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Whitacre Greer Company

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2 Whitacre Greer Company
Vacuum Dry-Pressed Brick Paving Whitacre Greer Company (800)

3 The Brick Industry Association is a Registered Provider with The American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems. Credit earned on completion of this program will be reported to CES Records for AIA members. Certificates of Completion for non-AIA members are available on request. This program is registered with the AIA/CES for continuing professional education. As such, it does not include content that may be deemed or construed to be an approval or endorsement by the AIA of any material of construction or any method or manner of handling, using, distributing, or dealing in any material or product. Questions related to specific materials, methods, and services will be addressed at the conclusion of this presentation.

4 Learning Objectives Know the materials and methods used in brick paving systems including a discussion on lifecycle costs and ideas to improve adaptive reuse potential. Identify the various paver types and paving systems best practices. Learn how to select, specify and install these systems to achieve design goals while mitigating the effects on the site’s ecosystem. Identify areas in which clay pavers can contribute to sustainable environments through careful material selection and system design.

5 Pioneers in Clay Products
PA Residence. 4x8x2-1/4 Old World Cobbled Pavers shades 34, 42 and 36 Pioneers in Clay Products

6 WG History OVER 100 YEARS of brick making tradition
50’s through the 80’s dry-press, face brick, refractory and extruded paving brick From 1993 vacuum dry-press pavers and firebrick continue to be produced at our Alliance, Ohio Plant Many high profile projects have used Whitacre Greer Pavers Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C. Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN Liberty Island, New York

7 Why Dry-Pressed Clay Pavers?
Flexibility of size and color Tight dimensional tolerances Pavers are pre-sealed during packaging Resistant to freeze-thaw cycles Custom blending of standard colors at the plant 100+ year history of use Installer friendly

8 Manufacturing Process
Vacuum dry-pressed Genuine fired-clay Shale and clay Reduced to fine and dry material

9 Manufacturing Process
Steel molds in 400-ton mechanical presses 2000 degree kiln temperatures Mix of pavers and firebrick

10 Manufacturing Process
Product is graded and packaged Pavers sealed in bath of siloxane breathable penetrating seal – products are VOC compliant Packaged with plastic bands and stretch wrap

11 Packaging Custom Blending of Standard Colors Project specific blends
Emory University Blend Packaging Custom Blending of Standard Colors Project specific blends Emory University Blend Penn State Blend Notre Dame Blend Florida State Blend North Shore Blend Georgia Tech Buckeye Blend Georgia Tech Penn State

12 Packaging - Project Specific Blends
Buckeye 80% #30 Cobble 10% #32 Cobble 10% #33 Cobble Emory University 35% #32 Str Edge 20% #33 Str Edge 10% #34 Str Edge 35% #36 Str Edge Penn State 33% #30 33% #32 33% #33 Georgia Tech 15% #30 25% #32 20% #33 15% #34 25% #36

13 Volunteer Blend 50%#52 Str Edge 50%#53 Str Edge #54 Str Edge Border North Shore Blend Straight Edge Cobble

14 Color Palette All sizes are available in the full color palette. Some color/size variations are more readily available than others.

15 Products Classic – beveled with spacing lugs Straight edge Modular
Old world cobbled Bevel without spacing lugs Kerf with spacing lugs Boardwalk with or without spacing lugs Permeable Boardwalk Permeable 4x8x2-1/4

16 Classic 4 x 8 x 2-1/4 4 x 8 x 2-3/4 8 x 8 x 2-1/4 8 x 8 x 2-3/4
2-3/4-inch thick pavers are limited production items

17 Chicago area hospital – 8x8x2-1/4 shade 50, 52 and 54
Waterworks Mall, Pittsburgh – 4x8x2-1/4 shade 43 The Barns, Gladstone, NJ – 4x8x2-1/4 shade 36 Indiana University Stadium Bloomington, IN 32 Antique 42 Cinnamon 50 Ivory Waterworks Mall, Pittsburgh, PA 43 Tangerine Saint Edwards Hospital Naperville, IL 50 Ivory 52 Majestic 53 Cimmerian

