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Helping you close the loop… Supporting your marketing approach from engagement to action.

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1 Helping you close the loop… Supporting your marketing approach from engagement to action

2 Canadian HH internet access at record level ! The 2007 Ipsos Canadian Inter@ctive Reid Report Household Internet Access n=1,000 National Sample of Canadian Adults % Internet access (all locations) % Computer at Home % Home Internet Access % Wireless Internet access 100 80 60 40 20 (Percentage of respondents) 0 Dec 00Dec 01Dec 02Dec 03Dec 04Dec 06Dec 07Dec 08 55 12 13 19 23 26 52 56 62 60 67 72 75 78 68 71 70 76 81 82 83 70 7573 78 82 84 85

3 Canadians use the internet more than anyone else in the world Source: Comscore, Mediametrix 2007 We spend more time online, have more wired households, are more sophisticated in our online behavior and do more searches.

4 Canadians use the internet more than anyone else in the world Source: Comscore, Mediametrix 2007 Canadians spend more time online each month… 123 8 43 hours37,4 hours34 hours29,4 hours …

5 Canadians use the internet more than anyone else in the world Source: Comscore, Mediametrix 2007 Average pages viewed per visitor: Canada comes in tops with 4000. The UK is second with 3300 and the US clicks in with 2500. Canadians are the world's best shoppers! We research every purchase down to the nitty-gritty detail. The Internet was created for shoppers just such as us. Canada also leads the pack in Online Reach, with 78% of households wired. This time, the US comes in second with 59%. 78%59% 4000 3300 2500

6 Canadians make shopping decisions based on web research… Source: Ipsos Canadian Interactive Reid report Q4 2007 Online Activities Ever Done by At Least 50% of Users n=1,024 Canadian Internet Access Send or receive email Used a search engine Visit news or information websites Visited a newspaper website Conduct online banking Purchase a product or service directly online Comparison shop for a product which you purchased elsewhere Use instant messaging to chat with friends or family Listen to radio stations broadcasting over the Internet Visited a magazine website Click on a Website advertisement Look for movie show times and critic reviews 0 20 40 60 80 100 97% 84% 75% 70% 67% 59% 57% 53% 51%

7 Numerous advertising opportunities for reach and brand engagement… Budgets rapidly shifting online as effectiveness and efficiency of online marketing demonstrated, but Internet marketing still underutilized by many industries. In Fact, the Internet gets approx 7% of the typical marketing budget, when Canadians spend over 21% of their media usage online… Source 1999-2001: Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada and PriceWaterhouseCoopers Source 2002-2008: Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada and Ernst & Young Source: IAB Canada - Canadian Online Advertising Revenue Trends 1999-2007 (actuals), 2008 (estimate) (in million, and with % increase/decrease vs. previous year) 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 $50 $98 (+97.5%) $586 (-12.7%) $176 (+104%) $237 (+37%) $364 (54%) $562 (54%) $900 (60%) $1,241 (38%) $1,500 (25%)

8 A variety of methods of Interactive marketing are being used But it remains difficult for marketers to track ROI, whatever the goal is. Robust brand websites Rich media and video ads Permission based email marketing campaign And much more…

9 Impact of online on offline sales Online marketing programs too often dont generate desired traceable offline results… With the ability to immediately boost offline sales With trackable measures, having long term CRM value With rich and relevant information on Consumers, allowing manufactuers & retailers to adjust In-store merchandising tactics

10 The challenge: How to close the loop from engagement to action, driving off line traffic and sales ?

11 CouponClick unique online printable coupon technology can add impact at multiple levels of Interactive marketing: The launch of the first pure Canadian Online printable destination !! Monetize your reach Apply a traceable action to each Interactive touch points Easy to integrate into existing campaigns Are physical reminder from online engagement that affects offline behavior

12 Online coupons are rapidly picking up south of the border Source: 2008 Printable Coupon Consumer Pulse, Simmons Market Research Bureau, April 25/08 Online Penetration into Coupon Market 2005 1 st half2005 2 nd half2006 1 st half2006 2 nd half2007 1 st half2007 2 nd half 15% 17% 19% 21% 23% 15.9% 18.4% 20.8% 21.7% Online coupon usage continues to grow – now accounting for 22.4% of coupon market penetration in US ! With a trusted Canadian offer, online printable coupons are poised for growth in Canada…

