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June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C1 How to make money with Alternative Fuels Wim M.G.M. Heldens CEO IC&C B.V. Independent Clinker & Cement Consultancy.

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1 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C1 How to make money with Alternative Fuels Wim M.G.M. Heldens CEO IC&C B.V. Independent Clinker & Cement Consultancy

2 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C2 President Obama Announces Steps to Support Sustainable Energy Options May 5, 2009 "If we are to be a leader in the 21st century global economy, then we must lead the world in clean energy technology. There is no way back! How Big Is Your Footprint?

3 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C3 Your footprint World Clinker Production World cement production 2 billion tons / yr CO 2 production = 1,45 billion tons / yr CO 2 from raw materials= 780 million tons / yr CO 2 from fuels= 670 million tons / yr A 1 MW windmill saves 2000 t CO 2 /yr. So 335.000 windmills out of fuels NO x ~ 2 kg / tons clinker= 3,4 million tons / yr SO x ~ 0,25 kg / tcl= 0,5 million tons / yr You can not escape to reduce your Footprint

4 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C4 Mission IC&C: Make Money From Sustainability! Sustainable Development Strategy IC&C Energy EmissionsAlternative fuels / mat. Max Min Profit

5 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C5 95% alternative fuels 50 % biomass fuel price < 2 / ton clinker normally 12 / ton clinker! 700 kg CO 2 / ton clinker normally 820 kg CO 2 / ton (20% less CO 2 achieved by biomass) NOx reduction 50% by SNCR urea SO 2 reduction 80% Key performance data 2008 Best Practice Plant: Dutch Cement Maastricht (The roots of IC&C)

6 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C6 The thread is an opportunity; Cement kilns have unique properties for co-processing Unique properties of our burning process to destroy all substances of primary and alternative fuels: Flame temperature > 2000 °C Long residence time Enough oxygen Rich in active lime (binds hazardous elements) No increase of most emissions due to input of alternative fuels Ashes are incorporated in the clinker no residues left

7 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C7 Worlds Best Practice Plant: ENCI Maastricht Solutions realized: R = Q x A x M Result = Quality x Acceptance x Management Chemistry and quality clinker under control Stable production and maintain production level Good flame formation Reliable dosing systems Acceptation by operators Licences: win-win deals Safety and health guaranteed Good working conditions 95% Alternative Fuels Smell problems under control Blockages under control Ring building under control Etc.

8 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C8 Process: stable clinker production at rising AFR-rates! Cement plant: Maastricht 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Clinker production Alternative fuel %

9 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C9 Key factor: How to implement AFs successfully? Select AFs that comply with the basic requirements (IC&C-criteria). Ensure supply of AF. Preferably negative priced. Ensure acceptation by government, neighbors etc. Control effects on process, emissions and clinker quality and production (IC&C) Ensure a correct burner and flame adaptation (IC&C) Ensure acceptation by operators, maintenance by correct design of installations Operators have to like to work with AFs

10 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C10 Example: IC&C experience within Dutch Plant Multi fuel system for 10 fuels Dosing of 5 powdery fuels via 1 tube to main burner Secondary fuel injector on top of the burner for 4 different coarse fuels Liquid installation for spent glycol Natural gas for start up NOx reduction by SNCR Mercury issue The use of AF installations is no item PPDF Carpets-rests Glycol bottom Anode coke Bed/Fine-Coke Lignite Sewage sludge Animal meal IR-Flame detection Natural gas Cooling air Concrete Swirl air Axial air

11 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C11 Profit: Make money 1 Fuel cost reduction With fossil fuels like pet coke: 12 / ton clinker Dutch Cement with 95% AF: < 2 / t cl At 1 million ton clinker: 10 million / yr Emission reduction CO 2 from fuels 165.000 t / yr at 12 / ton = 2 million / yr NO x (US): 800 mg / Nm3 ~ 2 kg / t cl ~ 2.000 t / yr At 50% reduction 1.000 ton at 1200 / t = 1.2 million / yr

12 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C12 Profit: Make money 2 Investments Keep it simple and sustainable Investments are paid by part of the profit of AFs ( 13,2 Million yearly) IC&C experience with a lot of sustainable projects shows: Pay back time: average < 1 year IRR: 35 - 80% Sustainable Development Strategy IC&C Energy Emissions Alternative fuels / mat. Max Min Profit

13 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C13 How to make your implementation sustainable! Learn from the experience of IC&C experts Dont do it alone Development Dutch cement took over 15 years and still develops Take your advantage

14 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C14 Tools of IC&C Alternative Fuels Assessment: the burning properties, flame formation and NOx building (IC&C database) IC&C Assessment Model of the effects off Alternative fuels and raw materials (AFR) on production process, emissions, quality, costs, etc. (IC&C Kiln Expert Module) IC&C Costs model for the effects on investments and profitability

15 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C15 How can IC&C help you 1.Assessment existing situation and first proposal for stepwise improvements: quick scan Definition of the goals of new situation: costs, sustainability Inventarisation of all aspects; chemistry, fuels, materials, production, emissions, burner, existing equipment etc. Selection from available existing Alternative Fuels according to the IC&C norms Assessment of all aspects when introducing AFs Presentation results by IC&C 2.Prefeasibility study Prediction of the effects on process, quality and emissions Estimation of investments and profit 3.Support during feasibility study, tests and implementation

16 June 15, 2009GFC Toronto IC&C16 It Must It Can and is Proven It Saves Money Questions? Think about YOUR profit Enjoy your lunch !

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