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Author: Roel Wijgers Examination Timetabling.

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1 Author: Roel Wijgersemail: Examination Timetabling

2 Author: Roel Wijgersemail: Problem description Given exams e 1, …, e n ; Number of students per exam ; Available rooms r 1, …, r r ; Timeslots t 1, …, t m ; Student overlap between exams Assign a timeslot to each exam such that certain constraints are fulfilled

3 Author: Roel Wijgersemail: Constraints No student can make 2 exams at the same time (hard). There are only a number of small rooms available (hard); do not use too many big rooms (soft) Preference timeslots for each exam (hard). No 2 exams on 1 day for each student (soft).

4 Author: Roel Wijgersemail: Different goals Minimise the number of big rooms used. Minimise the number of students with more than 1 exam per day. Maximise the (weighted) spread between exams for each student.

5 Author: Roel Wijgersemail: Literature: Spread between two exams is equal to the number of time slots in between. Here: number of nights in between for each pair of exams (per student). Maximise the (weighted) spread between exams for each student

6 Oplossen met SA Buurruimte? Wanneer is een buur infeasible? Kostenberekening? Verdere slimmigheden? Wat te doen met de verschillende onderdelen van de beoordeling van een oplossing?

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