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Digital Marketing Helps You Sell More Cars Creating Value for your Dealership ©2010 Ira Kaufman, President Patsy Stewart, Director Social Media Robert.

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1 Digital Marketing Helps You Sell More Cars Creating Value for your Dealership ©2010 Ira Kaufman, President Patsy Stewart, Director Social Media Robert Harper, Automotive Marketing Strategist

2 Our Objective: Address Dealer Pain Points Better returns on Advertising $$ Boost 15% average customer retention Reach markets where they gather Protect against salesman personal branding

3 Four Parts Part 1: Beyond the Social Media Revolution Part 2: Auto Dealers…. Value of Social Media Part 3: How Do You Leverage Digital Media? Part 4: Lets Start--Digital Marketing Plan

4 Digital Media Revolution

5 Rupert Murdoch 79 yrs old net worth $6.3 billion global media empire – 175 newspapers, Fox Network, 35 TV stations reach 40+% countries; internet; MySpace ; Dow JonesMySpaceDow Jones

6 Integrated Digital Marketing Weaves traditional advertising (TV, radio, print, direct mail), online, PR, social media, mobile, outdoor digital Technology has re-shaped people's lives and re-defined how we work

7 Customers Dont TRUST 95% do not trust advertising 8% trust what companies say about themselves 17% believe companies take what they say seriously Alterian Research May 2010, Your Brand: At Risk or Ready for Growth? Your Brand: At Risk or Ready for Growth?

8 Social Media Live Update Clicking this link will show you how social media has been embraced. Notice the elapsed time.

9 Social Media Impacts Your Market Facebook 400+ million active users Twitter 105+ million users LinkedIn 65 million users YouTube over 2 billion views / day

10 Social Media Demographics 75% Adult Internet Users use Social Media Nielsen, June, 2010 Nielsen, June, 2010 Avg visitor spends 66% > time than 2009 Nielsen, June, 2010 Nielsen, June, 2010 80% female Internet users fan a brand on a social network 18% Internet consumers start their research with social media Nielsen *

11 Social Media Usage by Age *

12 Social Media Users Recommend Brands* * Age Social Media Users Recommend Products/Brands 18-3418% 35-4418% 45-5418% 55+24% * Harris Poll

13 Where is Your Target Market ? 2009, Boston College stopped giving Freshman email addresses* 90% of those that can TIVO ads, DO!* 24/25 of largest newspapers experienced significant decline in readership* Young professionals –82+% use social media and texting** –15% purchase influenced by social media** * Socialnomics 2010 ** ExactTarget 2010

14 Traditional Marketing… Less and Less Effective Traditional marketing focuses on TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print, Direct Mail –blast your message to a mass audience –hope that someone receives it in that instant, and will pay attention. –all your competitors are essentially doing the same thing –your strategy is to shout louder and more frequently (as you can afford), to drown out your competitors message –Infrequently get feedback from your prospects, communication is primarily one way

15 Social Media Marketing Focuses On… Meeting your prospects where they are Getting found by prospects and buyers, at the time and place of their choosing Developing relationships which last beyond the instant of contact Interacting with prospects with engaging content Converting prospects depends on providing value

16 Will Automotive Dealers Embrace Digital Media? Manufacturers are active in digital media "2010" – dealers will increase digital presence to survive and flourish Fast Company 2010 AutoNation Gets Social

17 Industry Successes BMW, GM,Toyota

18 239 dealerships across 15 states Sells more vehicles via Internet than any other auto retailer When we look at social, it is not about selling cars or making offers. Were doing it because were trying to engage with customers. Uses Social Media to Become the Un-dealer

19 2009 J.D. Power and Associates Automotive Internet Roundtable Social media: reaches more potential new-car buyers than Google positions dealers to find potential new- car buyers Warning-- overt advertising on social networks is likely to be viewed negatively by consumers

20 Customers Share Their Experiences

21 Customer Feedback

22 Creates Viral Awareness without One Dollar of Traditional Marketing People trust corporations less - allow others to create trust Reach out to those who are listening; let them talk for you Let others know that you are a real, passionate person about what they do and the Ford Brand Run a competition involving Social Mediacompetition Post user content without editing it! Use multiple social media channels to create digital buzz Get On Board executive team, board of directors