13 People are shopping less often and using a variety of cost-saving strategies Source: comScore, Inc. Survey July 2008 Primary Ways People are Cutting Back on Shopping Expenses Q: Please indicate the items for which you have cut back you spending. 69% Shopping 61% Entertainment 57% Vacation 53% Gas and/or Auto 47% Apparel/Accessories 43% Music, Movies and Video 38% Home Improvement 32% Health and Beauty 20% Medical Needs Shopping less frequently Only shopping for basic necessities Using coupons more often Buying different brands (Incl. generic) Reducing gift spending Shopping only when there are sales Buying in bulk at Warehouse / Club stores Shopping online for deals Q: Please indicate the ways in which you have cut back your shopping expenses. 68% 66% 59% 52% 41% 40% 27% 24%

14 Nearly 7 out of 10 Canadians Plan More Coupon Use Source: ICOM survey – may 2008 Much more likely or Somewhat more likely to use coupons: By Age: 18-34 year-old: 63% 35-54 year-old: 72% 55 year old over: 63% By Geography: Ontarians: 70% Quebecers: 59% Eastern Canada: 70% Western Canada:68% Income: Less than $60k: 69% More than $60k: 70% How consumers will change coupon use in an economic slowdown

15 Getting your coupons in the hands of people who want them Marketers are faced with a golden opportunity to engage consumers desperately looking for ways to save money. Blanket distribution tactics waste money and offend consumers. Why send cat litter coupons to households that have no pets? Brands that take the extra step of analyzing the audience will be rewarded for sending offers relevant to the consumer […] That sort of targeted marketing is far easier for coupons available online - Peter Meyers, ICOM V-P of Marketing

16 Newspaper circulation decline Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2007–2011 study, June 21-2007

17 How it works Graphic to insert with key steps consumers go through… Access live au demo ou Video Screencast ????

18 Benefits More flexible and easily targeted than most distribution methods, Internet coupons offer unique benefits for consumers and marketers. Consumer Benefits: Internet coupons give consumers an easy, convenient way to save money on a variety of goods and services. Savings for almost anything a consumer is looking for is just a click away. And because Internet coupons are consumer-adaptable, consumers are often given offers customized to their tastes. Marketer Benefits: Internet coupons are unmatched in their ability to draw consumers to specific locations, offer them personalized deals and collect consumer information – all in real time. Further, the cost-savings from a virtual campaign make Internet coupons a marketing tactic thats hard to resist.

19 Online printable coupons are flexible and adaptative Target to a specific audience with flexible delivery timing and Print limits Increase your core brand usage among loyal customers and competitive brand users Increase trial and awareness of a new product Generates repeat purchase and increases brand loyalty Deepen the consumer relationship by communica- ting product information, tips and ideas on new product usage (like recipe)

20 Reliable and detailed back end data of CouponClick Online Coupon Programs can help you: Better segment your customer database Provide valuable insights to direct all your other marketing efforts Combined with your Interactive media, allowing you to customized your offers to your targets

21 The Couponclick unique technology No printer applet to install Makes it easy and fast to print your coupons from home Represents the most flexible, effective, fraud- resistant, print-from-the- web coupon solution available in the marketplace, and the most popular alternative to traditional couponing.

22 Secure and fraud proof technology Impossible to save coupons directly on the users hard drive Double opt in via email of the new members to protect identity theft Password protected profil page Outil de génération de données par un algorithme dencryptage et protégé par 3 niveaux de coupe feu.(Trust Wave)

23 Secure and fraud proof technology

24 – The launch of the first pure Canadian Online printable destination

25 will be the first Canadian Advanced online printable coupon destination Avid Canadian internet users and shoppers dont currently find any Canadian offers like CouponClick There is lots of US players but with no Canadian coupon destination playing in that space. Consequently, Consumers are frustrated to print coupons that are redeemable in US only. Current Canadian offers like are not user-friendly and make consumers less open to fulfill their coupon needs online.

