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Social Media Networking Tips Daulton West, Jr. Sept 29, 2009 Sept 29, 2009.

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1 Social Media Networking Tips Daulton West, Jr. Sept 29, 2009 Sept 29, 2009

2 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 20092 How do people find jobs today? Internet 5% - 7 % Classifieds 5% - 7 % Recruiters 5% Total 15% - 19% Networking 81% - 85% On average, only 1 in 6 jobs are found using internet, classifieds, and recruiters; 5 of 6 jobs are found using networking

3 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 20093 Networking benefits Build your network Find ways to connect / interact Networking best practice tips Build your brand / differentiate yourself

4 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 20094 Social networking benefits Use social media to connect Build brand awareness Build a wider network quicker Social media is part of our culture Free to use

5 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 20095 Social media defined What is social media? Online technologies and practices that people use to share information, opinions, insight, experiences, perspectives, late-breaking news, and recommendations (for authors, links, articles, networking, job /career tips) The various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and exchange of content using websites, blogs, and software tools (Ex: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, Meetup, etc.)

6 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 20096 The New Rules of Marketing Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0 Web 1.0 - websites little more than online brochure, static, little change Web 2.0 - changing, evolving, social networks are the new opinion shapers, encourage interaction

7 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 20097 Job seekers use social networking sites for career moves Recession a catalyst for job seekers using social media for career moves Social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) have gained in popularity U.S. web traffic to employment sites and social media sites has increased - Recent internet blog

8 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 20098 Social networking sites a tool for businesses Published: 2/2/09 in Richmond Times-Dispatch LinkedIn. More than 30 million professionals have profiles, "It's by far the most prevalent business social-networking site out there," Nour said. Facebook. It's a close second, Nour said, "because of its popularity and sheer volume" of people who visit there -- more than 120 million active users. Twitter. The site continually updates. "With its sheer volume, it can exponentially increase your marketing reach. Viral nature allows for reposts

9 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 20099 Using Social Media LinkedIn - connect professionals, job seekers, expand network, research companies, find people, join groups of similar interest Twitter – gather cutting-edge information. Quickly follow and attract followers of similar interest to build relationships, and expand network connections Facebook – more a social network. Has seen a spike in *business / professional use lately with recruiters / consulting firms posting jobs.

10 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200910 LinkedIn Professional headline - very important Social Media Strategist | Webmaster | Marketing / Branding / Web 2.0 Coach | Social Media Reporter for Status updates / Update your status Search people, jobs, companies, groups Join groups Recommend others / get recommended Use apps - share docs, presentations, blogs Discover events others are attending Start a group

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13 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200913 LinkedIn Groups I have joined – –Career Prospectors –Career Rocketeer | Career Launch Network –IT Careers in Richmond, VA –Job Search Online –Linking the LaidOff –madison+main, the NEW MEDIA group –SpinStrategy –St. Michael Job Assistance Ministry - JAM –Twitter –Virginia Career Network Group I created –Richmond Ski Club (for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts)

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15 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200915 Facebook Join job / professional groups Whats on your mind? - Update with your job / career status / related events Profile - complete your Facebook profile, add industry keywords Add a badge pointing to your LinkedIn profile Protect your brand – use professionally

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18 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200918 Twitter What is Twitter? An awesome networking / information tool An international chat room, open 24 X 7 The worlds largest cocktail party A microblogging site (140 chars MAX) What are misconceptions about Twitter? Age demographics for Twitter?

19 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200919 Twitter Short BIO One URL What are you doing? Twitter apps Best practices

20 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200920 Hootsuite

21 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200921 TweetDeck

22 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200922 twtjobs – your resume on twitter

23 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200923 Daulton West, Jr. (Richmond, Va) 275 followings | 763 followers | 1,150 updates Social media champion / Webmaster / Marketing 2.0 coach Proficient in social media networking, internet marketing, coaching, training / Music Trivia for fun Visit my Twitter profile | Visit my website | See my LinkedIn profileVisit my Twitter profileVisit my websiteSee my LinkedIn profile Strongest Skills: Social Media Consulting, Marketing 2.0 coaching / training, social media networking, web content manager, web usability analyst, process improvements Education Industry Experience Level Bachelor Software/Technology 5-10 years experience RT @dwestjr is looking for a job: Social Media Consultant / Webmaster / IT Professional #twtjobs (Tweet generated by twtjobs to post on Twitter)

24 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200924 Twitter eats world: Global visitors shoot up to 10 million in March

25 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200925 Open vs. closed network Twitter - open network –Will work from any computer –Tweets are indexed; appear in Google search Facebook – closed network –Only Pages are indexed; Groups are not LinkedIn - closed network –Only public profile URL is indexed

26 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200926 Setup a Google profile How to - ts/bin/ Add resume info, contact info, links, pictures Good place to put the other sites you want people to see

