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1 Independence Area Chamber of Commerce Marketing Campaign Committee Presentation also available online at:

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1 1 Independence Area Chamber of Commerce Marketing Campaign Committee Presentation also available online at:

2 2 About Absolutely Indee The Marketing Committee is a newly appointed committee of the Independence Area Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Buchanan County Economic Development Commission(BCEDC). The Chamber Marketing Committees purpose is to serve as the marketing arm of the Chamber and help promote the City of Independence and Independence area with the Absolutely Indee marketing campaign. –Absolutely Indee is the name of the marketing campaign the committee will implement The Chamber Marketing Committee consists of volunteers and staff personnel who either live in or work in the Independence area. The group includes the Chamber Director, Economic Development Director, community leaders, realtors, bankers, and marketing professionals.

3 3 Mission To organize, create and implement marketing strategies that compliment and promote community visioning designed to inform current and prospective citizens on the qualities and benefits of living in the Independence, Iowa area.

4 4 Goals Short-term: –Educate the community about our efforts and ask for their help. –Promote Welcome Package that includes valued items from local businesses and organizations Mid-term: –Promote any City & County incentives that tie into our long-term goal & mission, i.e. housing initiative, vision planning, etc. Long-term: Persuade individuals, families, and businesses to relocate to the Independence area. –Increase tax base; increase qualified workforce, create jobs; increase school enrollment

5 5 Action Plan 1)New Neighbor Welcome Package Launched July 6, 2010 (several packages delivered to date) 2)Revamp/update the current Chamber website Proposed launch date: Fall/Winter 2010 3)Launch of Internal Relocation Marketing Campaign Launched: August 2010 4)Launch of External Relocation Marketing Campaign Proposed launch date: September 1, 2011

6 6 Action Plan #1 - New Neighbor Welcome Package Families and individuals who move to the Independence area will receive a Welcome Package containing items donated by chamber member businesses. The Welcome Package serves as a way to make the new residents feel like they are part of the community. As another benefit to Chamber membership, members get the opportunity to include donated items in the Welcome Package. This allows participating businesses an opportunity to make a great first impression with new residents. To qualify for the Welcome Package New resident must not have lived in the City for the past 3 years New resident must own a home in the Independence area or be listed on a rental lease/agreement New resident must fill out a New Neighbor Welcome Form and submit it to the Chamber office Can only receive the Welcome Package once

7 7 Action Plan #2- Vibrant Chamber Website The current Chamber website has become an information source for the community, a redesign of this website will allow it to become more of an effective promotional tool. The new design will be easy to navigate and focus on not only the Chambers membership opportunities, but also on the features and benefits of living in the Independence area. –It will serve as an excellent launching pad for the Absolutely Indee relocation campaign & include a relocation guide. –It will link directly to information on economic development, City information and other public services. –Designed to enable easy integration with an updated City website to keep a consistent community theme. Surrounding communities have taken an aggressive approach to marketing their communities through enhanced websites. Its our time to become the leader in marketing our great community. –Proposed launch date: Fall 2010

8 8 Chamber Website New Design Features: Attractive images of our vibrant community User friendly Easy to navigate Includes comprehensive relocation guide

9 9 Action Plan #3 – Internal Relocation Marketing Campaign Educate current residents & businesses about the Absolutely Indee campaign Encourage current residents & businesses to become ambassadors with a unified message The Marketing Committee will visit area civic organizations to share the campaign message –City Council: July 10, School Board: August 10 –Lions The Marketing Committee will prepare the Absolutely Indee Marketing Brochure –This marketing piece will be distributed to realtors, businesses, school officials, City officials, etc. to hand out to prospective residents –The brochure will help spread a unified message –An electronic pdf version will also be available Launched: August 1, 2010

10 10 Action Plan #4 – External Relocation Marketing Campaign Encourage potential residents & businesses to relocate to the area Utilize billboards, radio, social networking sites, etc. to market to the outside area. The Marketing Committee will work with the new Independence Alumni Association to market the Absolutely Indee Campaign to Independence Alumni –Encourage Alumni to visit the new Chamber website to find information on relocation, jobs, places to live, work and play Proposed Launch Date: September 1, 2010

11 11 Questions/Comments/Feedback Welcome! Marketing Committee Contacts: –Tammy Rasmussen, Chamber Director Chamber Office: 334.7178 –Dawn Kress, Committee Volunteer –Jenny Yoder, Committee Volunteer –Tricia Beatty, Committee Volunteer

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