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Human Resource Management

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1 Human Resource Management
“หลักสูตรรัฐประศาสนศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต” สาขาการบริหารทั่วไป รุ่นที่ 1 มหาวิทยาลัยบูรพา ศูนย์การศึกษาธนบุรี โดย ดร. กุศยา ลีฬหาวงศ์

2 HR Management concept and Changing environment

3 Nature of Human Resource Management
Who is an HR manager? HR in small and large organizations HR Activities

4 Nature of Human Resource Management
HR Activities Planning and analysis Equal employment opportunities Staffing HR development Compensation and benefits

5 Nature of Human Resource Management
HR Activities Health, safety, and security Employee and labor/management relation

6 HR Management Roles Administrative role for HR
Employee advocate role for HR Operational role for HR Strategic role for HR

7 HR Management Roles Strategic role for HR
Enhancing organizational performance Involvement in strategic planning Decision making on mergers, acquisition, and downsizing Redesigning organizations and work processes Ensuring financial accountability for HR results

8 Different Roles of HR Management
Strategic: As business contributor Operational: Manages most HR activities Employee Advocate: Services as morale officer Administrative: Focuses extensively on clerical administration

9 Overview of HR Management Roles

10 Ethics and HR What is ethical behavior? Extended consequences
Multiple alternatives Mixed outcomes Uncertain consequence Personal effects

11 Ethics and HR Responding to ethical situations
Laws, regulations, and government codes Organizational standards of ethical behavior Professional standards of ethical behavior Ethical issues in HR management

12 HR management competencies and careers
Knowledge of business and organization Influence and change management Specific HR knowledge and expertise

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