18 Town Center, French Lick, IN 4x8x2-1/4 and 2-3/4 blend of shades 30, 32, 33, 34 and 36
30 Clear Red 32 Antique 33 Dark Antique 34 Mulberry 36 Red Sunset

19 Paetec Park, Rochester, NY 4x8x2-1/4 and 8x8x2-1/4 shade 30
Rhinos Stadium, Rochester, NY 30 Clear Red

20 Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, OH 4x8x2-3/4 and 8x8x2-3/4 shade 32, 33, 41 and 42
30 Clear Red 32 Antique 42 Cinnamon 43 Tangerine

21 Indianapolis, IN office building, Ratio Architects 4x8x2-1/4 shade 54 banding, blend of shades 50, 52 and 53 field Indianapolis, IN 54 Chocolate 52 Majestic 53 Cimmerian

22 Market Street, Minerva, OH – state route 183 – lots of truck traffic 4x8x2-3/4 blend of shades 30, 32 and 36 Market Street Minerva, OH 30 Clear Red 32 Antique 36 Red Sunset

23 Atlantic Promenade Georgia Tech 30 Clear Red 32 Antique 33 Dark Antique 34 Mulberry 36 Red Sunset

24 The Meadows at Lake Saint Louis
52 Majestic 53 Cimmerian 54 Chocolate

25 Riverwalk at Port Imperial
West New York, NJ 41 Caribbean 42 Cinnamon 43 Tangerine

26 Straight Edge 4 x 8 x 1-1/2 4 x 8 x 2-1/4 4 x 8 x 2-3/4 8 x 8 x 2-1/4
2-3/4-inch thick pavers are limited production items

27 Bethesda Terrace, Central Park, New York, NY – custom size straight edge – 9 x 4-1/2 x 2-1/4 shade 32 – match to historic size Bethesda Terrace, Central Park New York 32 Antique

28 Ross Heart Hospital, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 4x8x2-1/4 straight edge shade 36
36 Red Sunset

29 Modular 3-5/8 x 7-5/8 x 1-1/4 3-5/8 x 7-5/8 x 2-1/4
Smooth and textured finishes Designed for mortared installations with 3/8-inch joint

30 Hays Landscape Architecture studio, St
Hays Landscape Architecture studio, St. Clairesville, OH – 1-1/4 modular shade 37 fireflashed – interior application Hays Landscape Architecture Studio St. Clairesville, OH 37 Fireflashed

31 Retail Shops Smyrna, GA 37 Fireflashed

32 Old World Cobble All Whitacre Greer Pavers are available cobbled
6x6x2-1/4 and 6x9x2-1/4 blend of shades 50, 52, 54 and 54, muster k pattern Old World Cobble All Whitacre Greer Pavers are available cobbled 6 x 9 x 2-1/4 6 x 6 x 2-1/4 6 x 3 x 2-1/4 6 x 9 x 2-3/4 6 x 6 x 2-3/4 6 x 3 x 2-3/4 Private Residence Tampa, FL 50 Ivory 52 Majestic 53 Cimmerian 54 Chocolate 2-3/4-inch thick pavers are limited production items

33 Hampden-Sidney College, Hampden-Sidney, VA
Palmetto Bluffs Town Center, Bluffton, SC – 6x9x2-3/4 in the street, blend of 34, 33 and 36 Hampden-Sidney College, Hampden-Sidney, VA 30 Clear Red 32 Antique Palmetto Bluffs Town Center, Bluffton, SC 32 Antique 34 Mulberry 36 Red Sunset

34 Chippewa Lake residence, NE Ohio 4x8x2-1/4 and 8x8x2-1/4 blend of shades 50, 52 and 53
Chippewa Lake Residence, OH 50 Ivory 52 Majestic 53 Cimmerian

