horizon Winter appearance App is Coming… App is COMING! App Launch!! Launch microsite for app Blogs Internal: new blog name launch; new look; Great Service column; how to save on maintenance External: branding change Internal: results of driving poll; save on gas; FB link + extra commentary on super customer External: app hype! Internal: Murphy history + anniversary; healthy Murphy; “spend this, not that!” Internal: app launch (w/ numbers of DLs, uses, comments, big glossy photos); Mayors Facebook Home to redeem coupon with FB like + driving poll New Year’s Resolutions – internal/external App is Coming… comment on speculation Super Customer highlight App is COMING! (official response to the hype; launch details); We’re heading to Disney World (solicit tips) Exclusive app launch site for FB fans; solicit comments; Twitter Announce monthly “best Mayors” awards for FSQ Linkbait other initiatives App is Coming – link to internal sources (external to spread internal link + self-comments) App is Coming – “damage control” for the hype (set aflame in the community) App Launch – link to FB for access code! Foursquare Mayor Awards – based on # check-ins & station tips/commentary YouTube/Flickr Video: blogger – convenience of Murphy theme Video: branding – Murphy values: responsibility Video: quick stream from Disney; ad for App launch /SMS E-Offer: freebie to redeem via Facebook E-Offer: BOGO to redeem via SMS app launch! In-Store

3 Monthly Content Calendar
Month: February [American Heart Month; Black History Month] Theme: For the Love of Driving [internal value = listen & communicate; external = customer appreciation] Week One: Groundhog Day Feb 2; Superbowl Feb 5 Saving Money (how to) - How to Get $$$ off your Gas -- Promo/Giveaway – “The Ad They Wouldn’t Show” - Superbowl! [redeem at YouTube channel – Superbowl-style ad about…???] Great Service Column – Integrating a Love of Driving with the Love of Murphy (essential part of the drive, but make it more emotionally-driven) From the Road Column – Travel to Indianapolis for the Superbowl Week Two: Lincoln’s Birthday Feb 12 ; Valentine’s Day Feb 14 Saving Money (how to) – Partner/Vendor Deals (lead up to President’s Day Sales) [link juice for 3rd-party deals] Budget Calculator Column - Serialized check-in with how the monthly budget is doing Travel Tips – Getting the Most from Your Commute w/ Murphy Top Customer Column – We Love Our Customers! (Valentine’s Day) Week Three: President’s Day Feb 20; Mardi Gras Feb 21; NBA All-Star Game Feb 26 Saving Money (how to) – Sweet 16: How to Teach Your Kids to Drive (and Save Money While Doing So!) Promo/Giveaway – Mardi Gras-theme [submit store-based photos to stream] Great Service Column - mailbag feature from customer support – theme = communication; All-Star Edition – and a call for more feedback Oil & Gas 101 Column - education-based – “Keeping Gas Clean (and Low-Cost!) Week Four: Leap Day Feb 29 Saving Money (how to) – Saving Money: Spring Break Edition Budget Calculator Column – “Spend This, Not That!” Travel Tips – Getting Ready for Spring Break! Top Employee Column – super awesome employee highlight, praises + bio + token prize; [theme: listen & communication [“how did you go above and beyond to listen & communicate?] Major Promotions Planned: Internal: Customer Appreciation campaign – highlight all the ways we listen, support, and communicate with our customers, and engage in the transparency to always know who the customer is + who MurphyUSA is External: Love of Driving campaign – emotionally-charged campaign to integrate the love of driving with the experience(s) at Murphy and driving home the point that we listen, communicate & appreciate our customers Internal/External: customer appreciation promotion ** post-Feb 15th: start recruiting for Murphy Madness (need 128 road warrior contestants split between geographies) – build out microsite to manage content + all back-end functionality by Feb 27th for FINAL testing

4 Website Hero Image Theme
FEBRUARY Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four Website Hero Image Theme Superbowl All About Murpay + “ad” Valentine’s Theme – reds, white, pink Love Staff & Customers! President’s Day Theme – red, white, blue; Recruit for MurMad Preview into MurMad; store photo stream Blogs Internal: All About Murpay; From the road – travel to Superbowl; External: real use of Murpay + commentary Internal: Love Our Customers!; Love Our Field Employees; Love Our Stores! External: enjoy the commute with Murphy Internal: Great Service All Stars (Customer Service); solicit comments; MurMad recruit ad External: recruit for MurMad Internal: Amp up to Murphy Madness ; Spring Break travel ideas; “Spend this, not that!”; Mayors External: Murphy Madness steam Facebook Facebook campaign: for the love of driving; highlight Murpay campaign Meme: Roadtrip! + invite friends to join FB page ; Super Customer highlights Sweepstakes for MurMad (recruiting road warriors to become a Road Idol) Photo stream from Flickr – vote on the best pics ; amping up to Murphy Madness Twitter Murpay signups; Highlight Facebook love driving campaign Partner/Vendor Deals (lead up to Prez Day) Spotlight FB photo campaign + photo streams Spotlight Murphy video Amping up for Murphy Madness! ; continue soliciting for photos Foursquare Announce monthly “best Mayors” awards for FSQ Mayor Awards – based on Murpay use + # check-ins – preview into MurMad YouTube/Flickr Establish Flickr account for store photo uploads Video: “Superbowl ad” re: Murpay Video: blogger – customer appreciation in action on V-Day Video: branding – Murphy values: listen & communicate Video: ad for MurMad Video: quickstream – best customer photos /SMS E-Offer: freebie to redeem with Superbowl ad re: Murpay (at YouTube) SMS: Murpay signups + drip campaign E-Offer: BOGO to redeem via photo upload of your favorite store In-Store Signage: sign up for Murpay

