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Paradigm Precision Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information.

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1 Paradigm Precision Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

2 Contents Company Overview Organizational Structure Core Competencies Key Technologies New Products & Technologies Paradigm Manufacturing Plants Mixed Model Manufacturing Plan Summary Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

3 Paradigm Precision - Our Foundation Created in 2007 via the acquisitions of Smith West and Palmer Manufacturing Company, the company now has 30+ years of experience in Aerospace, Defense and Power Generation Smith West facilities are located in Tempe, AZ and Guaymas, Mexico Palmer Manufacturing facilities are located in Malden, MA and Tunis, Tunisia TM Industries of Berlin, CT was added to the Paradigm Precision portfolio in August of 2008 Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

4 Our Mission To be the supplier of choice for gas turbine and power generation machined components by offering: Globally competitive products World class manufacturing technology Machining capabilities up to 20 feet in diameter Recognition and focus on customer quality, delivery and cost needs Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

5 Plant Locations Tempe Operations: 101 employees 38,000 Sq Ft Complex Machining / Assemblies Paradigm Headquarters Guaymas Operations: 81 Employees 33,000 Sq Ft Complex Machining * New 70,000 Sq Ft aerospace facility being built Malden / Peabody Operations: 204 Employees 147,000 Sq Ft Highly Complex Machining / Assemblies Berlin Operations: 67 Employees 70,000 Sq Ft Complex Machining / Assemblies Tempe, AZ Guaymas, Mexico Berlin, CT Malden and Peabody, MA Tunis, Tunisia Tunisia Operations: 118 Employees 40,000 Sq Ft Air Melt Investment Cast Products Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information 400,000 Sq Ft of Facility Space Worldwide

6 Leadership Team President / CEO Mike Cowell VP Operations Malden Ron Briere VP Operations Tempe Deb Evans VP Operations Guaymas Chad Clawson VP Operations Eurocast Tom Wendt VP Operations Berlin Don Balducci Lean Director Glenn Gertridge Supply Chain Director Adrian Wright CFO John Dick VP Aerospace Sales & PD Tom Mitchell VP Commercial Sales & PD Dan Cedrone Contract Administrator TBD Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

7 Paradigm Precision Core Competencies Complex Multi-Axis Machining on all Aerospace Super Alloys, across all major manufacturing disciplines Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

8 Paradigm Precision Core Competencies Vacuum & Air Melt Investment Casting Technologies 9 NADCAP Approvals Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

9 Paradigm Precision Core Competencies Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information Performs Complex Multi-Level Assembly Manufacturing 100% Supply Chain Management & Intercompany Mixed Model Integration

10 Key Technologies 3D CAD/CAM is the basis for fixture design, CNC Programming, Methods Planning and Inspection State of the Art machining equipment – CNC controls, automatic tool changers, part probing, and multiple spindles Latest machining technology for rapid material removal – ceramic turning and milling, CBN grinding, EDM Technical expertise to develop and produce complex, multi level fabrications and assemblies Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

11 Key Technologies Paradigm Group Capabilities Complexity Key Turning (live spindle) 5-Axis High Milling Speed 5-Axis CBN Grinding 4-Axis CNC Sinker EDM Advance Modular Assembly In-House Toolmaking Welding / Brazing Ceramic Turning 5-axis Mill / Drill Grinding Sinker EDM Welding Assembly Product Testing, NDT, Airflow In-House Toolmaking Turning 4-Axis Mill / Drill Grinding Sinker & Wire EDM In-House Toolmaking Sinker & Wire EDM Rough & Finish Turning 3-Axis Mill / Drill Surface Grinding Rough Turning Splitting Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

12 Tempe, AZ Malden/Peabody, MA Berlin, CT Guaymas, MX Tunisia Paradigm Group Capabilities Complexity Key Key Technologies COMPLEXITY OUTER DIAMETER Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

13 Single / Twin 5-Axis Mills, CMMs, 4-Axis Sinker EDM, 5-Axis CBN Grind, High Pressure Coolant Lathes New Products & Technologies Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information TCF Outer Case GE90 HPT Case TCF Full Assy GENX FINS/FOS/OGV GENX Fairing & Panels CF34-8 Front Frame Larger Assemblies Vertically Integrated Technology driven EDM Grind EDM Cooling Holes Robotic Clad Weld 2011 GE90 FOS and OGV F110 Fan Case

