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N ATIONAL C USTOMER S ERVICE W EEK 2010!!! Nora Osman Director of Support Services Emblem Health.

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1 N ATIONAL C USTOMER S ERVICE W EEK 2010!!! Nora Osman Director of Support Services Emblem Health

2 A GENDA What is NCSW? When is NCSW? Why celebrate NCSW? Who participates in NCSW Ideas on celebrating NCSW Sites and Resources you can use

3 W HAT IS NCSW? Week-long celebration of customer service/ accomplishments Expression of appreciation for staff servicing customers Chance to reinforce positive message Whatever you want it to be!!!!

4 W HEN IS NCSW? October 4 - October 8, 2010 Every year, usually 1 st week of October Everywhere customer service exists

5 W HY C ELEBRATE NCSW? Customer Service is valuable to all organizations Good service can be great, if rewarded and reinforced Bring back the team sprit- motivation Everyone needs a pat on the back Message gets stale on service

6 W HO P ARTICIPATES IN NCSW? Everyone! Definitely Support/Help Desk Extend to level II/III etc. Management…even business users

7 I DEAS ON CELEBRATING NCSW Decorate space- balloons, banners, streamers Market event- email, newsletter, bulletin Gift bag as thank you to staff Feed the staff- often Plan daily events to engage staff Play games, breaking into teams Have competitions Have daily themes

8 I DEAS ON D ECORATING Decorate the Help Desk area, NOC, Hallways Designate a Meeting Hub room and decorate it with streamers, banners, balloons, etc Use colorful helium balloons, company theme colors Use banners marking National Customer Service Week 2010 Ask staff to decorate their own desks to help

9 I DEAS ON M ARKETING Market event- email, newsletter, bulletin Send agenda out a few days in advance for weekly events Post daily announcements on bulletin board/lunch room Have pins made out for all to wear (if have time) Take group pictures all dressed similarly Use it in your ACD greeting, Thank you for calling the Help Desk, Happy National Customer Service Week, how may I help you?

10 I DEAS ON G IFT B AGS Single big-ticket item for all staff members, ex. Polo shirts w/company logo Computer bag w/company logo Mug/thermos w/company logo Lower cost item for all staff Office supply bundles Candies, cookie jars, etc Pre-made/ordered items Catalog-based items; magnets, mirrors, pens, etc Catalog-based items; trophies, plaques, picture frames, etc Catalog-based items; trinkets, candy cups/mugs, etc

11 I DEAS ON F EEDING THE STAFF Order Breakfast for the department Splurging- Hot breakfast (Eggs, pancakes, french toast, bacon, ham, coffee/juice, etc.) On a budget- Bagels or Donuts in large assortment, coffee/juice, etc. Order lunch for a meeting/celebration Splurging- Wraps, sandwiches, even hot lunch On a budget- pizza or just dessert trays with coffee Even snacks will do Popcorn party Cupcake party Ice cream party Vendors can sponsor an event If all else fails (budget is tight) take a collection from managers or self-sponsor

12 I DEAS ON P LANNING E VENTS Scavenger Hunt Ticket Bloopers Contest Team Awards ceremony Best Customer Service, Best Phone Smile, Mr/Mrs Congeniality, Most likely to climb the corporate ladder, etc. Daily themes Wear red day, wear hat day, wear overalls day Photograph the department in uniform of the day

13 I DEAS ON T EAM E VENTS Split departments/groups into teams Setup competitions (in door events) Techie Jeopardy Minute to Win It Charades Family Feud The Price is Right Solve the puzzle Setup competitions (out door events) Tug of war Three-legged race Egg drop

14 S ITES & R ESOURCES HDI Awards & Trophies, Trinkets: Shop.html Shop.html 5213&gclid=CJKK7ZThmKQCFd9n5QodH3zZEQ 5213&gclid=CJKK7ZThmKQCFd9n5QodH3zZEQ Other Organizations/Sites: greatest-gift/ greatest-gift/


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