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Windows solution for linux

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1 Windows solution for linux

2 Windows Solution for Embedded Linux
What is the Windows solution for Embedded Linux Embedded Qt Embedded gtk tinyX Pocket Linux MicroWindows MiniGUI W-Windows

3 Embedded qt We can get binary or source code version from trolltech
The latest version is 2.2.4 Qt is written in C++ and is fully object-oriented Trolltech can offer training, partnerships and first class support.

4 The Qt Free Edition is provided under the GNU General Public License, GPL. This specifies that you may freely use the Qt/Embedded Free Edition for: Running GPL software developed by others. Development of GPL software. The Qt/Embedded Professional / Enterprise Editions are available for development of commercial/proprietary software.

5 The Qt library, with full source code
Licensing to create commercial applications with Qt One year of free upgrades to all new versions of Qt One year of free support Personal license certificate The complete reference documentation in both HTML and man-page format (Postscript is also available) There are no royalties, run-time licenses or other additional costs. You can distribute your Qt-based programs either statically or dynamically linked without any additional charges.                                                                                       

6 Konqueror has SSL﹑Cookie﹑JavaScript﹑HTML4/CSS... 。
                                                                                        Konqueror has SSL﹑Cookie﹑JavaScript﹑HTML4/CSS... 。 It’s size is between 2.1 MB and 2.8 MB

7 Embedded gtk AniMeta SPARROW GTK / Embedded Window System & MicroBrowser Easy installation and programming guide for rapid application development Well-integrated hardware with ready-to-use IA solutions. Immediate experience of AniMeta's reputable SPARROW and GTK/embedded. Easy UI customization GTK+ API programming provides easy and standard application development. Fast time to market for IA products.

8 Access Browser for gtk HTML 3.2, some HTML 4.0, frames, cookies, JavaScript, JV-Lite (plug-in), and SSL 2.0/3。0


10 tinyX tinyX can run X Windows under 4 MB Ram
We can download somw tinyX demo package from tinyX is a GPL Project for embedded windows

11 Pocket Linux PocketLinux can run on X86、Strong Arm...…etc
We can download source code from PocketLinux is distributed as Open Source under the GNU General Public License.

12 PocketLinux is built on 4 key pieces of technology: Linux 2. 4
PocketLinux is built on 4 key pieces of technology: Linux 2.4.x - the latest incarnation of the Linux kernel reengineered for small devices - such as PDAs, cellphones and TVs. Kaffe - our Open Source Java implementation developed with embedded devices in mind - it enables PocketLinux to provide a uniform programming engine on any device, regardless of hardware. XML - used to represent all data in PocketLinux whether it is the configuration database, the incoming and news feeds, or the way applications look on the screen. This enables maximal interoperation between devices. The Web - our webserver and data proxy can deliver a consistent interface to news, , and other content, whether you're using a desktop machine or another device

13 PocketLinux can run on any hardware, and because we use XML and Java we can run the same applications anywhere... on the web, on a cellphone, anywhere.

14 MicroWindows Microwindows is a Open Source project
Century has developed support for StrongARM, MIPS, PPC, SuperH, and x86 CPUs The product for century is “Century Embedded Operating Environment and Development Toolkit for Linux” Esfia ‘s RedBlue Linux will use Tiny-X and Microwindows ﹐and browser is ViewML

15 Microwindows 圖形化視窗系統﹐觸控式螢幕﹑點選式鍵盤﹐手寫文字辨識。
嵌入式網頁瀏覽器 ViewML(版本 0.18)﹐2MB 大小﹑相容於 HTML 3.2。 FLNX(版本 0.14)發展工具組﹑函式庫。 ScreenTop 視窗管理員。能自定圖示﹑工具列﹐和應用程式外觀。 應用程式:終端機模擬﹑負載監控﹑時鐘﹑電池監控﹑冷光切換﹐和時間/日期顯示... 等等

16 MinuGUI MiniGUI is base on SVGALib and LinuxThread
MiniGUI is a graphics user interface (GUI) system,and it can also run X-Windows and WinCE MiniGUI has two Layer﹝for hardware independent﹞ Graphics Abstract Layer (GAL) Input Abstract Layer (IAL) MiniGUI libraries, including minigui and mywins, use LGPL license



19 W-Windows W-Windows is a GPL Project Main Page
Main Page


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