35 4x8x2-1/4 shades 36 and 42 cobbled
Private Residence, PA 30 Clear Red 41 Caribbean 32 Antique 33 Dark Antique 36 Red Sunset

36 6x6x2-1/4 and 6x9x2-1/4 blend of shades 32 and 36
Private Residence, Chicago, IL 32 Antique 36 Red Sunset

37 Bevel w/o Spacing Lugs 4 x 8 x 1-1/2 4 x 8 x 2-1/4 4 x 8 x 2-3/4
2-3/4-inch thick pavers are limited production items

38 Kerf Pavers 4 x 8 x 1-1/2 4 x 8 x 2-1/4 4 x 8 x 2-3/4
2-3/4-inch thick pavers are limited production items

39 Richfield, OH residence 8x8, 4x8 and 4x8 kerf blend of shades 50, 52 and 53
Private Residence, OH 50 Ivory 52 Majestic 53 Cimmerian

40 Boardwalk 2-1/4 x 9 x 2-1/4 2-1/4 x 9 x 3 3 x 9 x 3
Available with or without spacing lugs 3 x 9 x 3 Boardwalk Pavers are limited production items

41 Queen Mary project, Long Beach, CA
Queen Mary Long Beach, CA Custom Colors

42 North Canton, OH residence 2-1/4x9x3 30 field and 34 border
Private Residence North Canton, OH 30 Clear Red 34 Mulberry

43 Valley Crest Landscape Development Corp HQ, Calabasas, CA 2-1/4 x 9 x 3 shades 50, 52 and 53
Valley Crest Companies, Calabasas, CA 50 Ivory 52 Majestic 53 Cimmerian

44 The Barns Gladstone, NJ 36 Red Sunset

45 M arri ott Hot el, Oa kbr ook , IL 2- 1/4 x9x 2- 1/4 bo ard wal k ble nd of sha des 52, 53 an d 54 an d 4x 8x 2- 1/4 ad a sha de 54 Marriott Hotel Oakbrook, IL 52 Majestic 53 Cimmerian 54 Chocolate

46 M ari on Str eet , Oa k Par k, IL 3x 9x 3 cob ble d sha de 36 bo ard wal k – Bri ck in Arc hit ect ure Gol d Wi nn er Marion Street Mall Oak Park, IL 36 Red Sunset

47 Dowman Drive - Emory University
Atlanta, GA 32 Antique 33 Dark Antique 34 Mulbery 36 Red Sunset

48 Rivers Casino Pittsburgh, PA 41 Caribbean 42 Cinnamon 44 Mahogany

49 Versant Soleil Mont-Tremblant, PQ 50 Ivory 52 Majestic 54 Chocolate

50 Clay Paver Specifications
ASTM C902 Standard Specification for Pedestrian and Light Traffic Paving Brick ASTM C1272 Standard Specification for Heavy Vehicular Paving Brick

51 ASTM C902 Classes SX MX NX Types I II III Applications PX PS PA

52 ASTM C902 - Classes Classification according to the severity of their use-environment, weather Class SX – Brick may be frozen while saturated in water Class MX – Resistance to freezing is not a factor Class NX – Interior use where protected from freezing when wet

53 ASTM C902 - Types Classification according to their use- environment, traffic/abrasion resistance Type I – Extensive abrasion use (public sidewalks and driveways) Type II – Moderate abrasion use (pedestrian walkways and residential driveways) Type III – Low abrasion use (single-family walkways and floors)

54 ASTM C902 - Applications Tolerances on dimensions and warpage
Application PX – Installation without mortar joints where bond patterns or pavement designs make close dimensional tolerances desirable, +/- 1/8” Application PS – Installations with or without mortar joints where the nature of the pavement and design aesthetic accommodates moderate size variation, +/- 1/4” Application PA – Installations in which the non-uniformity in size, color and texture of the paving brick is desirable, no limit