14 Paradigm Precision Customers Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

15 Malden Operations Malden Operations consist of: 78,000 sq ft Malden facility, opened in ,000 sq ft Peabody facility, opened in employees Malden Specializes in: Multi-Axis Machining of Cast and Forged Products Complex, Multi-Level Fabrications and Assemblies Capabilities include: Turning up to 64 on 37 CNC machines 4 and 5-Axis Milling up to 72 on 23 CNC machines 5-Axis CBN Grinding up to 30 on 3 CNC machines 13 EDM machines (wire and sinker) CMM inspection up to 76 on 7 machines Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

16 Malden Production Line Turbine CaseCombustion LinerFWD Inner Nozzle Support Turbine Center FramePanels & FairingsOutlet Guide Vane Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

17 Malden Production Line FWD Outer Seal Split Compressor Case IGV Ring Assembly HPT Case Mid-Frame Unison Ring Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

18 Peabody Key Machines Campbell GrinderExeron EDMOlympia Lathe Parpas MillWire EDMBrown & Sharpe CMM Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

19 Malden Key Machines YasdaA92Emerald Blue Phoenix VTL1260Parpas Twin Mill Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

20 Berlin Operations Berlin Operations consist of: 70,000 sq ft Berlin facility, acquired in employees Berlin Specializes in: Ability to machine components up to 20 ft in diameter Rapid prototyping, development and production of large cases, frames, housings, shafts and diaphragms Capabilities include: 3 and 4-Axis Milling and Boring Large Diameter Turning Wire EDM and Grinding In-House special processes include: FPI, Welding, and EDM Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

21 Berlin Production Line Westinghouse Reactor Part 150 Diameter Fan Case 100 x 15Large Split Casing # 1 Rear DiskCase, ISO GridP & W Bell Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

22 Berlin Production Line Bleed Duct P & WSikorsky Rotor Test Stand LPT Tube WST A Fan Case 105 x 52 Electro Magnetic Field Container Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

23 Berlin Key Machines 5-Axis ToshibaBig Blue G & L 4-Axis G & L 5-Axis Table on TableSmall SchiessLarge Schiess Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

24 Tempe Operations Tempe Operations consist of: 38,000 sq ft Tempe facility, acquired in employees Tempe Specializes in: Utilizing mixed model cells with optimized machine layouts, quick change tooling and multiple spindle machines to minimize part cost and cycle time Production of segments, actuation rings, rotating seals, lug rings and split cases. Capabilities include: Turning up to 36 on 32 CNC machines 4 and 5-Axis Milling up to 40 on 14 CNC machines Wire EDM, Adhesive Bonding, Welding, Heat Treat and FPI and Surface Enhancement Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

25 Tempe Production Line Actuating RingsHangersCompressor Case Stationary Air/Oil SealCasingAFT Stationary Air Seal Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

26 Tempe Production Line Inner Combustion LinerLug RingsTurbine Interstage Seal Outer LinerBolt CoverImpeller Shroud Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

27 Tempe Key Machines Matsurra Twin SpindleSodick EDM Doosan CMM 5-Axis Dual SpindleHAAS VF3 Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

28 Eurocast Operations Tunisia Operations consist of: 40,000 sq ft Tunisia facility, established in employees Tunisia Specializes in: Enables Paradigm Precision to offer its customers a low cost pole solution in North Africa for both casting, machining and assembly. Capabilities include: Air melt investment casting up to 125 lb pour weight 3 and 4-Axis Milling, Turning, and Grinding Vacuum melt casting capability In-House special processes include: FPI, MPI, X-Ray, TIG Welding, Orbital Welding, EDM, Vacuum Heat Treat, Airflow and Electro Polish Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

29 Tunisia Investment Casting Vacuum MeltAir Melt Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information Eurocast – Co, Ni, Fe, Stainless Steel In718, In738, U500, FSX-414, Rene 77, In625, N-155, MarM509

30 Tunisia Production Line Swirler AssemblySwozzle Valve Body Nozzle Strut End Nozzle Swirler Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

31 Tunisia Key Machines AutoclaveCaustic Leach InstallationHeat Treatment Furnaces Milling MachineWax Injection PressX-Ray Unit Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

32 Tunisia Key Machines Electropolish SystemIntroduction Melt FurnaceCMM Dry Area Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information Dipping Area Mold Preheat Furnace

