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Public Forum SunLand Golf and Country Club May 1, 2012.

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1 Public Forum SunLand Golf and Country Club May 1, 2012

2 Whos who at the District Mike Langley – Manager Celeste Lilley – Administrative Assistant Willy Burbank – Operations Superintendant Mike Cays – Lead Treatment Plant Operator Scott Garner – Water Operator Pat Osborne – Asst Treatment Plant Operator Jay Griffith – Maintenance – Pepper Putman - Commissioner – Albert Friess - Commissioner – Jim Larison - Commissioner

3 2011 Accomplishments Delivery of 82,585,000 gallons of pure, chlorine free drinking water Processed 37,669,000 gallons of wastewater Upgraded the SWD website ( Renewed Reclaimed Water Permit-WA Dept. of Ecology Conducting a 5-year Excise Tax Audit for WA Department of Revenue Completed a 20-year Franchise Agreement with Clallam County Signed a 1-year contract with the City of Sequim for bio-solids processing, remaining 19 year contract pending – would lock in costs to allow us to budget accurately – removes the need to immediately upgrade our sewage treatment plant Awarded Public Works Trust Fund low interest loan pending Governors signature on biennial budget

4 Public Works Trust Fund Loan Awarded a 20 year $2.3 Million loan at 1% interest, if we need it all Our current plan is to spend about $570,000 of this award Two bio-solid construction projects included: – Replace chlorine disinfection with Ultra Violet system much safer for staff and area residents Cost estimate $200,000 – Empty facultative lagoon and reconfigure Remove 600,000 gallons of SunLands science project Re-line and reconfigure lagoon into an additional digester as well as an emergency high in-flow storage basin Cost estimate $370,000 Must complete project within 5 years – If projects are completed in <3 years, loan is ½ of 1 percent Will save $23,000 interest over the life of the loan Will cost our ratepayers $3 per month per connection

5 Reclaimed Water Permit ST 6003 WA Department of Ecology 2012 Renewal Major changes under the new permit - We are Officially a class A Water Reclamation Facility - Reclaimed water approved for golf course irrigation - Additional sewer connections approved - Reduced testing requirements New requirements under the 2012 permit – Develop crop management plan -December,2012 – Construct three new monitoring wells -September,2012 – Begin continuous monitoring of chlorine residuals at the WRF -March, 2012 – Design spray field irrigation system -December, 2012 – Begin annual inflow and infiltration analysis & reporting -March, 2012

6 SWD 2012 Projects Sewage Treatment Plant Headworks upgrade (mandated) – Includes RAPTOR Micro Strainer (Lakeside) See following slides for details Actions required by new Reclaimed Water Permit – Construct 3 monitoring wells (mandated) – Develop crop management plan (mandated) – Reclaimed water filter unit (overflow capacity) – Build sewage basin scaffolding (safety) – Construct tank covers (safety)


8 Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade Costs Lakeside Raptor Micro Strainer (Headworks) Central Unit66,000 Bagger attachment900 Channel alterations3,000 Bypass re-screen2,000 Engineering5,000 Electrical work15,000Payment Sources for 2012 STP Improvements Concrete work2,000From reserves92,072 State Tax8,0002012 assessment75,328 101,900167,400 Reclaimed water filter50,000 Construct 3 Monitoring Wells10,000 Build basin safety scaffolds1,500 Crop Management Plan1,000 Tank covers3,000 167,400

9 Water Meters Progress Report Mandated by State of Washington to be metered no later than 2017 Over 60% of meter setters installed With Automatic Meter Read technology, meters can be read manually or remotely Meters to be read monthly, quarterly, annually? No decisions yet Consumption billing decisions pending – May need to address high-volume users and common areas that are currently unmetered

10 Locations Where Meter Setters Are Installed


12 SWD Financial Health 2011 value of SWD facilities: $5,021,907 – before depreciation 2011 Annual Revenues: $959,768 2011 Annual Expenses: $771,285 Reserve fund as of 12/31/2011: $428,421

13 In Summary Where We Were – Where We Are In 2010 our issues were: – Sludge disposal challenge – Reserve Funds low – Expired Franchise Agreement – Expired Water Reclamation Permit Current Status of Issues – Contract w/Sequim – Reserve Funds healthier and building – New 20-year Franchise Agreement in place – 5-year Permit in hand

14 How can you help your Water District ? Do not dispose of old medications or personal care products in the toilet. Remove or get a sink strainer for your garbage disposal and deposit all non-biodegradables in the trash. It costs you money to send these waste materials to the treatment plant, as someone must remove them. - the bugs at the treatment plant cant digest that stuff any more than you can. Also do not put disposable wipes down the toilet. These often plug up the lift station pumps. Conserve water use. This not only saves pumping costs but wear and tear on all components of both the water system and the sewer system.

15 Q and A What can we answer for you today?

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