55 ASTM C1272 Types Type R Type F Applications Application PX
Application PS Application PA

56 ASTM C Types Classification according to the intended method of installation Type R – Mortar or bituminous set applications, supported by an adequate concrete or asphalt base Type F – Sand set applications with sanded joints, supported by an adequate base

57 ASTM C Applications Classification according to dimensional tolerances, distortion and extend of chips Application PX – Tight dimensional tolerances, limited distortion and chippage, +/- 1/8” Application PS – General use, +/- 1/4” Application PA – Non-uniformity of size, color and texture, no limit

58 Installation Systems Sand Setting Bed / Compacted Aggregate Base
Sand Setting Bed / Poured Concrete Base Bituminous Setting Bed / Poured Concrete or Asphalt Base

59 Sand Setting Bed / Aggregate Base
Detail provided by

60 Sand Setting Bed / Concrete Base
Detail provided by

61 Bituminous Setting Bed
Detail provided by

62 Roof Deck Pavements Detail provided by

63 Roof Deck – SRS System Patented System

64 SRS System Segmental pavers on elevated roof deck with fiberglass grating

65 Important Design and Construction Aspects to Consider
Compaction Containment Drainage

66 Compaction Sand-set, segmental clay paver installations rely on adequately compacted base material to support the pavement under load Compact bases and sub-bases with appropriately sized equipment Include compaction testing in specifications

67 Containment Segmental clay paver installations must be adequately contained to prevent the movement and shifting of pavers under load Review anticipated paver traffic and specify appropriate edge restraints Plastic edge restraints Steel or aluminum edge restraints Set in place concrete or stone edging Poured in place concrete curbing Asphalt is not a appropriate edge restraint for vehicular clay pavements

68 Drainage Appropriately specified clay pavers are very durable in freezing climates; poor drainage contributes to premature deterioration of paver systems and efflorescence Slopes of 2-10% minimize standing water and yet are gradual enough to minimize joint sand loss Consider base and sub-base material and local conditions; incorporate drainage into installation specifications

69 Paver Maintenance & Cleaning
Consult the paver manufacturer before using cleaners or sealers Use gently flowing water and a stiff bristle brush to remove dirt Commercial cleaning agents specifically formulated for clay pavers are available for tough stains Avoid removing joint sand while cleaning; replace joint sand as necessary Rock salt and other ice melts will not harm clay pavers; their use may contribute to efflorescence Remove snow with rotary brooms when possible; snow plows and blowers with rubber edges are best; do not use ice scrapers

70 Long Term Value Clay pavers are very durable
When installed over a sand setting bed and compacted aggregate base, clay paver systems allow easy access to underground utilities with limited disruption to adjacent areas Clay pavers are easily recycled into new paving projects; the antiqued aesthetic of reclaimed clay pavers is often highly desirable Clay pavers will not fade over time; the color specified today will be the color enjoyed in the future

71 Morris Civic Plaza South Bend, IN Installed late 1960s

72 LEED Considerations Credits SS 6.1 and 6.2 Stormwater Design: Quality Control Permeable clay pavers reduce runoff and increase on-site infiltration. Credit SS 7.1 Heat Island Effect Non-roof Many clay pavers have a Solar Reflectance Index of 29 or greater. Credits MR 4.1 and 4.2 Recycled Content: 10 and 20% Whitacre Greer pavers have a post-consumer recycled content of up to 6.25% depending on color. Multi-shade Permeable Boardwalk Pavers are produced with 100% pre-consumer recycled material. Credit MR 5.1 and 5.2 Regional Materials: 10 and 20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Locally The shales and fireclays used in the manufacture of Whitacre Greer pavers are mined in Northeastern Ohio near Alliance, OH and within a 500-mile radius of many major metropolitan areas. *Consult the U.S. Green Building Council for credit details

73 Slip and Skid Resistance
Static Coefficient of Friction Smooth Texture Dry Wet Meets ADA Requirements

74 Design and Construction Resources
Whitacre Greer Sales and Customer Service ICPI Installer Certified Long History in Clay Products and Paver Industries

