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Energy Audit Process For Data Centers Len Kientz 510 Thornall Street, Suite 170 Edison, NJ 08837 Phone:732-590-0122.

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1 Energy Audit Process For Data Centers Len Kientz 510 Thornall Street, Suite 170 Edison, NJ Phone:

2 Building Performance - Delivered 2 Dome-Tech, Inc. Dome-Tech, Inc. offers energy and engineering consulting services to optimize facility or equipment performance, reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, and lower utility expenses. We incorporate theoretical, practical and hands on experience into our work. Staff of 65 located in NY,NJ,CT region. Other offices in CO,CA.

3 Building Performance - Delivered 3 Dome-Tech, Inc. Service Model Services applicable to data centers: Energy audits Retro-commissioning Energy procurement consulting Commissioning

4 Building Performance - Delivered 4 Team Background Team Certifications Professional Engineers – NY and NJ LEED Accredited Professionals Green Building Engineers Certified Energy Managers / Procurement Professional Certified Commissioning Professionals

5 Building Performance - Delivered 5 Energy Auditing Process Theres more to an audit than field work! Pre-Field Field Work Post Field Draft Report Final report

6 Building Performance - Delivered 6 Energy Auditing Process – Data Gather Information – site plans, one line drawings, historical utility information, operating logs, SOPs Verify – meter and account numbers, rate class Analyze – kwhrs, peak demand, voltage, therms PUI Power Usage Index – Benchmark data center to comparable facilities in the region. Carbon Use – determining equivalent tons of CO2

7 Building Performance - Delivered 7 Energy Auditing Process Key Steps Establish a Baseline from an energy point of view –Data Gathering and Analysis Field Work –What did we find? Post Field Analysis –Can we optimize existing equipment? –Should we invest new capital? Draft Report for client comments Final report

8 Building Performance - Delivered 8 Energy Auditing – Pre Field Work Conference call – prior to beginning field work –Discuss known problems –Understand special site considerations –Determine benchmark kwhr and therm rate –Confirm initial impressions based on data received –Establish field schedule –Establish client resources: client personnel, HVAC or Controls contractor if needed –Client financial hurdles

9 Building Performance - Delivered 9 Energy Auditing – Field Work Each team member is a degreed engineer with extensive field experience in energy plant operations. Interview site operations personnel Observe operations Inspect and gather name plate and measured data on chillers, cooling towers, CRAC units, lighting, controls, pumping systems and other major energy consuming equipment Use portable data loggers where appropriate

10 Building Performance - Delivered 10 Energy Auditing – Post Field Work Evaluate findings Research opportunities Perform energy calculations Determine ECOs and their Greenhouse Gas reduction potential Prepare draft report summarizing ECOs and their estimated paybacks.

11 Building Performance - Delivered 11 Energy Auditing – Draft Report Standard report is in PowerPoint format NYSERDA format if needed Includes our ideas and opportunities to reduce energy use and cost Includes an ECOs table and executive summaries explaining each ECO Calculates estimated paybacks Is sent to the client (and NYSERDA) for review, comment and input

12 Building Performance - Delivered 12 Energy Auditing – Final Report Incorporates Draft Report comments and input from the client Includes our field notes and calculations Includes final calculations Presentation of our findings is normally in person Bound hard copies Electronic version

13 Building Performance - Delivered 13 Energy Auditing – Potential ECOs Controls setpoint modification - temperature and humidity Chilled water flow optimization Air flow modifications Air leakage reductions Economizer operation (free cooling) Variable speed drives on pumps/chillers/tower Lighting fixture modifications Lighting controls

14 Building Performance - Delivered 14 Energy Auditing – Potential Incentives Incentives vary by state…… NJ – prescriptive and holistic (Pay for Performance) NY – NYSERDA –$$ for energy studies –Holistic savings, cents per kwhr reduced CT – Low % loans, prescriptive, RCx, per utility PA - prescriptive, Act 129, per utility MA – prescriptive, per utility They even vary by utility…….

15 Building Performance - Delivered 15 Q & A Thank you Questions?

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