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B URSARY AND S CHOLARSHIP R ESUME 2012 - 2013. B EFORE Y OU B EGIN There isnt much difference between a work resume and a bursary resume. Bursary resumes.

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2 B EFORE Y OU B EGIN There isnt much difference between a work resume and a bursary resume. Bursary resumes will focus more on academic achievements and school and community activities rather than work experience. Both types of resumes will: Be easy to read (print size & font style) Be well organized – subheadings and bullets Be 1 – 2 pages in length

3 B EFORE Y OU B EGIN Place your name, address and phone number at the top of the page. You can include your email address if you wish. Only include subheadings for which you have information or experience. Eliminate the other subheadings. Get your parents to help you recall information such as volunteer activities. Only use activities for grades 10, 11 and 12 unless you have been continually participating for several years.

4 T O S TART Name, address and phone number should be prominently displayed. Subtitle: Career Pathway Explain where you would like to continue your education, field of study and your ultimate career goal. Subtitle: Education Identify the name of your high school and expected year of graduation.

5 R ESUME L AYOUT DAVID JONES 1500 Malahat Ave Courtenay, BC V9N 2Z4 (250) 334-1000 Educational Pathways My goal is to attend North Island College for two years before transferring to the University of Victoria. The area... Education Mark R. Isfeld Secondary Graduating June 2013 Your name & contact information Subheadings should be highlighted (bold print)

6 A CADEMIC A CHIEVEMENTS Include: All awards Honour Roll standing Grade point average (GPA) Math competitions Science Fair Special programs or classes taken outside of regular school

7 A CADEMIC A CHIEVEMENTS Place the most recent information first. If more than one achievement in a given year, list the most important one first. If some achievements span several years, put the longest term achievements that are still current first.

8 A CADEMIC A CHIEVEMENTS Education Mark R. Isfeld Secondary Graduating June 2013 Awards and Honours Received 2012Mark R. Isfeld Secondary Community Service Award Comox Valley Festival of the Arts, Gold place in Piano Solo 2011Most Improved Athlete in Physical Education Award 2010Comox Valley Heritage Society, painting selected to appear in exhibition 2010-12Passport to Education recipient Most recent information goes first.

9 E XTRA C URRICULAR - A THLETIC A CHIEVEMENTS Include: All awards Team memberships Organizing of events Helping with events – at school & community Group by sport or activity. Within each grouping, begin with the most recent achievement or activity.

10 E XTRA C URRICULAR - A RT A CHIEVEMENTS Include all involvement: drama music dance art Follow the same suggestions as Athletic Achievements.

11 E XTRA C URRICULAR - A THLETIC /A RTS A CHIEVEMENTS Extra Curricular Activities 2012Rainbow Youth Theatre, role of Rolfe in Sound of Music production 2011-12Mark R. Isfeld Secondary, Football team 2010-12 Mark R. Isfeld Secondary, Volleyball team Mark R. Isfeld Secondary, Senior Jazz Band 2005-12Private piano lessons You only need to place the date once for several activities done at the same time

12 S CHOOL AND C OMMUNITY I NVOLVEMENT School membership in: clubs Student Council (government) school volunteer experiences

13 S CHOOL AND C OMMUNITY I NVOLVEMENT Include community memberships: community groups church groups other volunteer activities in which you have been involved that did not take place at your school site (e.g. Volunteer firefighter, United Way Youth Committee, summer day camps)

14 S CHOOL AND C OMMUNITY I NVOLVEMENT School and Community Involvement 2010-12 Mark R. Isfeld Secondary Interact Club 2011Counter Attack Road Sense Club, assisted with coordination of trauma room for Vancouver Island Conference. 2009-11Mark R. Isfeld Environmental Club, assisted in petitioning t save local green space and planting trees in community parks. 2008Puntledge River Hatchery Tour (elementary school field trip project) Be sure to line up your columns. The TAB key is important. Continue to place most recent items first.

15 W ORK E XPERIENCE Include paid or volunteer experiences from summer or continuing positions. Once again, begin with the most recent activities.

