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Welcome FVHS BARONS Class of 2016

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1 Welcome FVHS BARONS Class of 2016

2 Shoreline Christian – April 17
Orientation Dates Fulton – March 27 Masuda – April 3 Moiola – April 17 Shoreline Christian – April 17 Talbert – April 3 Vista View – April 23

3 Registration Dates FVHS Guidance goes to middle schools
Fulton – March 28, 29, 30 Masuda – April 4,5,6 Moiola – April 18 Shoreline Christian – April 18 Talbert – April 17 Vista View - April 26

4 Dates to Remember Geometry / Algebra Placement Tests
Administered late May/early June At middle schools Private schools – Saturday, June 9

5 Graduation and A-G Requirements
SUBJECTS REQUIREMENTS GRADUATION A-G COLLEGE A. HISTORY 3 yrs Required 2 yrs. Required 30 3 yrs recommended B. ENGLISH 4 yrs. Required 40 C. MATHEMATICS 3 yrs. Required * (Must Include Alg. 1) 4 yrs. recommended (Must include Alg. 2 or above) D. LABORATORY 2 yrs. of Science 2 yrs. of Lab Science SCIENCES 1 yr. of Life 1 yr. Biology 1 yr of Physical Science 1 yr. Chemistry/Physics 20   3 yrs. Recommended E. WORLD 1 1/2 years LANGUAGE Visual/Performing Arts and/or (of the same language) World Language and/or 3 yrs. Recommended Applied Curriculum F. VISUAL/PERFORMING ARTS (one year must be either World 1 yr. Required Language or Visual/Performing Arts) 15 G. College Prep Elective None Required Other Electives 1 semester of Health Required 5 60 Physical Education 2 yrs Required Pass CAHSEE 220

6 Freshmen Take 6 Classes What classes are required? English PE
Math Health/Elective Science Elective

7 Elective Choices in the 9th Grade
Ceramics, Art I, Animation, World Language, World Geography H, Environmental Design, Orchestra/Band, Chorus, Theater I, Reading Required: One semester elective to pair with Health Introduction to Art, World Geography, Principles of Design, Personal Management

8 Language Arts Flow Chart

9 Math Flow Chart

10 HBUHSD Placement Criteria for Ninth Grade Honors
English/World Geography H Biology 7th Grade ELA CST Score of 375 or above 7th Grade ELA and Math CST Scores of 375 or above 8th Grade 1st Semester English Grade of A or B 8th Grade 1st Semester Science Grade of A or B Gates MacGinitie Results at or above grade level 9.6 8th Grade Teacher suggested placement from study/work habits *Writing Sample * Math Placement Test Resulting in Geometry Placement Recommended * By Site

11 A Typical 9th Grade Schedule
English 1 Algebra 1 Physical Science PE/Sport Health/Elective Elective

12 A Typical 9th Grade Honors Schedule
English 1 Honors Biology Accelerated Geometry PE/Sport Health/Elective World Language

13 District Academic Recognition Programs
Scholar with Distinction Scholar with Honors Scholar with Expertise

14 Typical Schedules for 9th Graders in the Scholar Program
Distinction Honors Expertise English I H English I English I Biology Physical Sci Physical Sci Geometry Algebra 1 Alg 1/Basic Alg World Lang I World Lang I VP Arts P.E. P.E. P.E. VP Arts VP Arts Area Elective

15 A General Four-Year Educational Plan
Eng 1 Eng 2 CP Eng 3 CP Eng 4 Basic/Alg Geo Alg 2 Pre Calc Phys/Lab Life/Lab Lab Sci Econ/Gov Lang/VP Lang/VP Lang/VP Elective PE W Hist US Hist Elective Elective PE

16 Filling out the four-year plan

17 Filling out the Pre-Registration worksheet

18 Student Activities Before School Starts
9th Grade Registration August 13, 2012 A-L 8 am to 10:30am M-Z 12 pm to 2:30 pm On Registration day, PE clothes, Student ID’s and pictures will be available. Link Crew August 20 and 21 On Link Crew day, students will pick up schedules, tour school and attend an orientation. 1st Day of School is Wednesday August 29, 2012

19 How can I help my student be successful in high school?
Parents, LISTEN. Sit down and seriously talk about problems, stresses, social upheaval, peer pressure, workload, etc. Organize Binder Agenda/planner/daily reminder to keep track of assignments Specific time and place to study Goals: Short and Long-term Academic and Personal Attainable and Realistic Create a Plan to achieve these goals BE THERE. Really. As the stresses and pressures of high school increase, your students need to know you will be there for them.

20 What do We do if We Need Extra Help?
Course Description Book Planning Guide for Students and Parents Developing an ED Plan handout

21 Additional Assistance…
Guidance Specialists Linda Gardner A-Fj x4423 Monika Whitman Fl-Lo x4422 Nga Doan Lu-Q x4421 Lynn McCall R-Z x4424 (714)


23 Thank you… Please visit displays for athletics in the cafeteria and curricular departments in the gym!

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