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Information for Seniors and Their Parents

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1 Information for Seniors and Their Parents
SENIOR ADVISEMENT Information for Seniors and Their Parents

2 Topics for Discussion Counselors - College Admission Standards
College Application Process Transcript Request Procedure Letters of Recommendations - Credits and Honor Points Numeric Average GPA vs NGA - College Admission Standards - GPA - Researching colleges - Honor Code - SAT/ACT - Scholarships/Financial Aid - HOPE Changes - NCAA

3 Northview High School – Counselors
Students are assigned to counselors according to their last name: Counselor Student Caseload Kellen Ward (A-C) Laura Ashby (D-I) Andy Alhadeff (J- Mah) Renee Ferrerio, Dept Chair (Mai-N) Allison Leja (O-Sj) Steve Creel (Sk-Z)

4 College Application Process
What still needs to be done? Complete college research & college applications Understand the difference between being able to get into a college and being able to AFFORD a college. Understand the difference between high school graduation requirements and college entrance requirements Understand that there are high school deadlines and college deadlines for admissions, scholarships, NCAA, HOPE, FAFSA Submit all requests for transcripts, evaluations and letters by the high school deadline Research scholarships and financial aid

5 College Application Process
High School Deadlines There will be a strict minimum three week (or 15 business day) high school deadline prior to the college deadline for students submitting any requests for Transcripts, Letters of Recommendation, or HS Counselor Section evaluations for a college application or for a scholarship to the Counseling Office. This deadline excludes holidays and only includes working business days. Students who fail to turn in their applications/request prior to the three week deadline may NOT receive a letter of recommendation from their counselor.

6 College Application Process
Failure to waive rights to view your application (if asked) will result in minimal or generic academic information being reported. All Senior Students need to submit a SENIOR INFO SHEET by Sept. 6th

7 Transcript Request
Four types of transcript requests: Paper Transcript Request (Out of State/Scholarship) Electronic Transcript Request (In State) Common App Transcript Request UGA Transcript Request The college will be specific how the transcript is sent. Follow the specific college’s instructions. Transcript requests begins September 3rd (some have done transcript request and will need to redo Sept 3rd) Paper Transcript Requests (Out of State/Scholarship) are $3.00 and YOU must provide a stamped addressed 9x12 envelope

8 Common Application
Common Applications MUST have you submit counselor information before a counselor can fill anything out. A correct address must be entered for your counselor in order for it to reach their account. A list of all colleges that utilize common application should be listed on their website at . No envelopes are needed for Common App. Everything is electronically uploaded. This link will teach you how to complete an application on common app.

9 UGA UGA Transcript requests require their own form as there is a lot of information required. UGA applications must be submitted online prior to transcript requests being turned in. Please indicate if you plan to apply for a scholarship at UGA. Be mindful of the SAT/ACT and GPA requirements. Students who miss their deadlines will not receive a letter of recommendation and may not receive an evaluation if time does not permit. No envelopes are required for UGA applications. Everything will be uploaded electronically.

10 UGA/GA Tech Early Action applicants must complete Part 1 and submit transcript request form by September 20, 2013 to meet the October 15th deadline Early Action applicants will be notified by December 15th. Regular Decision applicants must complete Part 1 and 2 and submit the transcript request form by December 20, 2013.

11 Paper- Out of State/Scholarship Transcripts
Paper Transcript requests are used for all colleges OUTSIDE of Georgia that are not on the Common Application and cannot receive electronic transcripts A 9x12 self adhesive envelope made out to the college admissions office must accompany your transcript request. Proper postage must also be attached. Return address labels are available with NHS address. Pre stamped envelopes are available for sale in The Agora for $3.00 A $3.00 fee is required for a transcript request that needs to be mailed. A $3.00 fee is also required for any mid year reports that must be sent and a request form must be filled out.


