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The Merging Of Two Of The Most

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1 The Merging Of Two Of The Most
Powerful Industries….

2 What is iMarketsLive? - Christopher Terry CEO
IML is, in essence, a vehicle for permanent wealth creation… It is not just for the elite, it is not just for the experienced, it is not just for the wealthy – IML makes products available and affordable for all to enter the Trading Industry with a level playing field and truly leverage the combined decades of expert experience. The idea of iMarketsLive (IML) came from 14+ years of retailing my educational services and mentorship in partnership with other expert traders which produced some of todays most successful and recognized Traders and Analysts worldwide. I decided the time was right to create a path to help everyone who is struggling in their daily lives or just wanting to achieve more, and our products do just that. Our products create a permanent path for success. This is not only for those who want to learn how to trade as a profession but also for parents, caregivers and people already working that just don’t have the time to learn. IML is a powerful system of products which now allows virtually everyone to become successful trading. There is a better way than what you are doing now to create real wealth, I am living proof of that, and I feel blessed to be able to bring you these products and this opportunity to meaningfully change your life for good.   Introducing: the IML Trade Signal Service and the Live Trading Room. - Christopher Terry CEO 

3 The Founder Christopher Terry, President and CEO of iMarketsLive.
Full-time Trader and Educator since 1998 in the Futures, FOREX, and Equity Markets. Over the years, he has built a worldwide following and has traveled extensively throughout the USA, Europe, Asia and South America educating on how to create financial independence. Mr. Terry has helped thousands of traders across the globe reach financial independence and then they themselves go on to become successful mentors and educators both in the media and online. Since 2001, Mr. Terry has been a favorite speaker at many of the major derivative conferences for:

4 WHAT IF? What if you could learn a new profession and earn while doing it? What if your income stopped today, how long can you live in the life style you are living now? What if you could get connected to an education platform where you could work at your own pace, mentored by the BEST in the industry? move the question mark to the middle of the page as a gradient background image >>> CHANGE

5 Did you know? $5 TRILLION Average Daily Trading Volume $22.4 billion
Our Unique Products & Services will give you access to the largest market in the world with over $5 trillion in daily transactions. IML will help you earn your share of that HUGE PIE! Unlike the NASDAQ, the Dow, and other trading markets, the FOREX market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week with a consistent flow of steady trading from around the world. It is a great opportunity for those who like to learn and earn in a market that is 24/5. >>> CHANGE

6 Fun Facts About Forex: The FOREX market is open 24 hours 5 days a week. Over one-third of the trades in the market (34.1%) are generated from the United Kingdom. The United States dollar is, by far, the most commonly traded currency in the world, since it is considered to be the "reserve currency." Over 80% of transactions in the FOREX market involve the United States Dollar. The major FOREX trading centers are London, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney. A fundamental analysis is a FOREX study using economic and political factors, such as unemployment rates, interest rates, or inflation, as a means of predicting currency movements. 6. The British pound is the world’s oldest currency still in use today. Its origins date back to the dawn of the past millennium in 757. >>> CHANGE

7 Who Is The Most Successful Person You Know?
Imagine What If 1…Was Your Mentor? “Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.” – Oprah Winfrey “The stock market is a no-called-strike game. You don't have to swing at everything--you can wait for your pitch. The problem when you're a money manager is that your fans keep yelling, 'Swing, you bum!’” – Warren Buffet “My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” – Steve Jobs >>> CHANGE “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”  ― Bill Gates

8 Live Trading Educational Service
Our Flagship Products Signal Service Live Trading Educational Service

9 IML Signal Service  IML’s Signal Service Debunks the Myth that “You have to be a master trader in order to successfully exploit the markets for your own financial gain”! FEATURES: • Not a Robotic Software; Link to IML’s REAL Expert Traders Trading in REAL TIME. • Buy/Sell Signal to YOUR Trading Account within second, with built-in protective stops. • Easy-to-Install; works with Your Choice of Brokerage Companies using the MT4 ( MetaTrader 4) platform. • Works with a variety of futures and currency markets while you go about daily activities. • Receive Signals from our multiple Moderators/Mentors around the Globe; Never Miss a Trade! • You will Trade with Your Money as the Traders use Theirs; Your Account Mirrors the Experts. • Practice Trading with a Virtual Demo Account of up to $50,000. • Retain Complete Control, only YOU can Access Your Account. .....And much more!!!

