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Building Enduring Partnerships

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1 Building Enduring Partnerships
Design Engineering, Injection Mold Manufacturing, Foam Molds, Fixtures & Trim Dies. Building Enduring Partnerships

2 …Who we are Founded in 1995: privately owned and operated.
Services Include: Production Plastic and Prototype Injection Molds, Foam Molds, Mold Design, Product Design and Project Management, Custom Machining – CNC, EDM, Water-jet, Laser Welding and CMM. Industries Served: Automotive, Office Furniture and Medical. Experience in: Automotive Lighting, Automotive Interior & Exterior, Gas Assist, Two Shot Molds, Foam Molds, Fixtures and Trim Dies. ISO 9001:2008 Certified $8-10 Million Annual Sales (2010) 55 Employees

3 … Our Mission To be our customer's partner in providing the highest quality products. We achieve this through our strengths of a flexible, technology-driven resource base, a skilled workforce, modern information systems and an active continuous improvement process. We take great care in all our services to give a high level of quality and value that will continuously earn the respect and loyalty of our customers. We strive to make superior customer service and satisfaction the focal point of all our activities and efforts by producing top quality products and delivering them on time. Detail strives to improve the communities we are involved in. We will make every effort to increase employment and to maintain cleanliness and prosperity in our work environment and neighborhoods.

4 …Commitment to Quality & Continuous Improvement
We understand that certification to an ISO 9001 standard does not guarantee quality of products & services; it certifies that formalized business processes are being applied and maintained by our robust Quality Management System. We achieve high first shot quality. Exceptional production team with many years of building superior quality tooling and machined part production. Performance driven. On-Time delivery. Measured results.

5 …Tooling Services Detail Technologies serves its customers from concept to delivery with world-class mold design, development and program management, as well as excellence in all our manufacturing processes. Design Engineering Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing Foam Molds, Trim Dies and Fixture Fabrication CMM and Reverse Engineering Project Management – Global and Domestic Custom machining: CNC, EDM, Waterjet & Laser Welding

6 …Upfront Mold Design By involving the tool designer, builder and molder early in product development, you can reduce turnaround time by weeks or even months, shave weeks off the mold build cycle and reduce costs by eliminating potential product design troubles.

7 …Quality & Expertise

8 …Quality People

9 …Quality Machining

10 …Our Goal is Net Shape Machining - Zero Benching

11 …Our Goal is Net Shape Machining - Zero Benching

12 …Our Goal is Net Shape Machining - Zero Benching

13 …Quality Results

14 …Equipment List Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM) Travel
(1) Ingersoll Gantry 1200 (submerged ram) ” (X) x 60” (Y) x 26” (Z) (1) Mitsubishi FX 10 (submerged wire) 13.8” (X) x 9.8” (Y) x 8” (Z) (1) Mitsubishi FA-V 20 (submerged wire) 19.7” (X) x 13.8” (Y) x 11.8” (Z) (1) Mitsubishi EX 8 (submerged ram) 11.7” (X) x 9.7” (Y) x 9.8” (Z) (1) Ingersoll Gantry 500 (submerged ram) 20.7” (X) x 15.7 (Y) x 14.7” (Z) (1) Current EDM Drilling System 12” (Z) and .006 to .25 dia. holes __________________________________________________________________ CNC Milling (2) OKK HM-1250S 67” (X) x 55” (Y) x 49” (Z) (1) Fidia K199 Continuous 5-Axis 65” (X) x 30” (Y) x 33” (Z) (1) Parpas “Diamond” Continuous 5-Axis 87” (X) x 59” (Y) x 39” (Z) (1) Roku-Roku HC-658 w/ 6-Axis Robot 24“ (X) x 20“ (Y) x 16“ (Z) (1) OKK VM 7III 60”(X) x 29.5” (Y) x 26” (Z) (1) OKK VP ” (X) x 24” (Y) x 18.1” (Z) (1) Yasda YBM 640 V High-Speed/hard mill 24” (X) x 18” (Y) x 14” (Z) (1) Hurco VMX “ (X) x 26“ (Y) x 24“ (Z) (1) Johnford DMC-1500H ” (X) x 35.43” (Y) x 30”(Z) (1) K&T CNC Data Mill-Horizontal Mill 48” (X) x 96” (Y) x 24” (Z)

15 …Equipment List Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
(1) Numerex DCC 48” (X) x 81” (Y) x 36” (Z) (1) LDI RPS 450 Rapid Laser Scanner - with Geo-Magic, Geo-Measure and Checkmate software _______________________________________________________________________ Waterjet (1) Jet Edge Water-jet cutting system 96” (X) x 48” (Y) x 12” (Z) 55K PSI, PC Controlled dual cutting heads ” (X) x 60” (Y) Aluminum/Steel/Stainless Steel/Titanium/Polycarbonate/Plastic Kevlar/Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/Clad & Exotic Materials ______________________________________________________________________ Other Support Equipment (1) Haas HL124P Yag / Laser Welder 40” (X) x 20” (Y) x 18” (Z) Stainless Steel/Inconel/Steel A2, D2 H13, S7, P20 & M2/Aluminum Titanium/Hastalloy X, C & B/Ampco Bronze/Mold Max Mitsubishi RV-3SDB-S15 6-axis Robot =642 mm Software Visi Modelling & Mold, CimatronE, Solid Works2009, Work NC, Cam Tool, Mastercam X2, Autocad-Mechanical Desktop, Water-jet: Sigma Nest, Wire: Esprit ERP Software: E-2 Shop System

16 …Attention to DETAIL Attention to Detail -- Is thorough in accomplishing a task with concern for all the areas involved, no matter how small. Your jobs need people who can handle both the small and large parts of a project. Our staff won't overlook what needs to be done and can be depended on to do each task accurately, completely and on time. Detail Technologies pays meticulous attention to those “details”… it’s not just in our name it’s engrained in our culture.

17 …Our Location Detail Technologies 5900 Crossroads Commerce Pkwy
Wyoming, MI 49519

18 …Building True Partnerships
We would like to thank you for this opportunity to earn your business and look forward to many successful projects in the future.

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