75 Detail provided by

76 Infiltrate and filter storm water
Decrease storm water runoff rates Qualify for LEED and ASLA sustainable site credits Meet EPA criteria for storm water management best practices Reduce or eliminate storm water detention and retention ponds, storm sewers and their related costs Aid in the harvesting of rain water for irrigation or building grey water use Process and reduce pollutants as compared to impervious pavements Zinc 62-88% Copper 50-89% Phosphorous 65% Total suspended solids 60-90% Most oils adhere to small aggregate particles where they are digested by bacteria Conserve onsite space Help maintain predevelopment runoff levels

77 Permeable Pavers Detail provided by

78 Permeable Pavers Detail provided by

79 Permeable Pavers Detail provided by

80 Permeable Pavers ASTM D448 Sieve Sizes for No. 2, 57 & 9 Stone Sizes
No. 2 No. 57 No. 9 3 in. (75 mm) 100 2 in. (63 mm) 90 to 100 2 in. (50 mm) 35 to 70 1.5 in. (37 mm) 0 to 1 in. (25 mm) to 100 3/4 in. (19 mm) 0 to 5 1/2 in. (12.5 mm) to 60 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) No. 4 (4.75 mm) 0 to to 100 No. 8 (2.36 mm) 0 to to 40 No. 16 (1.16 mm) to 10 No. 50 (300 um) to 5 Water Storage Capacity +40% % +20%

81 Approximately 11% open space
2-1/4 x 9 x 3 (W x L x H) Approximately 11% open space Vehicular Test Area at Plant Alliance, OH 48 Recycle

82 Jerome Avenue Park Margate City, NJ 48 Recycle

83 Private Residence Wheaton, IL 48 Recycle

84 4x8 Permeable 4 x 8 x 2-1/4 4 x 8 x 2-3/4 will be available spring ‘10
Approximately 8% open space Pedestrian and light vehicular traffic

85 Wright State University
Dayton, OH 53 Cimmerian 54 Chocolate

86 Miami Conservancy District, Dayton, OH
50 Ivory 54 Chocolate

87 Third-party infiltration testing indicates:
Boardwalk Permeable capable of infiltrating inches/hour 4 x 8 x 2-1/4 Permeable capable of infiltrating 970 inches/hour Even if 99% clogged Boardwalk Permeable and 4 x 8 x 2-1/4 Permeable are capable of infiltrating 13 and 9.7 inches/hour, respectively North Carolina State University study indicates that initial infiltration rates can be as high as 2000 inches/hour. Infiltration rates of clogged systems can be restored with the removal and replacement of joint material

88 Permeable Boardwalk and 4 x 8 x 2-1/4 Permeable are ADA compliant for paver-to-paver joint widths
An engineer should be consulted for hydrology and load bearing design considerations

89 Situations where permeable paver systems should not exfiltrate:
When distance between permeable pavement and water supply wells, streams and wetlands is less than 100 feet horizontally When depth from bottom of pavement base is less than 2 feet from water supply When used directly over solid rock When used in areas were large quantities of contaminants can directly impact the sub grade or aquifers, such as at gas stations

90 This concludes the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems Program.

91 6 x9x 3 sha de 36 Decorative Walls

92 Whitacre Greer Firebrick
S up eri orc lay. co m for ad diti on al fire pla ce res our ces Whitacre Greer Firebrick Red or buff colors Straights, splits and soaps Traditional or cobbled finishes ASTM C1261 compliant Complementing Whitacre Greer firebrick, refractory mortars; Heat Stop II and Domestic Fireplace Mortar is also available from Whtacre Greer. Mortar is also available from Whitacre Greer. These temperature-resistant mortars conform to ASTM C- 199 as required by many building codes and are perfect for installing firebrick and clay flues.

93 Masonry Heater Association for additional bake oven resources
Pizza Ovens

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