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Author: Roel Wijgers Examination Timetabling.

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1 Author: Roel Wijgersemail: Examination Timetabling

2 Author: Roel Wijgersemail: Problem description Given exams e 1, …, e n ; Number of students per exam ; Available rooms r 1, …, r r ; Timeslots t 1, …, t m ; Student overlap between exams Assign a timeslot to each exam such that certain constraints are fulfilled

3 Author: Roel Wijgersemail: Constraints No student can make 2 exams at the same time (hard). An exam must take place in a single room (hard) There are only a number of small rooms available (hard); do not use too many big rooms (soft) Preference timeslots for each exam (hard). No 2 exams on 1 day for each student (soft).

4 Author: Roel Wijgersemail: Different goals Minimise the number of big rooms used. Minimise the number of students with more than 1 exam per day. Maximise the (weighted) spread between exams for each student.

5 Author: Roel Wijgersemail: Literature: Spread between two exams is equal to the number of time slots in between. Here: number of nights in between Use weights to achieve an even spread (for 3 or more exams) Maximise the (weighted) spread between exams for each student

6 Author: Roel Wijgersemail: Research done Graph based techniques, e.g. Graph coloring; Constraint based techniques; Local search based techniques (references available); Population based algorithms; LP-techniques (Column generation by Roel); spread not included.

7 Author: Roel Wijgersemail: Used test data: ICS courses of the current period. Minimising the number of timeslots: - Found an optimal solution where 6 timeslots were needed. Minimising the number of used rooms: - Optimal solution with 11 uses of alpha/beta/gamma rooms Minimising the number of students with more than 1 exam per day: - Optimal solution with 11 uses of alpha/beta/gamma rooms and only 5 students with 2 exams on 1 day. Results

8 Author: Roel Wijgersemail: The approach where the number of students with more than 1 exam per day is minimised will be used in practice by Masoud Ghoreshi, timetabler of the ICS department. Attempts to use this technique for the entire Bèta faculty have stranded due to bureaucratic rules. Practical aspect

9 Opdracht Bepaal een `zo goed mogelijke’ oplossing met behulp van local search. Programmeertaal is vrij. Samenwerken: maximaal 2 personen. Deadline: 19 maart (submit). Daarna bespreking. Telt mee voor 30%. Je moet minstens 6.0 halen.

10 Inleveren Code via submit Verslag via submit Geprinte versie verslag Beste oplossing

11 Begeleiding Inhoudelijke vragen kunnen aan Guido Diepen worden gesteld (zelf debuggen). Data komen zo snel mogelijk beschikbaar (in excel). N.B. dit is een grote opdracht …

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