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ERA GLONASS project Road Accident Emergency Response System

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1 ERA GLONASS project Road Accident Emergency Response System
Vladimir Vozhzhov Deputy CEO Navigation-Information Systems JSC 16 February 2011

2 Navigation-Information Systems, JSC: Public Private Partnership
Government of Russia NIS Board of Directors Sergey Shoigu (Chairman) Minister of Emergency Situations Igor Levitin Minister of Transport Naum Marder Deputy Minister of Telecom Anatoly Perminov Head of the Federal Space Agency Vladimir Evtushenkov Sistema Chairman of the Board and other members MTS – Leading Russian and World Top 10 MNO by number of subscribers COMSTAR – Leading Russian supplier of integrated telecommunication solutions Sitronics – Leading Eastern European high-tech company RTI Systems – Leading system integrator in the field of Radar/Radio technologies and ground control systems and other companies Federal Space Agency State Company Russian Space Systems Sistema Joint Stock Financial Corporation is the largest public financial company in Russia and the CIS. With its highly diverse portfolio, Sistema manages companies serving over 100 million customers in various markets including telecommunications, high-tech, oil and energy, radio and aerospace, banking, real estate, retail, mass media, tourism, and healthcare.

3 ERA GLONASS Project Environment
Citizens: millions Cars: millions Trucks: 5.3 millions Buses: Territory: km2 11 large cities 1 140 medium-sized towns villages km of local roads km of main roads Road Accidents in 2009: accidents involving injury injuries fatalities To date, Emergency Answering Service Points are structured by type of emergency: fire / police / ambulance. The 112 System is in early stages of implementation.

4 For comparison: this ratio is 0.01 in Germany
Situation on Russian roads: Growing Number of Cars on the Road / Low Safety Number of Cars, thousand Source: Rosstat (as of year beginning) Severity of road accidents (fatalities/number of accidents) Source: State Traffic Safety Inspectorate For comparison: this ratio is 0.01 in Germany Passenger cars per 1,000 people Source: Rosstat (as of year beginning) 3% Death in hospital Instantaneous death in road accident Structure of road accident fatalities, % ("golden hour") Source: Health and Social Development Ministry Death before arrival at hospital 41 % 56 % Improving road safety calls for a number of organizational and technical measures ensuring a shorter ambulance response time.

5 Road Safety in Russia vs Other Countries
Number of deaths per 100 injured in road accidents in different countries Country Number of deaths Japan 1,3% United Kingdom 1,4% Canada 1,9% USA 2,0% Italy 3,0% Sweden 3,3% Norway 3,8% Country Number of deaths South Korea 4,2% Spain 5,8% Hungary 6,4% France 6,7% Greece 8,3% Turkey 9,0% Poland 10,3% RUSSIA: 12 – 14%

6 ERA GLONASS: Interaction with System-112 and Emergency Response Services

7 ERA GLONASS Project History
June 2009 The ERA-GLONASS project concept developed as a basis for promoting the use of GLONASS technology July 2009 The ERA-GLONASS project presented by the Russian Space Systems JSC at the meeting of the taskforce of the Presidential Commission of Economic Modernization and Technical Development October 2009 The ERA-GLONASS project approved by the Presidential Commission of Economic Modernization and Technical Development April 2010 The Presidential Commission of Economic Modernization and Technical Development endorsed the ERA-GLONASS project roadmap May 2010 The Russian Government Resolution No.731-r of May 14, 2010 designated NIS JSC as the sole contractor for the ERA-GLONASS project. May 2010 The Russian Government awarded Contract No.778-П001/10 for ERA-GLONASS project front-end engineering design (FEED) to NIS JSC (May 25, 2010)

8 ERA-GLONASS: System Design Milestones and Activities
2010 FEED Startup 2011 Building the system 2012 Pilot testing 2013 Full-scale operation Legislation enabling the creation and operation of ERA-GLONASS System May 2010 Start of ERA-GLONASS project (Government Contract signed) 2013 ERA-GLONASS full-scale operation startup 1 Design of ERA-GLONASS SAS infrastructure 2 Integration with emergency response services 3 Equipping vehicles with ERA-GLONASS terminals 4 Development of value-added services based on ERA-GLONASS infrastructure 5 Commercial operation of the ERA-GLONASS system will start in 2013.

9 Architecture of Russian ERA GLONASS and European eCall Systems

10 Open Architecture of the ERA-GLONASS System
End Users ERA-GLONASS Infrastructure Service Delivery Platform MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) Data Network Precise Positioning System Network of Navigation Information Centers Operators of fleet management systems Insurance Companies Toll road operators Stolen Vehicle Recovery service providers Location-based service providers Location-based content providers ERA-GLONASS system: the basis for integration of navigation information systems.

