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The structure of the population 2 4ave Euro Club.

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2 The structure of the population 2 4ave Euro Club

3 According with the Washington Post World population not only grows, but grows old. (Oct., 2011) 3 4ave Euro Club

4 This is our reality. World population is getting older and in developed countries the ageing of the human race has been faster. 4 4ave Euro Club

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6 Fertility rates are decreasing globally and longevity is increasing. 6 4ave Euro Club Life expectancy at birth.

7 Future trends in European population ageing 7 4ave Euro Club

8 This also happens in Portugal where the great majority of the population is between 15-64 years (66.3% ) and 65 years and over (17.3%). There is also a decrease in birth rates because only 57% of the couples have children, normally one or two. 8 4ave Euro Club

9 This age structure of population is very positive because longer life is due to modern medicine and improvements in nutrition. 9 4ave Euro Club And lower fertility rates correspond to more educational opportunities for women.

10 But, on the other hand, it creates economic problems like the provision of health care and old-age support. 10 4ave Euro Club

11 So, if world population is getting older Senior Policies must be implemented and an extra effort must be asked to youngsters and the working age population to help provide older people a comfortable and active ageing. 11 4ave Euro Club

12 12 4ave Euro Club Thank you for your attention!

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