13 Electronic (In State) Transcripts
Electronic Transcript requests are used for Georgia colleges that are not on the Common Application and for NCAA transcript requests. All transcripts will be uploaded through This form should not be used for UGA. If a paper letter of recommendation is “required” please submit a legal size envelope with proper address and postage with transcript request form.

14 Letter of Recommendation
Print a copy of your senior info sheet BEFORE submitting it online. You will need to give this to your teachers who are writing recommendation letters for you.

15 Letters of Recommendation-Teacher
Could be Paper or Electronic Requires a Senior Info Sheet filled out & Self Addressed Stamped Envelope given to the teacher Teacher will mail if paper or send electronically (Student will communicate the deadline) Please give your teachers at least a three week lead time to write you a letter

16 Letters of Recommendation-Counselor
Some schools want Letters of Recommendation and some do not. Check the application if required. Do not assume every college needs or even wants a Letter of Recommendation. Be considerate and mindful of your recommender when requesting a Letter of Recommendation. Three week notice required excluding holidays and breaks.

17 College Admission Standards
GPA – Typically average in academic core on a 4.0 scale (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Language) Course Selection (rigor; difficulty level) – Selective colleges are looking at the strength or rigor of your courses throughout high school, including your senior year. We highly recommend seniors take a minimum of 4 academics each semester. (For highly selective colleges, a minimum of 5 each semester) Test Scores (SAT and/or ACT) Class Rank – Based on overall numeric weighted average Extracurricular Activities – Leadership and participation in clubs, service and sports can be particularly important to competitive colleges

18 College Admission Standards
College Application Essays – Required essays on the college application are important because they demonstrate your writing ability and give the college more information about you. Please seek advice when writing an essay and make sure to proofread for errors Letters of Recommendation – Request teacher recommendation three weeks before needed and counselor recommendation at least three weeks prior to the college’s deadline Resume – Contains academic info., honors & awards, extracurricular activities, work/volunteer experience, etc. Interviews

19 GPA Student should contact college to find how they calculate GPA
High School GPA is calculated by the postsecondary institution not the high school (Fulton County does not calculate) College GPA is different than the Fulton County Numeric Average Student should contact college to find how they calculate GPA Most colleges use this scale: A = 4.0, B = 3.0, C = 2.0, D = 1.0, F = 0.0 Most colleges only consider academic courses (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language) Some colleges may give additional points for Honors, AP, and College courses Some colleges may take off the additional 7 points added for Honors, AP and college courses

20 Researching Colleges Use the Internet
GAcollege411 Georgia Career Information Service (GCIS) User ID: nviewhs Password: gcis1890 - Visit college websites and note deadlines

21 Research College Visit with College Representatives at Northview High School How to register online is on the next slide Visit College Campuses Request up to 6 days of pre approved absences each year to visit colleges Start visits junior year and complete them by early fall of your senior year Meet with representatives from admissions, financial aid and from your area of interest and ask questions during your visit.

22 College Visits at NHS College Rep appointments can be made online at
Students register by clicking on the college name and following the links. Once registered, students must print their permission slip and take it to the appropriate teacher for approval and signature. Students must register at least 1 full school day prior to the session. The registration will close 1 day prior to the session. THE REGISTRATION SYSTEM WILL ONLY PRINT ONE PERMISSION SLIP AT THE TIME YOU REGISTER. LOST PERMISSION SLIPS WILL NOT BE REPLACED. YOU MUST HAVE A SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP WITH YOU TO ATTEND THE COLLEGE REP VISIT.