5 Monthly Content Calendar
Month: March [Women’s History Month; Red Cross Month; Spring Break] Theme: Murphy Madness! [internal value: Celebrate! ; external feature/benefit: Community Involvement Week One: Daylight Savings Mar 11 Saving Money (how to) - Daylight Savings – Morning Coffee/Breakfast Deals on the Way to Work Promo/Giveaway – Red Cross Month – donate $x thru MurphyUSA, get a FREE ___! Great Service Column - Community Involvement: highlight on Team Murphy From the Road Column - Driving to Florida for Spring Break! Week Two: Girl Scout’s Day Mar 12; Pi Day Mar 14; St. Patrick’s Day Mar 17 Saving Money (how to) - Vendor/Partner Deals (Pot o’ Gold-theme) [link juice for 3rd-party deals] Budget Calculator Column - Serialized check-in with how the monthly budget is doing Travel Tips - Roadtrips with MurphyUSA! // Spring Break! Top Customer Column – super awesome customer involved with their local community w/ Murphy help Week Three: Spring Equinox Mar 19; National Goof Off Day Mar 22 Saving Money (how to) - How to Save Money: Road Warrior Edition [tips from our Road Warrior contestants!] Promo/Giveaway – MurphyMadness voting at Facebook – BOGO product Great Service Column - mailbag feature from customer support – “how do we celebrate our successes?” [the ducks!] +call for more customer feedback! Oil & Gas 101 Column - education-based – how gasoline formulas change with the season Week Four: Make Up Your Own Holiday Day Mar 26; Final Four Mar 30-Apr1 Saving Money (how to) – Celebrate the Final Four w/ MurphyUSA [savings on game-time products = beer, chips & dip, soda, etc] Budget Calculator Column – “Spend This, Not That!” Travel Tips – Cool Driving Tools You Need to Have (including a traveling car disco ball!) Top Employee Column – super awesome employees involved in their community Major Promotions Planned: Murphy Madness! From 64 road warrior contestants in 4 geographic areas to a single Road Idol via Bracket Challenge for a YEAR of free gasoline at MurphyUSA! Fully integrated month-long campaign with social voting, photos of miles driven, purchases made with participating vendors, scavenger hunt-style challenges to complete (online & offline), and local store sponsorship for the top 16 contestants Possible sponsors: Coke, Slim Jim, General Motors, Wal-Mart, Waffle House, Clear Channel, Sprint Budget: dependent on sponsor involvement, but as close to cost-neutral as possible for Murphy Small weekly prize drawings for participating voters; six contest rounds Bloggers: up the hype & get behind your region (and help the warriors complete their missions with their readers!) Website: hero image on the main website; integrated microsite as homebase for the full campaign Wiki: running commentary on the warriors w/ bios, info, the contest, etc – fully editable & sharable Foursquare: check-ins at Murphy + sponsors = points toward victory; additional mini-contests as well Mobile app: Facebook: social voting via Face-off app; invites to refer friends to vote; mini-contests for contestants & followers Twitter: maintain #murphymadness for live-blogging of contest events and score totals YouTube: creation & posting of created content (including promo-like materials to unlock with the videos) Stores: “sponsorship” of their local Sweet 16 contestants to get the local hero to victory!

6 Website Hero Image Theme
MARCH Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four Website Hero Image Theme MurMad Round 1-2 Red Cross promo Spring colors for ads MurMad Round 3-4 TeamMurphy hilites MurMad Round 5-6 MurMad Round 7 Blogs Internal: Daylight Savings; Florida trip; External: TeamMurphy; MurMadness announce Internal: vendor deals; top customers External: budget checkin; roadtrips with Murphy; bloggers helping your region to victory! Internal: customer support; gas formulas; road warrior tips External: MurMad voting – get down to the local level! Internal: Employees; MurMad finals;l final four with MurphyUSA External: Spend This, Not That; Cool Driving Tools Facebook Red Cross Promo announcements; MurMad launch MurMad promo – social sharing & initial voting for contenders MurMad promo – voting eOffer – unlock with voting (BOGO) MurMad promo – daily mini-contests (4 total; crown Idol early Friday!) Twitter Red Cross announcements; MurMad launch + real-time score updates MurMad score updates + social sharing for voting + road tips from contenders MurMad score updates + social sharing + road tips from contenders MurMad score updates + social sharing + tweet to vote Foursquare Announce monthly Mayor awards; lead into MurMad w/ # check-ins MurMad promo - # checkins + social share MurMad promo - # checkins + check-ins with friends MurMad promo - # checkins + YouTube/Flickr MurMad promo – catchy intro about game ; photo stream uploads MurMad promo – the contenders – basic info (20s); photo stream uploads MurMad promo – the contenders – deep info (45s); photo stream uploads MurMad promo - who will be crowned the ‘Road Idol’ /SMS - Red Cross promo (e-Offer); announce launch of MurMad – MurMad regional updates Text - MurMad - Text to Vote Text – MurMad – Text to Vote In-Store “Sponsorship” of R4 local contestants thru R7

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