16 W ORK E XPERIENCE Work Experience 2010-12 McDonalds Restaurant, cashier 2010-12 Kids Fest volunteer 2009-10 Courtenay Recreation Centre, Summer Kids in the Park Camp 2008-10 Babysitting Be sure to leave a space between the subheading and the information that follows. Also leave a space before adding another subheading

17 S KILLS AND A TTRIBUTES This can be broken down into several areas if needed. (e.g. Typing, Languages, Computer Skills) Focus on strengths and positive qualities that enhance who you are and give insight to your character. Sample adjective terms to consider: Organized, attentive to detail, dependable, excellent memory, outgoing, positive demeanor, strong verbal and written communication skills, able to work effectively as a team player, etc.

18 S EMINARS / C ONFERENCES A TTENDED Record any seminar or conference attended – in or out of town. Examples: Career Fair P.A.R.T.Y. Program World Host Program Red Cross Training Food Safe

19 I NTERESTS List some areas that are of interest, hobbies or past- times. Examples: classic cars martial arts gardening horseback riding

20 R EFERENCES Select 3 people who know you well. (Teachers, coaches, instructors, family friends, etc.) Do NOT include parents or other relatives. Also do NOT include anyone who is not an adult Be sure to ask them if they are willing to be your reference. You will need their contact information (full name, address and phone number)

21 R EFERENCES References Mrs. Kathleen Smith, Piano Teacher #100 – 1000 Noel Ave. Comox, BC V8M 1Z2 (250) 339-0000 Constable Huxley, School Liaison Officer RCMP Courtenay Detachment 1000 Ryan Road Courtenay, BC V9N 1Z2 (250) 338-0000 Ms. Hedy Fixit, Counsellor Mark R. Isfeld Secondary 1551 Lewick Road Courtenay, BC V9N 9B5 (250)334-2428 Be sure to ask if a person will be a reference before adding them to your resume.

22 R ESUME S TYLES Check the Internet to look at a variety of styles. Just be sure to keep your resume easy to read. Some websites to look at: pack/44004? =tulern24 SearchBox&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ei=7yO9ULn6KYK1iwKL1o H4CA&ved=0CEcQsAQ&biw=1272&bih=836#hl=en&tbo=d&rls=com.mi crosoft:en-ca:IE- SearchBox&tbm=isch&q=sample+student+resume&revid=2078471965 &sa=X&ei=ICS9UP_CKYSGjAKBpYD4BA&ved=0CF0QgxY&bav=on.2,o r.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=7bf19b4e4c8c7416&bpcl=39314241&biw=1272&bi h=836

23 L IST OF A CTION W ORDS Accepted Accomplished Achieved Acquired Activated Adapted Adjusted Analyzed Answered Applied Arranged Assembled Assigned Assisted Attended Balanced Began Brought Built Calculated Canvassed Cared for Categorized Classified Coached Collaborated Collected Combined Communicated Compared Compiled Completed Composed Computed Conceived Conducted Conferred Confirmed Consolidated Constructed Contacted Contributed Controlled Converted Coordinated Correlated Counselled Created Cultivated Customized More words

24 L IST OF A CTION W ORDS Dealt with Debugged Decided Dedicated Defined Delegated Delivered Demonstrated Described Designated Designed Detailed Detected Determined Developed Devised Diagnosed Directed Discussed Documented Drafted Earned Edited Educated Encouraged Engaged Enhanced Ensured Established Estimated Examined Excelled Exercised Expanded Explained Facilitated Filed Formulated Founded Gathered Generated Graded Granted Guided Handled Headed Helped More words

25 L IST OF A CTION W ORDS Identified Implemented Improved Increased Indicated Informed Initiated Instructed Integrated Interacted Interpreted Introduced Invented Investigated Justified Labeled Launched Lectured Led Licensed Located Maintained Managed Measured Mediated Modeled Modified Monitored Motivated Notified Observed Obtained Operated Orchestrated Ordered Organized Outlined Oversaw More words

26 L IST OF A CTION W ORDS Packaged Participated Perceived Performed Planned Positioned Prepared Presented Presided Printed Processed Produced Programmed Promoted Provided Published Qualified Questioned Rated Received Recommended Recorded Reduced Referred Regulated Related Removed Reorganized Repaired Replaced Reported Represented Researched Responded Reviewed Revised Saved Scheduled Screened Searched Secured Selected Served Settled Simplified Solicited More words

27 L IST OF A CTION W ORDS Spoke Strengthened Studied Submitted Succeeded Summarized Supervised Supplied Taught Tested Trained Transferred Transformed Translated Transmitted Transported Treated Tutored Updated Used Utilized Verified Visited Volunteered Worked

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