23 Leveraging Social Media Most marketing $$ focus on 20% who are buying GM targets the 80% not in the market to purchase Strategy- engage those 80% –listen to what they want –drive innovation in products –take action on what is learned GM wants brand managers, engineers and other GM workers engaging with customers via social media Then they will reach the 80% of customers who are not currently in the market to buy

24 Nissan Leaf Integrates iPhone, YouTube, Blog 171,000 views in 6 days

25 Our Challenge is Consumer Trust our positive customer reviews provides us with tremendous credibility. web traffic has increased by 40 %, nearly doubled our monthly sales, having one of our best months, when the industry is experiencing one of its worst. General Manager

26 Auto Dealers Embrace Mobile Messaging Universal City Nissan (Los Angeles) boosted sales by using mobile codes. We get as many as 20 to 30 text inquiries when we run the radio spot. Honda Mall of Georgia (Atlanta suburb) The cellphone is the most direct way to market. It creates walk-in traffic and inquiries… –appeals to ages 18-40. –customers want information without talking to a salesperson. –tracks results of advertising and interest in particular vehicles…. I know who is looking at a specific car today!

27 Mobile Drives Service! Southwest VA Ford Dealer only had 5 cars in for Fridays service work Database: 178 opt-in Sent text out on a Thursday around 3:30pm Text: Oil change w/ rotation $23.95 Friday only call now to book your appt. 555-2233 8 people responded quickly-they retained these customers Average service ticket was $171 !!! $1368 additional revenue!

28 Auto Dealers, 65+% Not Active

29 Clearly There is Value ! The Question is not IF your dealership will adopt Digital Media… But WHEN? This a repeat of the Internet Revolution; Will you position your company as an Early Adopter or Laggard?

30 Are You Leveraging Digital Media Opportunities ? Its more than--- Having a Facebook page Broadcasting Tweets Uploading YouTube Videos Blogging without a content strategy Its Digital Media Optimization

31 Has Your Ad Agency… introduced you to digital media ? leveraged your TV, radio with digital media? demonstrated competitive advantage, marketing opportunities with digital media?

32 Traditional Media Changes Past 20 Years 1.Significant expansion of traditional media channels with greatly reduced reach 2.Increased $$ to reach same % of market with same # of impressions 3.Decreased # of potential audiences (youth, women, executives) accessible via traditional media Dealers need an Digital Marketing Strategy

33 Are You Listening to Your Company Chatter? Google Alerts Twitter search Facebook newsfeed and status updates LinkedIn Q & A Google Blog search

34 What Are They Saying ?

35 4.2 Million Views Leveraging Them? Toyota Swagger Wagon

36 Facebook Should Be Interactive NOT One Way

37 Facebook Should Be Engaging

38 If you act in new ways, you will realize new results In 2010 auto dealers will Integrate Digital Marketing to realize a powerful edge If you dont respond, your competitive advantage will be vulnerable

39 Are You Ready ? Do You Hear the Call?

40 Lets Start Where are your customers? Are you where your customers are? Are you engaging them? What are your results? Are your current marketing efforts maximizing results?

41 Digital Marketing Strategy

42 Digital Marketing Strategic Imperative 1.Develop a Roadmap to navigate the world of digital media 2.Ask the right questions 3.Go beyond traditional marketing as independent silos; integrate your efforts PR WEB TV RadioRadio SocialSocial Integrate silos

43 traditional advertising online marketing social media social public relations Integrate Your Media Synergize … Build on each other

44 Assess Your Digital Footprint 1.Google your company name 2.Print 1 st two pages 3.Track social mentions 4.Evaluate the search engine optimization results Traces left by someones active and passive activity in a digital environmentdigital environment

45 Dealer Touchpoint Map Objectives: Promote sales, service Current Tactics: TV, radio, direct mail, PR Increase Touchpoints using: Blog articles, Youtube Channel Twitter Facebook Social PR Search engine optimization