11 ERA-GLONASS: Infrastructure facilitating the Expansion of GLONASS Technologies in Russia
Geographical distribution of the ERA GLONASS infrastructure: Moscow: Federal Navigation Information Center (FNIC); 15 Regional Navigation Information Centers (RNIC); 83 service centers for technical support; Maximum coverage with cellular networks (based on MVNO – mobile virtual network operator); High-precision positioning network. To date: 70 regional dispatch centers deployed (October 2010); System architecture and functionality developed; MVNO license and communication network code 55 obtained, numbering range ( ) secured – 100 million numbers; Two pilot projects in progress (in the Kaluga and Ryazan regions). St. Petersburg Archangelsk Dubna Moscow Kaluga Staryi Oskol Chistopol Saratov Krasnodar Ufa Volgograd Krasnoyarsk Novosibirsk Khabarovsk Barnaul ERA-GLONASS project provides infrastructure for the broad use of GLONASS technologies

12 MVNO Advantages One party responsible for:
Optimization of service coverage area and roaming issues MSD reception on infrastructure side and data delivery to PSAP system Processing of emergency SMS by a dedicated SMS Center SIM-cards logistics and provisioning Numbering

13 NIS JSC Navigation Information System is Designed with the Use of Advanced Technologies Provided by Leading Russian and Global Companies Reliable and secure communication lines Single multiservice platform Centralized billing High-precision positioning Unified map resources

14 Stolen Vehicle Recovery systems Onboard navigation equipment
The ERA-GLONASS Terminal Provides the Platform for Multipurpose Onboard Devices ERA-GLONASS navigation and communication terminal Fleet Management Systems Toll road system (12-ton trucks) Additional equipment Additional Functionality Stolen Vehicle Recovery systems Digital tachographs Onboard navigation equipment Installation of ERA-GLONASS terminals will be mandatory for vehicle categories M and N as of 2013.

15 ERA GLONASS Global Awareness and Product Plans
Information provided to the leading automotive electronics suppliers QUANTA COMPUTER Base and extended aftermarket / retrofit product development proposals received from 8 global companies

16 ERA-GLONASS Local Awareness and Product Plans
Information provided to the Russian the following companies Companies proposals review ongoing

17 Support of Value-Added Services by Different Versions of ERA-GLONASS Terminal

18 ERA-GLONASS Navigation Information Service Simulator

19 ERA GLONASS Project Status
Draft amendments to Technical Regulations on Vehicle Safety were published and passed public discussion. Presently, the amendments are undergoing the state approval process. Draft IVS requirements were circulated and discussed with project stakeholders. ERA GLONASS infrastructure design is in progress. Infrastructure will be available to support trials from the beginning of 2011, full-scale pilot projects from the beginning of 2012 and be ready for production by the end of 2012. NIS was licensed as the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). The drafting of regulations for 112-call prioritization is currently in progress. Pilot projects were launched in two regions (Kaluga and Ryazan). Two more regions (the Moscow region and the Leningrad region) will join the pilot program this year. The pilot program in the Leningrad region is being designed to support the cross-border ERA GLONASS / eCall joint pilot project with Finland.

20 Amendments to Regulations on Vehicle Safety
Amendments are proposed to come into effect on January 1, 2013 for all vehicles manufactured after this date. Retrofit IVS configuration is allowed, as well as OEM preinstalled configuration. GLONASS should be used to locate the vehicle either alone or in combination with other systems (GPS and/or GALILEO). IVS should enable automatic and manual emergency call with MSD transmission. The regulations contain provisions for recording and transmission of the acceleration profile before, and in the course of, the accident. The IVS system shall report its status at preconfigured time intervals as part of its operability control. If it identifies an internal failure, the system reports such a failure immediately. It should be possible to initiate IVS test from the vehicle at a service center or in course of technical inspection.

21 In-Vehicle System Requirements
MSD transmission mechanism ETSI in-band modem (primary method) SMS (secondary method); SMS can be used at the request of the PSAP operator (if voice call was established, but data could not be transmitted in-band) or initiated by IVS if voice call could not be established; Testing mode for user-initiated IVS functional test; OTA configuration; OTA firmware update; Optional functional requirements to support value-added services. Requirements were discussed with more than 10 global, and more than 15 Russian suppliers of telematic systems. Received comments will be incorporated into a stable version of the requirements to be finalized in November.

22 112-calls prioritization
112-calls prioritization is an important component of ERA GLONASS project. NIS will prepare a proposal by the end of this year for mandatory use of relevant standards (listed below) to ensure that 112-calls are prioritized throughout all segments, where technically possible. Mandate is expected to be issued by state authorities in 2011. ETSI TS Digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2+); Mobile Switching Centre - Base Station system (MSC-BSS) interface; Layer 3 specification ETSI TS Digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2+); Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS); LTE; Organization of subscriber data ETSI TS Digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2+); Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS); LTE; Quality of Service (QoS) concept and architecture ETSI TS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS);UTRAN Iu interface Radio Access Network Application Part (RANAP) signalling ETSI TS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS); Radio Resource Control (RRC); Protocol specification ETSI TS Digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2+); Mobile radio interface layer 3 specification; Radio Resource Control (RRC) protocol ITU-T RFC4412 Communications Resource Priority for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) ITU-T RFC4411 Extending the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Reason Header for Preemption Events ITU Q.735.3 Stage 3 description for community of interest supplementary services using Signalling System No. 7: Multi-level precedence and preemption

23 Conclusions Harmonization of ERA GLONASS and European eCall standards is required to provide service coverage for European vehicles in Russia and Russian vehicles in the EU. Aligned requirements will create benefits for both projects, and the industry, by increasing the reuse factor of IVS and infrastructure components. Coordinated efforts in system design and implementation activities in Russia and the EU will allow early access to important results and sharing of best practices.

24 Thank You!

25 Three Ministers Give a Start to ERA GLONASS

26 ERA GLONASS Presentation to the Prime-Minister of Russia

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