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East-African Elections Can ICT enhance the democratic process?

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2 East-African Elections Can ICT enhance the democratic process?

3 ICT & Elections Voter registration Voter education Parties and policy Election monitoring Tallying & Analysis

4 The Top 10 Election Applications

5 App 1: Ushahidi #1 Citizens reporting by SMS and other channels Displayed on map and timeline Designed to empower citizens, and discourage fraud around registration

6 App 1: Ushahidi #1 Reports on: – Dead people on the registry – Minors on the registry – Ghost voters – Closed registration offices – Refused registrations


8 App 2: Register Analysis Find anomalies in the voter register – Find Duplicates – Find constituencies with a very high age

9 Georgia Registrations

10 App 3: Voter Education Campaign with short clear message Multiple Channels – SMS – Newspaper – Radio Designed to empower citizens to monitor the electoral process



13 App 4: Voter advisor Questionnaires asking your opinions on policy issues Reply indicates which parties support your own views Designed to encourage policy debate


15 App 5: Voter polls Ask opinions on political issues Publish results Work together with existing media


17 App 7: party chat Send questions in to Candidates Live radio broadcast replies Replies shown on web for easy access Designed to involve citizens in process, encourage policy debate.



20 App 8: Ushahidi #2 Citizens report abuses up to election day Voter bribing, using govt resources, violence, arrests of opposition…

21 App 8: Ushahidi #2 Observer co-ordination Use SMS to track observers Use SMS to alert observers to reported incidents for verification Use SMS to confirm reports

22 App 9: SMS Tallying Submit results from polling stations From observers, public, and parties Designed to give a fast accurate tally and support electoral process

23 App 10: Result Analysis Find anomalies in the results – More ballot papers than registered voters – 100% votes for 1 candidate

24 Afghanistan Results

25 Overall Use different media – Inbound & Outbound Separate voter education & incident reporting Share datasets – Polling stations – District Boundaries Different sources have different trust levels. Be transparent

26 Q & A

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