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1 AOA March 6, 2013 Prepared by Bob Jenkins and Steve Harms.

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1 1 AOA March 6, 2013 Prepared by Bob Jenkins and Steve Harms

2 Whats the Definition? Whats the Penalty? Casebook Examples Video Examples What if it happens in the state championship game? 2

3 2-22-1 An act by a fielder or any member of the defensive team Intentional or unintentional Physical or verbal that hinders a runner or changes the pattern of play 2-22-2 Fake tag (reduce likelihood of injury by runner sliding) 2-22-3 Fielder w/o possession of the ball denies access to the base the runner is attempting to achieve 3

4 AKA Catchers Interference 8-1-3 The catcher (or any other defensive player) obstructs batter Delayed dead ball (5-1-2b) Ignored if batter-runner reaches first base and all other runner(s) advance at least one base Offensive team (coach/captain) can elect to decline the obstruction penalty and accept the resulting play Decision must be made before Next pitch (legal or illegal) Awarding of intentional base on balls All infielders leave the diamond 4

5 Batter-runner Awarded first base, if he did not reach that base All other runner(s) If attempting to advance (steal or squeeze), awarded the advance base. If not attempting to advance, not entitled to that base, UNLESS forced to advance because batter- runner awarded first base 5

6 8.1.1E R2, F2 obstructs B3, who still hits the ball and reaches first base safely. R2 (not advancing on the pitch) is thrown out at home plate. Obstruction ignored or enforced? Ignored. Batter-runner reached first base and all other runner(s) reached an advance base. R2s out at home stands. 6

7 8.1.1 F R2. B2 at bat. F2 clearly reaches out over home plate A) Prior to B) After F1 has made a movement that commits him to pitch C) To receive the pitch RULING: In A) No obstruction. Suggest verbalize Time and let both batter and catcher reset In B) and C) Obstruction. B2 awarded first base; R2 not advancing (remains on 2 nd base) 7

8 8.1.1 G R3 F1 pitching from the windup. After F1 winds up, R3 starts home as in a squeeze play. F3, who is playing close for a bunt, cuts off the pitch and tags R3. RULING: Obstruction Ball is dead when F3 catches the pitch R3 awarded home (advancing on the pitch) B3 awarded first base 8

9 9 8.1.1 H R2, 1 out. F2 obstructs B3 who grounds out to F4. (R2 advances to third). F3 throws to F5 in an attempt to retire R2, who has rounded third base, but makes a bad throw; R2 scores on overthrow. RULING: Offensive coach has option: Accept the obstruction penalty B3 awarded first base and R2 returned to 2 nd base, still 1 out Take the resulting play. Two outs, Run scores.

10 8.1.1 N R3, R2, 1 out. F2 obstructs B4, who hits ground ball to F4. R2 was attempting to steal third base (even though 3 rd base was occupied). B4 thrown out at first base. RULING : B4 did not reach first base safely, so coach has option to take resulting play or have penalty enforced. Penalty: B4 awarded 1 st base; R2 awarded 3 rd base; R3 forced to advance home Resulting play: (Presuming R3 scored on groundout) R2 remains at 3 rd base; B4 is out) 10

11 Two types of obstruction: Play is being made on an obstructed runner NCAA Type 1(2-54); OBR Type A 7.06(a) Runner obstructed on whom no play is being made. NCAA Type 2 (2-54); OBR Type B 7.06(b) REGARDLESS in NFHS Ball is delayed dead (5-1-2b) 11

12 8-3-2 When a runner is obstructed while advancing or returning to a base. Umpire verbalizes Thats obstruction! Umpire gives delayed dead ball signal (left fist closed; arm extended at shoulder height) Penalty The obstructed runner is awarded a minimum of one base beyond his position on base when the obstruction occurred. Umpire shall award the runner (and any other runner affected by the obstruction), the bases they would have achieved, in his opinion, had there been no obstruction. If runner achieves the base he was attempting to acquire, obstruction is ignored Malicious contact supersedes obstruction. 12

13 Type 1/Type A Rundowns Pickoffs Type 2/Type B Around/Near the bases F3 obstructs batter-runner after rounding 1 st base F4/F6 obstructs R1 or BR near 2 nd base F5 obstructs R2, R1 or BR near 3 rd base F2 obstructs R# near home plate, i.e., in baseline w/o possession of the ball 13

14 8.3.2 A R1, R2. B3 beats out an infield hit. R2 advances to and past 3 rd base toward home. In a rundown, F5 obstructs R2. However, R2 gets back to 3 rd base safely and finds R1 there. F5 tags R1 with the ball. RULING: Type 1 obstruction Time called after F5 tags R1. R2 is awarded home; R1 allowed to remain at 3 rd base. B3 stays at whatever base (1 st or 2 nd ) he had reached 14

15 8.3.2 B While (a) B1 is moving toward 2 nd base on a hit to right-center field, F6, who does not have the ball in his possession, fakes a tag on B1, or (b) B1 is returning to 1 st base and F3, who does not have the ball, fakes a tag on B1 RULING Type 2 Obstruction (no play being made) Ball remains live Fake tag is obstruction (2-22-2) In both (a) and (b) B1 is awarded 2 nd base. In (a), if in U2s judgment, B1 could have reached 3 rd base, award 3 rd base Anything else? 3-3-1b. Warning to coach about fake tag; next action is ejection 15

16 8.3.2 H Nobody out; R1 and R2. R2 is obstructed rounding third. R1 had advanced beyond second base. B3 then interferes with F3. RULING Type 2 Obstruction (no play being made) Ball remains live at time of obstruction Ball becomes dead at the time of the interference Handle them in the sequence they occurred: OBS then INT If R2 obstructed AFTER rounding third, awarded home If R2 obstructed BEFORE reaching third, MAY award 3 rd or home if U2 judges he would have scored had not been obstructed R1 last base is 2 nd base at TOI B3 is out. 16

17 Ground ball to an infielder Technically Type 1 Batter-Runner awarded 1 st base Pop-up or line drive to an infielder If ball is caught, batter-runner is out; no obstruction If ball is not caught, (and is a fair ball), BR will be awarded 1 st base Ball hit to the outfield If ball is caught, BR is out If ball is not caught, BR will always be protected to at least 1 st base. 17

18 Factors to consider Position of the runner (batter-runner) Location of the ball Position of fielder(s) Ultimate decision on where to place the runner(s) Not be made until ALL play has ceased Based on principle that obstructed runner (BR) will be entitled to the base he would have reached had obstruction not occurred. Can confer with partner 18

19 19

20 Lyons Township vs. Oak Park/River Forest Conference rivals; have met four times this season, splitting games. OPRF leads LT 3-2 Box score through five innings LT000 11 OPRF001 02 Umpires PU – Bob Jenkins; U3 – Bob Copas; U1 – Dan Marshall 20

21 LT in 6 th inning… B6 doubles to left field. (Courtesy Runner). B7 grounded out to F3 unassisted; R2 advanced to 3 rd base. (1 out) B8 popped up to F4 (2 outs). B9 singled to shortstop; B6s CR scored B1 is up to bat B9 steals 2 nd base And here we are. Game tied; 2 outs; go ahead run on 2 nd base… 21

22 22

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