23 Research Colleges Use the College Career Room to research colleges and scholarships Attend College Fairs PROBE College Fair Tuesday, September 10, pm- 9pm (North Point Mall) Wednesday, September 11, pm- 8:30pm (Gwinnett Civic Center)

24 KIPP Through College National College Fair
September 7, :00pm – 6:00pm All high school Juniors and Seniors are invited! This event is open to the public. Over 160 colleges and universities! KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School 1952 Calloway Drive, N.W. Atlanta, GA 30314

25 Strategies in Developing your Colleges List
Narrow your list to somewhere around 4-8 colleges – List should be balanced View the school profiles, and compare the admissions data to your own academic record and test scores. - Dream/Reach school (less than 30% chance of admission) - Your Academic Record/Test scores are at or above average - For highly selective schools, your scores should meet or be above average - Good Fit/Target school (30%-60% chance of admission) - Your Academic Record/Test Scores are in line with average - Safety school (greater than 60% chance of admission) - Your Academic Record/Test Scores are above average - You need at least one safety school - Highly selective school should never be considered safety - Close to home (more affordable) - Consider location and the cost of traveling home Apply to schools that are a good match for your personality, interests, and career goals

26 Research Colleges Regular Decision
Types of Admissions Decisions Regular Decision Early Action - Invite early applications; Receives notice of admission. If accepted, student is not obligated to attend. Early Decision - Receives notice of admission early; If accepted, student is obligated to attend; If accepted, student must withdraw all other applications. If accepted, student is obligated to attend.

27 Research College Visit the college or college’s website
Make sure you find out and meet minimum high school courses for admissions, particularly if OUT-OF-STATE. Check GPA, SAT/ACT, etc and anything else that is required for admissions.

28 Georgia Tech Factors for Freshman Admissions
We DO consider OPTIONAL We DON’T consider GPA/ Rigor of Curriculum Extracurricular Involvement Personal Essays School Report Teacher Rec. SAT Subject Test AP/IB Scores Additional Information Major Choice TOEFL Exam Scores Personal Interview Class Rank Other recommendations

29 University of Georgia Factors for Freshman Admissions
Demonstrated Academic Achievement GPA in Core Academics The rigor of Course selection The best combination of scores on SAT/ACT and includes writing assessment Review of deficiencies in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, or Foreign Language Any Grades of “D” or “F” CONSIDERATIONS: High School Grades Carry the Most Weight Curriculum Difficulty and the College Prep Curriculum Standardized Tests: ACT, SAT I, and SAT II (SAT II recommended not required) Application Essay

30 Honor Code/Discipline
If a college or scholarship program inquires about honor code violations or discipline, we are obligated to report this information. Also, inquiries on a student's integrity may also be affected if the student has a documented out of school suspension or honor code violation. Acceptance to college is provisional and the colleges hold all of the rights. Colleges reserve the right to rescind admission or put you on immediate probation.

31 SAT vs ACT College Entrance Exams
SAT I Scores College admission test that measures students’ mathematical ability, critical reading knowledge, and writing skill. SAT Subject Tests Scores One-hour tests offered in subjects such as English, foreign language, science, history, and mathematics. Some colleges require the SAT II test(s) & students should check with each college to determine whether it is necessary to take the SAT II(s).

32 SAT vs ACT College Entrance Exams
American College Testing Program (ACT) Scores 0-36 College admission test which measures aptitude and skill in English, math, reading, natural sciences, and writing. Test Registration SAT ACT High School Code

33 SAT vs ACT SAT ACT Type of Test Test Dates October 5 November 2
Test of critical thinking and problem solving ACT Content-based test Test Dates October 5 November 2 December 7 January 25 September 21 October 26 December 14 Score 600 to 2400 1 to 36 Penalty for wrong answers Yes No Structure Critical Reading Math (through Algebra 2) Writing English Math (through trigonometry) Reading Science Reasoning Writing (Optional)

34 Scholarships/Financial Aid
All Scholarships that we become aware of will be posted to the NHS Counseling website. Student should check this resource frequently. - Research scholarships on the internet Contact colleges directly about financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Colleges award many renewable scholarships. Ask about criteria, procedures and deadlines A great site to learn about types of Financial Aid, who is eligible, FAFSA and more is: Financial Aid Night at Northview High hosted by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. A GSFC representative will be at Northview on January 16, 2014 at 6:30pm in the NHS Auditorium to outline the FAFSA form and review HOPE scholarship information

