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Best Practices for Green Student Organizations by Patrick Margherio & Ian Bevan.

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1 Best Practices for Green Student Organizations by Patrick Margherio & Ian Bevan

2 Workshop Outline: 1. About us 2. Discussion Group Intro (4 main topics) a. Effective Campus Networking b. Sustainable Marketing c. Business case for sustainability d.Cultivating Leadership 3. Discussion Group s 4. Reporting and Wrap-Up

3 Our Mission: Green Tower Sustainabilitys (GTS) mission is to provide free consulting services, resources and leadership training to environmentally and socially progressive student groups in universities across the country. Green Tower Sustainability is a project of Green2Gold and the Environmental Education Group.

4 Free Services Provided: Initial operational audit & follow up support Access to GTS Student Consultants Merchandising & fundraising strategies Grass-roots marketing Event planning resources and experience Assistance in membership growth amidst high turnover rates Media relations tactics that get your organization on the map Tutorials on how to use the business argument for sustainability Access to the online database We also document your success and inspire others to replicate that success.

5 Past Successes: Bike Lane

6 Massive Events:

7 Our Successes: LEED Platinum Student Union

8 Check out our website Our Team/Student Consultants Click through bios



11 Why Student Orgs?: Join us today!

12 Networking on Campus & Community Green Infrastructure (how to grow a movement) Off Campus i.e. events Professional development

13 Two Stages 1) Planning 2) Implementation Sustainable Marketing

14 What do you have to market? - Your project or event - Your organization - Yourself Why are you selling it? - Convince someone to do something - Grow the organization Sustainable Marketing

15 Messaging & Framing Dont Think of an Elephant by George Lakoff What is your message? How are you framing it ?

16 Implementation Stage Flashmobs Eye-catching events Go beyond the flyer Talk to people who have done it before

17 SDSU Outdoor Recycling Project This picture shows the inability for 36,000 students to recycle outdoors prior to 2009!!! It also shows waste - ALWAYS an opportunity for student groups.


19 RecyclingTrash Waste Station & Components Glass Plastics Aluminum 2. Different Colored Liners 1. Signage 3. Modified Lid indicates contents 4. Recycling Logo On both sides Multi-Stream: Paired Configuration 5. Recycling Logo facing pedestrian traffic Trash Only 7. Trash Only Decal Beverage Containers 8. Beverage Containers Only 10 to 1 Length 3 to 4 Width Point out the problem, then provide solutions

20 Leadership "Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.

21 Leadership Development Process 1.Identifying interest 2.Talking to interested members 3.Education/History of campus issues 4.Giving interested members small responsibility (Convincing them that they can be leaders) 5.Gradually larger responsibility (Convincing them that they can be good leaders) 6.Self-actualization ( They dont need you anymore!)

22 Personal Growth Investigate Collaborate Activate

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