26 will be the first Canadian Advanced online printable coupon destination CouponClick will be addressing tangible consumer needs and the current socio-economic context couldnt be better for a successful launch with rapid adoption rate…

27 Compelling launch plan Pour atteindre la notoriété du site Internet national, nos objectifs sont les suivants: * À confirmer les objectifs et véhicule à utilser. Pour l'année 2008 :15% des foyers canadiens, soit: Comment y parvenir: Référencement par les moteurs de recherche: (Google, AOL, Yahoo, Canoe etc..) Plan de publicité intensif de départ Via notre intégration au portail Canoe Référencement par nos partenaires Hyperliens via les sites de nos partenaires (1 500 000) (450 000) (850 000) (200 000) The Canoe partnership will give us the reach and contextual placements throughout their network to make this launch a great success…

28 Major Partnership with CANOE.CA, Canadas online destination 8.8 Million unique visitors per month ! Reaches 37% of all internet users in Canada CouponClick will be integrated in many contextual areas targeting women (ex: Classifieds, Lifewise, Shopping, SunTV, etc) Source: comScore Mediametrix, Nov 2007 Canoe is one of the most popular portals in the country offered in both official languages. With a wide range of original content, including news, entertainment and services, Canoe speaks to Canadians, keeping them informed and connected.

29 Who are we? Couponclick inc. is the first to launch a complete interactive coupon solutions for Canadians. We pride ourself of having: A secure, effective and reliable technology that has been verified and approved by government authorities A unique technology that has greater appeal to consumers because it doesnt require users to install the typical printer application that similar US players have. This software installation is viewed as invasive by many consumers and an obvious barriers to expand the reach of the Online Printable Coupons in Canada. An in-depth understanding of the Canadian CPG industry, coupon business and Interactive media, with a management team cumulating over 60 years of experience and proven track record in these areas. The right Canadian partnership that will allow and partners offers to reach millions of Canadian consumers.

30 Who are we? Couponclick inc provides services from creation, distribution, tracking and reporting of consumer-printed coupons that can be used for traditional in-store redemption. G.V.B. promotional services is a division of CouponClick and a National «clearing house » in business for the last 33 years. This partnership allows Couponclick partners (manufacturers/retailers) to get the benefits of optical scanning of coupons used by consumers.

31 Couponclick helps you create smarter synergies between Online and offline Whether your Marketing objective is to: Boost sales / drive off line traffic Promote trials Reward loyal customers (heavy or light users) Gather rich customer information (demographic and behaviorial)

32 Launch program To fill in ?????

33 Guidelines to ensure success of your offer on CouponClick % Discount: To be motivating to the consumer, a coupons face value should be 10% - 30% of a products purchase price. Following this guideline will ensure to optimize the number of coupon prints (ie: intent to purchase) Expiration: A longer expiration increases chance of conversion (sales). 6 to 8 weeks is the norm in Canada. Purchase requirements: Clearly state and prominently display the coupons purchase requirements. Avoid complicating the offer with different sizes, flavors, etc.

34 Youve been asking for this solution… Canadian consumers are frustrated of printing US coupons… CouponClick addresses unmet consumer, manufacturer and retailer needs

35 Appendix

36 Coupon market statistics Estimated 10 year Source: Top Ten Myths about coupon redemption – Sept 2007 (Icom) Average Coupons Distributed per household FSI Share of Total Distn 2,824 82% 232 57% Redemption % 1.26%4.46% Avg Face Value $ $0.84$1.06 Expiration (Months) 3.28.0

37 Canadians and Americans use the same number of coupons per year Average coupons per year distribute to Households: 200 2000 to 3000 Approximate redemption rate: 4% 0.5%

38 Internet coupons - Marketer Benefits The Internet is an easy, cost-effective way to reach a large audience that offers marketers the potential to target individual consumers. The Internet offers the ability to do one- to-one marketing; Internet coupons can be tailored to individual consumer needs and marketers can learn more about customer buying habits. The Internet offers an upscale, educated audience. The Internet offers potential new coupon users; marketers can reach a unique audience, some of who may not be traditional coupon users. Online coupons can lead consumers to marketers home pages where the consumer can learn about other products and services, receive helpful advice or obtain additional discounts, helping to create strong brand identity and company loyalty.

39 Internet coupons - Marketer Benefits Marketers can conduct tests in real time and measure the results for an individual promotion or at the consumer level. Marketers can build ongoing relationships with consumers. In order to receive a coupon, consumers voluntarily agree to provide information and, therefore, may be more receptive to a marketers message. Marketers can integrate online coupons with other online programs and offline events. The Internet allows the continual revamping of coupon promotions. The speed and targeting capabilities of the Internet allow marketers to run last minute promotions and react to changing market conditions.

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