10 Here Are Your Real-Life Mentors

11 IML’s Trade Signal Service

12 WHY IML Trade Signal Service
You accept the Signal It takes less than 2 minutes a day of your time Start trading with up to $50,000 Risk-Free practice account When you are ready, you trade with your own money The expert traders trade with their own money You are in control You have no learning curve Your account will leverage the successful expert traders account Two level of stop losses in place You select the broker Low barrier to enter the trading industry IML will never have access to your trading account ONLY YOU MAKE MONEY

13 Live Trading Educational Room
IML’s Expert Trading Team is made up of Highly Qualified Professional Traders. IML currently covers the FOREX markets , up to 24 hours per day, 5 days per week. Soon this service will include specialty trading rooms to accommodate members of all skill levels from novice to expert You are linked LIVE to the Experts trading rooms where you are able to “look over the shoulders” of our Trading Team to see and learn the strategies that allow them to win daily within the markets.’ LIVE Daily Instruction with clear, easy to understand explanations in real time. You are encouraged to ask questions and will be given answers in real time. Benefit from extensive inventory of videos, eBooks, and other quality resources in the Members Library that will teach you how to trade using the lingo of master traders to further your education.

14 Live Trading Educational Room Get Your Questions Answered!
Look, Listen, Learn Get Your Questions Answered!

15 What Are People Saying? “I have been in the Trading Room for the last 3 weeks and the training has been fantastic. Learning about spreads and resistance, along with being able to ask questions and obtain answers in real time is why IML's education is worth every penny! Chris and the traders are the best and don't make me feel inferior because I am a novice just getting started. Taking heed to what I've been taught, I had 8 successful trades in the last 5 days! Thanks IML!!” Greg, USA “If anyone ever wanted to learn the financial markets and create a new or second career then iMarkestLive offers the best program and opportunity I have seen.” Armen, USA “I have been searching for a real-life business for years! I’ve been disappointed time after time because most companies over promised and under delivered. When I heard about Forex, I didn’t even know what is was exactly but the model, the credibility of the owner, and the training methods and tools made sense to me. Their knowledge and teaching style is easy to follow and understand. I’m so excited, I found my home! “ Sonia, USA

16 Our Competition These are modest estimates. eMini exchange (alerts)
Advanced trading workshops eMini exchange (alerts) Blue Water Trading Price: $ $195/month Price: $8,999.95 Price: $1400 These are modest estimates.

17 IML Recap Let’s Recap IML’s Unique Product Offerings:
Trade Signal Service Live, Real-Time Expertly Executed Trades Live Trading Education Room(s) Unparalleled Live Education from Master Traders What do you think the Retail Price is for All of this?

18 With a monthly Executive Suite Membership Fee of just $247
THE EXECUTIVE SUITE The One Time Retail Price for the Most Comprehensive & Amazing Suite of Wealth Creation Products and Services Available Anywhere in the Industry is just $1500 With a monthly Executive Suite Membership Fee of just $247 IML has ensured the BEST Industry Products are also the most affordable for all!

19 THE EXECUTIVE SUITE As an Expression of Gratitude for All who Take Control of their Financial Future by Taking Action and Making the Life Changing Decision to Purchase IML’s Executive Suite Retail Package before the official Company Launch on September 18, 2013 2 months of the Executive Suite are included for FREE!! (Personal Savings of $494) Additionally, there is an exclusive Bonus Vault of eBooks and Training Materials only available for those who Take Action during pre-launch as well!

20 “THE EXECUTE SUITE ” Promotion Ends
THE EXCUTIVE SUITE “THE EXECUTE SUITE ” Promotion Ends Sept 18, 2013 AVAILABLE NOW The IML ‘Executive Suite’ This Retail Package Includes: The Live Trading Education Room is spearheaded by 6 expert trading mentors and coaches. There are live webinars, virtual seminars and live. Educational Video library stocked with learning materials 2 months of Executive Suite Trade Signal Service Bonus, Library vault of e-Books One-Time Payment of $1,500

21 Take It Further IML also offers a Great Direct Selling Opportunity to those who are interested in becoming an IML Independent Direct Selling Sales Representative. With this opportunity, our Independent Sales Representatives can earn by helping us market Executive Suite Retail Packages to the general public. And in addition to Direct Sales Commissions, our Independent Representatives can Build a Sales Organization and Share in the Income from Sales Volume of Retail Sales by those in their Sales Organization.

