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Do You Tweet? Social Media and Jails Large Jail Network Meeting Aurora, CO USA Sept. 22-23, 2009 Connie Clem

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1 Do You Tweet? Social Media and Jails Large Jail Network Meeting Aurora, CO USA Sept. 22-23, 2009 Connie Clem

2 Social Media Means: Users sharing content – Blog posts, comments, photos, articles, video, podcasts, etc. Networking sites – Facebook (250 million) – LinkedIn (45 million) – Twitter (11% of Americans?) – LJN (200+ ?) connie@cleminfostrategies.com2Large Jail Network – September 2009

3 Worried? connie@cleminfostrategies.com3Large Jail Network – September 2009

4 Use Social Media to Keep Up With: Colleagues and partners Community: leaders, voters Your staff Potential new hires and volunteers Detainees and supervisees connie@cleminfostrategies.com4Large Jail Network – September 2009

5 Colleagues Why? – News and information – Collaboration – Expertise sharing How? – LinkedIn – LJN / NIC Corrections Community – Twitter – GovLoop connie@cleminfostrategies.com5Large Jail Network – September 2009

6 Community Why? Sharing achievements Sharing safety alerts Requesting input Responding to concerns Correcting misperceptions or errors Recruiting staff connie@cleminfostrategies.com6Large Jail Network – September 2009

7 Community How? Agency blog Twitter Facebook YouTube Wikipedia profile Local media sites: use Google Alerts to track news media connie@cleminfostrategies.com7Large Jail Network – September 2009

8 Staff Why? Connecting across sites and schedules Sharing: – Intelligence – Security alerts – Training content – Policy – Social content (events, etc.) – Good news connie@cleminfostrategies.com8Large Jail Network – September 2009

9 Staff How? In-house solutions Private online solutions – Yammer – Twitter – Ning connie@cleminfostrategies.com9Large Jail Network – September 2009

10 New Hires & Volunteers Why? Career and work history Educational background Friends Affiliations and achievements Anything iffy? connie@cleminfostrategies.com10Large Jail Network – September 2009

11 New Hires & Volunteers How? Search tools – – – FriendFeed Direct search of Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn... connie@cleminfostrategies.com11Large Jail Network – September 2009

12 Detainees/Offenders Why? Identity Family Intelligence and supervision compliance – Friends and associates – Activities – Travel – Photos connie@cleminfostrategies.com12Large Jail Network – September 2009

13 Detainees/Offenders How? Spokeo FriendFeed Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, etc. connie@cleminfostrategies.com13Large Jail Network – September 2009

14 What happens in Vegas stays... on YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook - Erik Qualman connie@cleminfostrategies.com14Large Jail Network – September 2009

15 Group page – Enlist fans Multi-media sharing and dialogue connie@cleminfostrategies.com15Large Jail Network – September 2009

16 ACA on Facebook connie@cleminfostrategies.com16NAJIS Conference – Sept 16, 2009

17 Personal profile = Online resume Connect with colleagues Join Groups – Professional interests – Organizations, businesses – Schools – Current and former employees connie@cleminfostrategies.com17Large Jail Network – September 2009

18 Tommy Norris on LinkedIn connie@cleminfostrategies.comNAJIS Conference – Sept 16, 200918

19 Bexar County D.A. on LinkedIn m 19NAJIS Conference – Sept 16, 2009

20 Short posts News moves fast Create a personal or agency voice Follow people who share good info Re-tweet to pass along good items connie@cleminfostrategies.com20Large Jail Network – September 2009

21 NACo on Twitter connie@cleminfostrategies.comLarge Jail Network – September 200921

22 Online community created for government agency staff Local, state, federal, and worldwide participants Many interest groups connie@cleminfostrategies.comLarge Jail Network – September 200922

23 Govloop: Gov 2.0 Group connie@cleminfostrategies.comLarge Jail Network – September 200923

24 How To Start? Involve all the right people. – Admin, public info, IT, HR, legal Fit it to the agencys mission. Review tools, security options, and firewall issues. Plan who will do it. Consider special policy and planning issues for public info. connie@cleminfostrategies.comLarge Jail Network – September 200924

25 On the Public Side – Learn one tool, then expand to others. Be interesting! Be casual, but professional. Be responsive. Use and re-use your content in Tweets, blog posts, web site, Facebook, etc. connie@cleminfostrategies.comLarge Jail Network – September 200925

26 Some Justice-Related Sites LinkedIn groups – – NIEM, Corrections evidence-based practices, more... connie@cleminfostrategies.com26NAJIS Conference – Sept 16, 2009

27 For Further Reading See collected items at Use to find blogs with good value. Follow links to others. Pentagons adoption of social media - Crime tips in D.C. – Can government be cool? The Wiki Way To Plan – social media tools for citizen engagement. By Ellen Perlman | August 18, 2009. Video on social media impact, Erik Qualman. you-think/ you-think/ Social media in hiring. May 20 2009, Jobvite (press release) companies,831809.shtml companies,831809.shtml Wikipedias index to social networking sites – Chris Brogan – – everything social media connie@cleminfostrategies.com27Large Jail Network – September 2009

28 Thanks! Return survey & leave card to get the write-up. Find Me Online: 303.242.6278 http://www.LinkedIn/In/ConnieClem connie@cleminfostrategies.com28Large Jail Network – September 2009

29 connie@cleminfostrategies.com29Large Jail Network – September 2009

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