46 Touch Your Customers

47 Should You Use Facebook? Yes! Yes! Facebook is the #1 social destination Surpassed Google as #1 Trafficked Site Reaches 217,440 within 50 miles of Roanoke and Lynchburg 41% penetration among internet users Facebook Global Monitor 41% penetration among internet users Facebook Global Monitor Users spend 7hrs+ per mo The Nielsen Company Users spend 7hrs+ per mo The Nielsen Company 25-34yr demo doubling every 6 months * 25-34yr demo doubling every 6 months * 35-54 yr growing fastest, with a 276.4% growth rate* 35-54 yr growing fastest, with a 276.4% growth rate* 55+ demo not far behind with a 194.3% growth rate* 55+ demo not far behind with a 194.3% growth rate* * Facebook Demographics 2009

48 What are FB Users Looking For? Getting news or product updates (67%) Having access to promotions (64%) Viewing videos/music (41%) Submitting opinions (36%) Connecting with other consumers (33%) Pace University study, 12/08

49 Twitter … say it in 140 characters 105 million registered users New users signing up 300,000 per day 180 million unique visitors visit monthly 3 billion requests a day Power search engine receives 600 million search queries/day

50 Whos on LinkedIn? 65 million Professionals Avg income $109k Avg age 37 - 52 Entrepreneurs – 31% Executives – 18% Decision Makers – 42% 61,300 professionals -- Roanoke 75 mile radius *From Advertising

51 Foursquare Location Marketing

52 Prove Media Works Track - Evaluate ROI 1.Webstats - Google Analytics 2.Bud URLS 3.Facebook Stats 4.Social mentions Service Departments have a successful tracking model

53 When Do We See Results? You will 1.Increase Website Traffic 2.Increase Dealer Buzz 3.Build Facebook, Twitter Followers 4.Realize referrals 3-6 Months Setup, Positioning

54 Digital Marketing Best Practices 1.Commit resources - executive buy-in; staff; training; $$ 2. Build on what you are doing - Incorporate social media to leverage current marketing 3. Listen, Plan, Test - Monitor digital buzz, what customers are saying; create your strategy and then test it 4. Develop competitive edge – as an early adopter you can define your position 5. Be consistent, not overpowering - Maintain your Brand; increase your digital presence, but dont irritate

55 6. Develop, maintain relationships - Touch your potential car buyers and customers with regular alerts on new inventory, service advice/coupons 7. Integrate - Weave your TV, radio with mobile, and social media 8. Measure - Monitor your company's digital chatter and presence 9. Evaluate your ROI - Evaluate, readjust your tactics to meet goals 10. Keep Current…Drive Innovation - With daily changes, have experts keep your finger on the pulse Digital Marketing Best Practices- 2

56 Digital Solutions - a taste! Create BUZZZ –Crowdsource contest improve customer service department Create an Attention Getting Event –Peoria AZ 150 car challenge Create Loyalty Program –JD Power, Loyalty is the #1 marketing tool for the automobile dealer.

57 About the Presenters Ira Kaufman, President, Ira challenges owners and senior executives to clarify their goals and translate them into a consistent Brand and Integrated Media Marketing Strategy. He combines 30 years of rich experiences with businesses and nonprofits to guide them to leverage the power of social media for marketing, recruitment and organizational development. Ira collaborates with a team of experts to design interactive environments to create long term business value by integrating traditional advertising, online marketing, public relations and social media. His strong values and sensitivity to organization innovation and change are the foundation of his work. Ira has a PhD in Marketing and serves as a consultant, public speaker, and lecturer for companies and Senior Executive programs. Patsy Stewart, Director Social Media and Training, Patsy is responsible for designing and implementing social media strategies as part of an Integrated Media Marketing plan. She specializes in working with clients to generate conversations that create relationships. Patsy is well known throughout Virginia as a speaker, trainer and thought leader in Social Media. She managed a recruitment team that was recognized as one of the top 50 recruiters nationally using Twitter/social media. She is a national speaker, contributor to business publications and she authored the ebook, "How to Grow Your Digital Footprint". Robert Harper, Automotive Marketing Strategist, Robert is a 36 year automotive veteran. Prior to joining the Entwine team, he was President of Miracle Ford, Senior Vice president of the Berglund Automotive Group, operated his own consulting business, and was co-owner of Dave Sarmadi Mitsubishi. He has worked with auto advertising budgets from $200,000 to $3.5 million/ year.

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