27 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200927 Use Google Profile to enhance online presence 7 Hot Tips to Build Personal Branding Into Your Executive Resume 2.0 - April 27, 2009 by Meg GuiseppiMeg Guiseppi 7. Take advantage of Google Profiles search results power. Google Profiles is now a must-do online branding strategy and another great way to extend the value of your executive resume

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31 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200931 Own a blog / add a blog comment Support others and build your brand 50 Twitter Users to Follow for Your Job Search Daulton West, Jr.Daulton West, Jr. May 5, 2009 at 6:39 pmMay 5, 2009 at 6:39 pm –Thanks for sharing your list and recommendations, Willy. 7 Hot Tips to Build Personal Branding Into Your Executive Resume 2.0 Daulton West, Jr.Daulton West, Jr. on Tue, 5th May 2009 11:39 pm Meg GuiseppiMeg Guiseppi on Wed, 6th May 2009 10:17 am Daulton, Thanks so much for your comment, kind words, and for sharing and linking to my blog. Im really glad you got on board with your Google profile. What a terrific free tool to boost online branding! I hope you continue to find value in what I write here and on my blog. Thanks for following me on Twitter. -Meg

32 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200932 Jobs found through social networking Tom Howard If youre not sure about finding a legitimate job by using social networking sites, you need only talk to Internet marketer Tom Howard, who landed an interactive marketing director gig a few weeks ago with the help of Through some networking at as well as his Facebook account, Howard said execs at NetSuccess contacted him on Facebook a few weeks ago and after a few exchanges (followed by an in-person interview) he got the job. NetSuccess didnt find me because I was on some job port. They found me through social networking because more and more its the best way to find the job youre looking for, Howard said.Twitter is one of the best in town now and its not a generational thing; its a success thing.

33 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200933 Jobs found through social networking Warren Sukernek When the going got tough for Warren Sukernek, a prolific Twitterer from Seattle, the tweets got going. Just before Christmas, Sukernek sent out a solemn tweet to his 2,800 followers. Friends, I have just been laid off. As a digital strategist, I would appreciate any leads or opportunities that you would be aware of. Within a week, he had a dozen interviews.Warren Sukerneka solemn tweet Whats his advice to Twitter users looking to leverage the service to help them find a job? Build your network before you need it, Sukernek me. Hes been enjoying his new gig a Canadian Web firm, praise be to Twitter, for a little over three weeks now.

34 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200934 Facebook, Twitter, other social media help drive business for small firms Facebook, Twitter, blogs help companies extend their reach Free Spirit Yacht Cruises - charter reservations are sailing in for Free Spirit Yacht Cruises, and co-owner Angela Motola-Donofrio attributes it to a social media push. The company is tweeting regularly on Twitter and recently launched group and fan pages on Facebook. didn't consider social media the best fit until this year. The company has attracted 2,500 followers through Twitter since March 1 and nabbed 1,200 Facebook users since launching a fan page this month. Now, traffic to is streaming in at more than 1 million hits a month, up 150 percent from a year ago. While just a few years ago the mediums were associated with the teenage and 20-something sets, that's changed. Two-thirds of all online users visit social networks and blogs, according to data from Nielsen Online. And the largest growth in social media users last year came from the 35- to 49-year-old group

35 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200935 Tweet Your Way to a New Job - Or Not? However, there is a danger in thinking that all you need to do is go online and tweet yourself to a new job. There is no quick and easy way for most of us to find a job. For most job seekers, you need a multi-tiered approach to job searching. It takes time to build an online presence. Don't expect to be able to have a strong online presence overnight. Instead, take it one step at a time and spend some time on the networking sites, as well as time conducting a traditional job search. - Alison Doyle (

36 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200936 Tips, takeaways, wrap-up Join groups, start a discussion, answer a question, post a job / news article Be an active group member - dont just build a profile and wait for jobs / others to come to you, think what value can I add today? Take an interest in others, find a similar hobby or something in common, get to know people Offer your services, volunteer, follow people in your locality or industry Interact: share your knowledge, provide a tip, share what you read on the web

37 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200937 Tips, takeaways, wrap-up Make yourself valuable / memorable - others will want to make you a part of their network and follow you Become a source of cutting edge information and share it with others Get face-to-face time to strengthen online contacts Maintain your network: stay in touch, engage

38 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200938 Tips, takeaways, wrap-up Be a matchmaker, share contacts / information, build your network Make yourself easy to find, remember, differentiate yourself (include phone #, email) Use social media to create your brand, add contacts, expand your network, market your skills With Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook - 140 chars to add value; avoid posting mundane activities

39 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200939 Tips, takeaways, wrap-up Find a way to add value, help others – build quality relationships Avoid LinkedIn tunnel vision; use Facebook, Twitter to expand your network! Protect your brand – avoid negative comments, inappropriate pictures on internet Google your name once a week to see what shows up

40 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200940 Q & A

41 © ASocialMediaChampion4U 200941 Contact information Daulton West, Jr. Website: Reporter: Email: Google profile: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook:

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