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Jennifer Schulman President – Fortune Web Marketing ONLINE MARKETING TRENDS.

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1 Jennifer Schulman President – Fortune Web Marketing ONLINE MARKETING TRENDS

2 The Trends SEO Content Marketing Author Rank Social Signals Leveraging Video Social Media Facebook Changes Google Analytics Integration Go Mobile! Why You Should How You Can

3 What Is Content Marketing

4 Content Marketing Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

5 Why Content Marketing? 80% of business decision makers prefer to get company info in a series of articles vs. an advertisement. 70% say content marketing makes them feel closer to the company 60% say that content helps them make better product decisions. (Data from Roper Public Affairs)Roper Public Affairs

6 What IF? Your customer actually looked forward to receiving your marketing? What if when they received it, via print, email, website, they spent time with it? Leads & Sales Brand Awareness & Recognition Increased Engagement

7 Challenges? You Bet.

8 Content Marketing: How To

9 Content Type list Blog posts (Author Rank) Product Demos Articles Interviews Whitepapers Videos Podcasts Case Studies Content About Markets / Industries Served Presentations & Slideshows Infographics Guides/How-Tos Guest Blogging Email Newsletters eBooks

10 The Rules Non-promotional Relevant to the reader Relevant to your company Well-written Closes a gap Gives Proof/Tells a Story Intrigues (think lead gen!)

11 Example: A story Whats your Corporate persona? Are your stories boring? Boeing You will find plenty of stories on Learn how they test and build products - not as a pitch but as a news story or history lesson.

12 Example: Infographic An illustration that tells a story. Office Supply marketing doesnt have to be boring – get creative! Source: ten-list-endangered-office-supplies ten-list-endangered-office-supplies

13 Example: Blog Are you a thought leader and industry expert? Sensyt Allows the audience to learn about trends in furniture & design.

14 Google Author Rank

15 Author Rank Blogs promote AUTHOR RANK! Assists in Googles never-ending mission to surface high quality, trustworthy content Assigns authoritative weight Wordpress plugin in AUTHOR SURE: Authors must create a PERSONAL profile on Google + Best if that profile is tied to a company Google + profile page Add blogs you contribute to Apply for Authorship with Google: Apply for Authorship with Google: If you dont have a blog, or are not on WP: If you dont have a blog, or are not on WP: Resources:

16 Example of author rank

17 Social Signals

18 Social signals Number of people that like your brand on Facebook Number of Facebook shares Number of Twitter followers Number of tweets mentioning your brand name or including a link to your website Number of people that have you in their circles (Google+)

19 Social Signals: Ranking Factors

20 Leveraging Video

21 Why YouTube? The second largest search engine YouTube videos can be SEOd Videos are very likely to appear in search results Page 1 dominance

22 Types of Videos: Viral Video Original Unusual Unexpected Funny X-factors: Timing Luck Internet serendipity Differs in location Outside of the companys website Embedded on OTHER outside websites

23 Types of Videos: Conversion Video Conversion – Enter your details – Download this file – Buy this product Clear call-to-action – Part of the script (verbal) – Part of the visual – Both

24 Types of Videos: Educational Video Educate Establish trust and leadership Guide viewers through a process Visitors seeking further information Take strain away from CSRs Dont load with sales messaging

25 YouTube SEO Add the following for better search visibility: – Keywords – Titles – Descriptions – Tags

26 Social Media: Facebook Changes

27 Facebook News Feed

28 New news feed Three major components – Bigger images – Multiple feeds – Mobile consistency

29 Bigger images Much more visual approach to how stories are displayed Photos now make up nearly 50% of news feed stories and are now front and center

30 Multiple feeds Users have more control over how their feeds are displayed Users can subscribe to different types of feeds – All friends – Close friends – FOLLOWING (i.e company & brand pages) – Music – Photo – Games


32 DONT END UP IN THE CLASSIFIEDS There is a new section of the News Feed dedicated to solely company/brand pages Equivalent of the classified section of a newspaper Users log into Facebook to see what their friends and family are doing. Their first thought isnt to check your company out Dont wait for users to find you in the classifieds

33 DONT END UP IN THE CLASSIFIEDS Use lots of photos and videos to help your business show up in different sections of the new Facebook News Feed – Photos tab – Videos tab When users friends and family engage with these photos and videos, theyll appear in the Friends tab

34 NEW! Facebook Promo Guidleines You can now LEGITIMALLY run contests! No app or third party website required. https://www.facebook.c om/facebookforbusiness /news/page- promotions-terms https://www.facebook.c om/facebookforbusiness /news/page- promotions-terms

35 Social Media: Google Analytics

36 SOCIAL ANALYTICS Shares & Engagement Content that gets shared, wins. Track sharing of your content, both on your website and on external social sites. Social Sources See which social networks and sites refer the highest quality traffic so you can refine social campaigns.

37 The Rise of Mobile

38 We LOVE Smartphones This year 90% of all mobile phones will be smartphones (Microsoft Touch) Mobile to overtake fixed internet access by 2014 (Microsoft Touch) By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. (Source: Cisco, 2013)Source: Cisco, 2013

39 Mobile Shopping Usage 62% of smartphone users said they have purchased physical goods from their mobile devices in the last six months (Source: Adobe Survey, 2011) (Source: Adobe Survey, 2011) By 2015, it is predicted that mobile shopping will account for $163 billion in sales worldwide (Source: ABI Research, 2010) (Source: ABI Research, 2010)



42 Why Should You Care? Critical for businesses to understand the range of mobile conversions that can occur, such as phone calls, store visits, or purchases on other devices.

43 How to Go Mobile

44 Requires download & install Create version for each device (Apple, Android, Bberry) Requires download to update to new version More costly to develop MOBILE APP

45 Placed behind a mobile specific domain (i.e. Normal website must be able to identify mobile device and load mobile website Instantly updated Easy to share content Less expensive than an app Mobile Website

46 Responsive Web Design One Website to Rule Them All!

47 Responsive website design Uses media queries to determine what screen type the site is being displayed on – This is done via CSS – A different set of CSS rules are loaded depending on the size of the screen Good Responsive Site!

48 Thank you! Ph: 732-481-4512

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