33 Guaymas Operations Guaymas Operations consist of: 33,000 sq ft Guaymas facility, established in employees * New 70,000 Sq Ft aerospace facility being built Guaymas Specializes in: Enables Paradigm Precision to offer its customers a low cost pole solution in the Americas Guaymas acts as both a direct source for rough and finish machined product to end users as well as other Paradigm Precision sites Capabilities include: Turning up to 80 on 34 CNC machines 3 and 4-Axis Milling up to 60 on 9 CNC machines Wire and Hole Popper EDM Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

34 Guaymas Production Line Split CaseAFT Nozzle SupportFWD Outer Seal Strut, Turbine Center FrameSupport, Nozzle-HPTFan Case, Inner Shell Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

35 Guaymas Production Line BridgeTCF CaseFan Case, Inner Shell Fishmouth InnerFlange FWD Housing, Assembly Compressor Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

36 Guaymas Key Machines Toyoda Mill MachineMachining Bridges2 Shefield CMM PhoenixVTL Hass SL 40Awea Mill Machine Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

37 Paradigm Mixed Model Manufacturing Plan Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information Tempe Operations Guaymas Operations Malden Operations Tunisia Operations Mexico Machining Alignment Tunisia Casting Alignment

38 Paradigm Mixed Model Manufacturing Plan Mexico Machining Alignment Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information West Coast : Carlton (Paramount, CA) Firth – Rixson Forged Metals (Fontana, CA) Firth – Rixson Schlosser (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) Mattco (Paramount, CA) Chen-Tech (Irvine, CA) Firth – Rixson (Verdi, NV) Mexico : Frisa Aerospace (Monterrey, Mexico) Southwest : Wyman Gordon (Houston, TX)

39 Paradigm Mixed Model Manufacturing Plan Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information Paradigm Boston / Tempe Secondary Processing Inter-Dependency 150+ in Northeast USA: Westfield (Plating) Fountain (Plating) Ellison (Coatings) Accurate (Brazing) Central (Metal Finishing) BASF (Coatings) Hansen (ETCH/FPI) Jet Tech (Coatings) FM Callahan (Plating) Bodycote (HT) Sematech (Corrosion Protection) Metals Testing (Etch & Mag Particle PTI Industries (Cleaning) 100+ in Southwest USA: Dickson Technology (Laboratory Testing) Plasma Technology (Plasma Coating) Metal Surfaces (Nickel Coating) Chemresearch (Anodize, Chemfilm) Ellison Surface (Plasma Coating) Chromalloy (Plasma Coating) Bolts Metallizing (Plasma Coating) Phoenix Heat Treating (Heat Treating) Metal Improvement Company (Shot Peen) 0 in Mexico Note: 85% of Complex Product Lines Require Several Levels of Secondary Processing Mexico Machining Alignment

40 Large Casing Mixed Model Example Forging from US West Coast INCO 718 Forging Semi-Finish turned in Guaymas to stock.050 Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information Mexico Machining Alignment

41 Centerframe Assembly Process Example Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information Mexico Machining Alignment

42 Paradigm Mixed Model Manufacturing Plan Tunisia Casting Alignment Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information In-House Special Processes Performed at Tunisia Plant : -FPI -MPI -X-Ray -TIG Welding -Orbital Welding -EDM -Vacuum Heat Treat -Airflow and Electro Polish -Vacuum Melt & Air Melt Investment Casting

43 Paradigm Mixed Model Manufacturing Plan Tunisia Casting Alignment - Samples Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

44 Minimize transportation cost from the major US and Mexican forging sources shipping via Guaymas to Tempe/Malden Integrates 35+ years of high technical aerospace knowledge available in Paradigms domestic operations, ensuring reliable quality performance Leverages low cost region value by combining the shop rate benefit Utilizes the 100+ special process sources in Phoenix AZ & New England areas Paradigm performs as the single point of contact for the customer via controlling all aspects of product progression through the internal supply chain capabilities Incorporates compliance to customer specifications and accredited quality system throughout the manufacturing process at Tempe/Malden sites Paradigm Mixed Model Manufacturing Plan Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information Mexico Machining & Tunisia Casting Alignments

45 Summary Paradigm Precision is strategically prepared for the transition from single product procurement to larger project based product line solutions Integrate Paradigms Mixed Model approach Drive lean tenets via cellular applications Incorporate secondary processing disciplines in-house Ensure best technology applied for developing manufacturing processes 50K – 100K shop hours per year projects Continue to pursue unique manufacturing capabilities via acquisitions in Aerospace Defense and Power Generation industries Dedicated to providing the highest quality products and service levels in the industry while improving our competitive posture Paradigm Precision Proprietary Information

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