35 HOPE GPA A 3.0 GPA is required by averaging core coursework, including failing grades, on a 4.0 scale Core Courses Conversion English Math Science Social Science World Language Honors points are removed and a 0.50 weighting is added back in for AP courses/Dual Enrollment/IB courses only, not to exceed 4.0 Middle school credit is not calculated in the HOPE GPA All calculations are done by the Georgia Student Finance Commission A 90 to 100 4.0 Points B 80 to 89 3.0 Points C 70 to 79 2.0 Points F 0 to 69 0 Points Counselors are not responsible for calculating the HOPE GPA A 2.99 GPA does NOT qualify you for HOPE

36 HOPE Scholarship Basic eligibility requirements:
Students graduating under the single diploma type must have a 3.0 GPA as calculated by GSFC. The GPA calculation is the same calculation that was mandated in the HOPE changes in 2004. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in college to maintain the HOPE Scholarship. If a student falls below a 3.0 GPA in college, they may only regain the HOPE Scholarship one time. A student that does not graduate from high school as a HOPE Scholar, can earn a 3.0 GPA in college and enter the HOPE Scholarship program at the 30, 60 or 90 semester hour check point or equivalent quarter hour check point. The HOPE Scholarship will not pay for remedial or developmental courses.

37 The HOPE Scholarship will pay:
At ALL Georgia postsecondary institution, a percentage amount of the standard tuition charges from the previous year. At ALL Georgia private postsecondary institution, a percentage amount of the HOPE award for private colleges. Will ONLY pay for in state schools. Award Amounts: Payment amount for private & public colleges and universities can be located on on the HOPE Program Changes page

38 Zell Miller Scholarship
Major premise of the program is that it pays 100% of tuition. A student must meet all the requirements to be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship, plus: Graduate from an eligible high school with a grade point average of at least a 3.7 as calculated by GSFC and having received a score of at least 1,200 combined critical reading score and math score on a single administration of the SAT or an ACT score of at least 26; or Or Graduated from an eligible high school as the valedictorian or salutatorian SAT/ACT scores MUST be submitted to GSFC to be considered

39 Zell Miller Scholar Program
A student must maintain a 3.3 grade point average in college to maintain the Zell Miller Scholar program. If a student loses eligibility for the Zell Miller Scholar program for any reason, they may regain that eligibility one time. They remain eligible for the HOPE Scholarship provided the student’s GPA is still a 3.0 or above.

40 HOPE Apply for the HOPE Apply for the HOPE or Complete FAFSA starting January senior year: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - or Georgia Student Financial Aid Application System (GSFAPPS) - View your HOPE average Go to and login to your account. For Additional Information on HOPE Contact Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) or

41 Program changes are available on the website

42 NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse
If you are planning on participating in intercollegiate athletics at an NCAA Division I or II institution you must register with the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse Access the registration materials by visiting the NCAA website When taking the SAT/ACT, enter 9999 for scores to be sent to NCAA Students and parents are responsible for determining NCAA eligibility to Division I and Division II schools Counselor’s are neither responsible nor allowed to determine eligibility

43 COMMUNICATION You should have received email alerts for this meeting.
If you do not receive any communication from the counseling office, make certain we have your updated address. You may send your updated to Make sure to include your legal name and your student’s grade level



46 Don’t Forget…. Check the counseling website frequently for scholarship opportunities: Follow us on Facebook at: Follow us on Twitter  This entire presentation will be added to the counseling website to review as needed!

47 This power point will be uploaded to the counseling website on Friday
This power point will be uploaded to the counseling website on Friday. Please become familiar with the process by reviewing the information before you begin applying to colleges.

48 Q & A You will receive a Survey Monkey via text message and your . Please give us your feedback!! It is the policy of the Fulton County School System not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, or disability in any employment practice, educational program, or any other program, activity or service.

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