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PresentererTorG 50 years old – and still going wrong... i samarbeid med Circus Dai Chong.

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2 PresentererTorG 50 years old – and still going wrong... i samarbeid med Circus Dai Chong

3 ROBOTER før og nå

4 Golem Psalm 139:16 uses the word "gal'mi", meaning "my unshaped form“ In the 16th century Rabbi Loew made a Golem in Josefov, Prague

5 The Golem Group The Golem Group Mile 8, 30 mph, nobody in the driver's seat.

6 The Golem Project The Golem Project Automatic Design and Manufacture of Robotic Lifeforms The Golem Project

7 ROBOT ROBOT Robota (tsj.) betyr tvangsarbeid robotník betyr leilenning The word robot was introduced by Czech writer Karel Čapek in his play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) which premiered in 1921

8 Framtidsvisjon i 1957 Illustrert teknikk og hobby for hele familien, Sommernummer 1957

9 Verdens første transistorradio: Regency TR-1 (1954)

10 Sputnik 4 oktober 1957

11 J. C. R. Licklider "The hope is that in not too many years, human brains and computing machines will be coupled together very tightly, and that the resulting partnership will think as no human brain has ever thought." This is the basic goal. How to do this for large amounts of information. Automation vs. Augmentation

12 Resultatet

13 Bicycling robot A robot who can ride bicycle met the public on October 4 near Tokyo, which is able to not only move forward but stop or draw back upon obstacles. People's Daily Online, october 9, 2005

14 Robots and Workers

15 Robots and workers Decades ago, Walter Reuther, the storied head of the United Auto Workers union, was taken on a tour of an automated factory by a Ford Motor Co. executive. Somewhat gleefully, the Ford honcho told the legendary union leader: "You know, not one of these machines pays dues to the UAW.“ And not one of them buys new Ford cars, either.

16 Roomba

17 alternativ

18 ROBOTA Doll Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory, EPFL

19 Kunstig syn Zoom

20 First lady with bionic arm first-generation bionic arm "has changed my life dramatically," said Claudia Mitchell of Ellicott City, who lost her arm in a motorcycle accident. She can now do "all kinds of daily tasks."

21 Kunstig intelligens?? Uintelligente komponenter med effektiv kommunikasjon kan skape en intelligent helhet! Kan vi skape kunstig intelligens? PRINSIPP:

22 Naturlig dumhet!! Intelligente komponenter med ineffektiv kommunikasjon kan skape en uintelligent helhet.... Kan vi avskaffe naturlig dumhet? PRINSIPP:

23 Microcomputers The Picotux 100 is the world's smallest Linux computer, only slightly larger (35mm×19mm×19mm) than an RJ45 connector. Intel 4004: November 15, 1971: Intel released the 4004, the world's first single-chip microprocessor.

24 New York Times, February 3, 2006 RFID Implant

25 Hospital Services Performed Overseas Washington Post 25. april 2005 Arjun Kalyanpur of Teleradiology Solutions in Bangalore, India, is among an increasing number of "nighthawks" employed by U.S. hospitals.

26 Robot hand performs remote breast checks The remote-controlled robot arm - directed from across the room in this instance - prepares to examine simulated breast tissue (Image: Kurt Stepnitz, Michigan State University) New Scientist, July 2005

27 Hjerne-maskin- grensesnitt IGEL Kompaniet AS

28 Smart Computer


30 WIS – Wearable Instrument Shirt CSIRO scientist Dr Richard Helmer shows off his wearable instrument shirt which enables users to generate guitar sounds by moving their arm.

31 The Principle of Simplicity Any complex system will work only if built on simple, unifying principles Examples: Number system; position, zero Written language; alphabet, space Digital Media; the bit Internet; TCP/IP, ISO/OSI World Wide Web; URL, http, html The computer; instructions and data

32 Kjekt eller kjedelig? Takk for oppmerksomheten!

33 “We know what we are, but not what we may be” William Shakespeare CopyLeft 2006 Den norske Digitalmisjon

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