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…for beginners Class #3.

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1 …for beginners Class #3

2 Logistics Recommended read: New WiFi password
new username: event0988 new password: ve44_vv78_qh27 New slides on website: Recommended read: WordPress for Dummies (5th ed.) free eBook: Getting Started with WordPress Want more? 2-3 slots open in next week’s workshop:

3 SeeMeRoar sites go away in 1 week
> “Get Hosting” OK: Dreamhost (infinite disk space, but slow/limited) 2-weeks* FREE (*always if 501c3) usually $120/year but I’ve provided some discounts: sign up at & enter code: wp2013 = $40 off (makes it $80 for 1 year of hosting) wp2013domain = $30 off + extra free domain for life wp2013ip = $20 off + extra free domain + free unique IP GREAT: MediaTemple (very fast, many different plans) 15% off: …during signup, use special offer code “jonpeck”

4 Course Roadmap Internet Basics Updating Dashboard, Administration
User management Posts vs Pages Import/Export Editing: rich- vs HTML; Drafts/Visibility/Pubdate Widgets Themes: find, customize Navigation, Parents, Order Other ways of posting Media library (& links to) Comments bookmarklet (“press this”) iOS/Tablet apps Settings: title/tagline, etc Plugins Permalinks SEO, videos, music/audio Homepage / posts page E-Commerce, PayPal Header & Background img shortcodes, inserting PHP

5 User Management Generally, these are people who contribute to and/or manage your site Unique usernames & addresses Can have one, or many Users, of various levels Subscriber: has a profile but can’t contribute Useful for knowing your reader base and/or with plugins Contributor: create posts, but not publish An Editor would approve (publish) their drafts Author: can publish their own posts Editor: can create/manage any post or page Administrator: can do everything (& add/del Users)

6 Other ways of posting Bookmarklet: add this to your browser bookmarks
Post via can do via a dedicated GMail account, but DANGEROUS! Check this to use the Android/iPhone app…

7 Android/iPhone/iPad app

8 Export: text content only, not images/themes/etc (for better exports, use BackupBuddy)

9 Import: from other Blogs, or from an Export

10 WordPress Multisite (WPMU)
Allows many sites on one WordPress Installation Adds a ”Network Admin” user level to manage sites Individual sites can have their own Admins, but have some features removed (can only install Plugins/Themes the Net Admin has approved, etc) A little complex to set up, should do when first install WordPress on your host: see this guide

11 eCommerce in 3 not-so-easy steps
get a PayPal account (or a full Payment Processor) For most purposes a “Personal” account is fine they accept payments for you (incl Credit Cards), then you transfer $ to your bank account on a regular basis view, refund, manage payments at install/configure a PayPal plugin (there are lots!): single “buy now” buttons: Easy PayPal Custom Fields single w/ custom forms: CP Contact Form with Paypal cart: WordPress Ultra Simple Paypal Shopping Cart for custom forms w/ Ultra Simple, also install cforms II (complex) full shopping setups: WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce, Easy Digital Downloads (not just for digital goods, AFAIK) sell stuff!

12 PayPal standard = annoying!
or PayPal standard = annoying!

13 PayPal Pro +plugin = stay on site!
or PayPal Pro +plugin = stay on site!

14 { MUST-HAVE Plugins Security: WordFence Backups:
…and maybe Captcha too Backups: Online Backup for WordPress: full schedulable file & database backup; requires a professional to restore Better (but not free / $80): BackupBuddy easy backup, restore, and migrate without a programmer’s help Editing pages: TinyMCE Advanced Analytics: Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization (SEO): WordPress SEO by Yoast: complex but great Google XML Sitemaps (also hits Bing, Yahoo) to add pics to searches: Google Plus Author Info {

15 Useful Plugins Audio: MP3-jPlayer or HTML5 jQuery Audio Player
Video: Smart YouTube PRO or YouTube Shortcode Shortcodes: [name param=“value”] Categories for Media Library: Media Category Library Image Gallery/LightBox: NextGen Gallery Sliders: SlideDeck2 Make nav menu items go elsewhere: Redirection Hide pages from nav: Exclude Pages from Navigation

16 Useful Plugins Post lists on multiple pages: TPG Get Posts
Social: Social Media Widget Favicon: All-in-One Favicon Calendar: All-in-One Event Calendar or Google Calendar Forms: Contact Form or Contact Form 7 Google Forms (surveys, etc) Membership: s2Member (adds paid members, protected downloads, membership levels, etc)

17 Workshop time / Future classes
Next week’s workshop: If you want to contact me in the future: Occasional questions are fine! More in-depth consulting/site-building: $50/hr

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