22 Executive Retail Network Time to Share the Good Fortune
Until Now NO ONE has Made Money but YOU 3x8  with the 9th BONUS LEVEL Time to Share the Good Fortune

23 'How much would you be willing to pay for a Complete Career Change"?
We are a 3 x 8 Company-Filled Matrix Left to Right, Top to Bottom Your Matrix Fills from the Combined Efforts of You, Your Inviters, Your Team, and the Company. LEVELS POSITIONS BONUS You have the Potential to Receive 8% Monthly from Your Team Matrix Volume (which Escalates with Personal Volume) MAX.BONUS 1 3 8% You Do the Math 2 9 8% 3 27 8% 4 81 8% Volume is Calculated from Monthly Memberships 5 243 8% 6 729 8% Personally Refer Someone who Purchases a Retail Package and also Receive a Sharing Bonus of $400 7 2187 8% 8 6561 8% Total 9840 Founders ONLY Ends Sept 18,2013

24 Accessing Your Full Matrix
Refer 2 Retail Executive Suite Packages and your Title is Manager. This unlocks Levels Filling your matrix through Level 4 creates a monthly residual income Refer 6 Retail Executive Suite Packages and your Title is Team Director. This unlocks Levels Filling your matrix through Level 6 creates a monthly residual income Refer 9 Retail Executive Suite Packages and your Title Regional Director. This unlocks Levels Filling your matrix through Level 7 creates a monthly residual income Refer 12 Retail Executive Suite Packages and your Title is National Director. This unlocks Levels 1-8. Filling your matrix through Level 8 creates a monthly residual income Refer 15 and You Open the 9th Level for 1%

25 Clearing The Path Promotion When You ADVANCE to Manager, which means You Referred 2 Retail Executive Suite Packages, IML will ADVANCE You to Team Director and You will Receive Commissions through Level 6 When You ADVANCE to Team Director, which means You Referred 6 Retail Executive Suite Packages, IML will ADVANCE You to Regional Director and You will Receive Commissions through Level 7 When You ADVANCE to Regional Director, which means You Referred 9 Retail Executive Suite Packages, IML will ADVANCE You to National Director and YOU will Receive Commissions through level 8 ONLY Refer 25 Retail Packages, You Open Bonus Level 10 for 1% Refer 50 Retail Packages, You Open Bonus Level 11 for 1% You Will Need to Maintain the Level You Achieved to Maintain this Boost in Rank

All new ES members must be active for 30 days or more The first 400 members that achieve the challenge will receive $5000

27 Marketing Tools Your IML ‘Executive Suites’ Business Center Comes Fully Stocked with an Impressive Array of Top-Notch Training Resources to Help You Succeed with Confidence. These Resources Compiled by World-Class Experts to the Mentors Include: • Weekly Training on Effective Marketing Strategies. • Recorded Webinars with Overviews and Q & A of the IML opportunity. • Instructions on How to Upgrade to a Complete Marketing System. • E-books on How to Excel Personally and Professionally in Your Career. • The Psychology and Mindset of both Trading and Marketing. • Understanding Technical Patterns and Terminologies in Trading. ……………and So Much More!

28 IML- Las Vegas! September 20th – 22nd YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!
Join us in Las Vegas September 20th – 22nd YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! Win great prizes MacBook Air's will be raffled off throughout the weekend. Also in the mix, iPads, cell phones and so much more. Top 10 Producers and a Guest are Invited to a Mastermind Dinner with the Owners Thursday Night >>> CHANGE The Best Part - Your Ticket is Already Included in Your Retail Taking Control Package! (Spouses/Partners an additional $97)

29 Live Event Retail Bonuses Bonuses will be paid out at the event
Personally Refer 6 Retail Packages Personally Refer 9 Retail Packages Personally Refer 2 Retail Packages >>> CHANGE Cumulative total is $1,700

30 Official Launch is Sept 21, 2013 Midnight
Executive Suite Retail Package The Ultimate Solution for Anyone who is Truly Serious about Changing their Financial Future and Helping Others Do the Same. Lives Are Already Being Changed… Will YOU Be Next? To Qualify for Matrix Bonuses and Rewards from Referring Members to IML, Members Must Achieve and Maintain Requisite Personal Volume as well as Personally Remain Active. >>> CHANGE

31 Change your life - Starting Right Now!
Take advantage of this incredible gift - get back to the person who sent you to this presentation and let them know you want in!

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